Monday, January 16, 2012

Misses of 2011!

I think I like reading what didn't work for people, as much or more than I like reading what worked.  With that in mind, I thought I'd also post about my 'misses' for 2011...with some potentially controversial items thrown in.  

This is an easy one to start with.  I had read/seen somewhere a suggestion of 
using sand, like you get at the craft store, to stand your brushes in.  As you can see, the sand rubbed the coating off my poor ELF brush, leaving it all battered and bruised.  Sand is now gone needless to say. 

I was once convinced I loved my Kibio cleansing lotion.  Eventually my skin convinced me otherwise, this broke me out consistently & wasn't working for me.  But it took me awhile to admit it.
We've now broken up & I've moved on to Paula's Choice & others for my skin cleansers.

Perfekt skin perfecting gel.  Harumph.  You've may have remembered me complaining about this product here.  Eventually my whining paid off, as Sephora took this back for me!

Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner - This should be renamed.  It should be called 'Dry & Damaged'.  Look no further if you want your hair to look as parched & stiff as you've ever seen it.  Not sure what they put in this particular one but it was a HUGE miss for me.

Hard Candy Fox in Box blush.  Okay so I know this worked great for some people.  The one I got had tons of fallout as I swirled my brush around, as you can see from the photo.  This was also not a pretty natural blush colour..on me.  Sadly it was more clownish than blushingly beautiful on my skin.

Youngblood's bronzer.  If you are looking for a pale orange hue to your skin, with little bits of shimmer then look no further.   If that isn't what you were going for in a bronzer, then you may want to take a pass on this one.

Glamoflauge. Yes, I said it.  This was also hugely popular product and tough to find, at least here in Canada.  It was always sold out when I looked for it, which made me want it more.  I eventually got it in the States & couldn't wait to use it.  So I did.  And...meh.  It's a concealer alright, but really nothing special.  And in fact I find it a bit too thick.  I can't use it under my eyes for sure, and on any blemishes/spots it screams 'I'm wearing concealer'.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong but this just didn't work for me.

Lip gloss.  Nope no particular brand or colour...just lip gloss.  I have a mountain of it and rarely wear it.  I am often in too much of a rush *read lazy* when it's time to do my lips and just don't bother.  Plus half the time I'm drinking something in my car and by the time I get where I'm going, the gloss is on my cup rather than my lips.  Not a good look.  If you hear me say I bought another gloss in 2012, you have my permission to shun me a la Dwight Schrute.

So those were some of misses for the past year.  I'm sure if I thought longer I'd have more, but that can turn from fun to whiney real quick. What about you, what were some of the things you loved to hate in 2011?  I'd love to hear your list.


  1. I agree with all your misses! The Organix lines are a great concept but they all dry out my hair. I tried the Moroccan Oil one and it did the same exact thing. It smells good though.

    I also felt the same way about Hard Candy's Glamoflague. I hated it. It was sticky and highlighted a lot of the lines under my eyes. I highly recommend Kat Von D's concealer though. The formula is so much better!

  2. You should try glass beads or stones (not sure what they are called but they are always at weddings in vases) and a taller glass for the brushes!

  3. I love The Fox in a Box in the colour Skinny Dipping, it's a peachy orange and looks wonderful.

    I've also tried that shampoo and it smells lovely but totally sucks otherwise.

    I quite like Glamaflauge but only if I REALLY need to conceal something, it's way too thick for under eyes.

    Haven't tried the rest...well I do have lots of gloss and have to agree, as much as I love lip products I'm so lazy with them.

  4. I tried the Organix Vanilla shampoo and conditioner and I HATED it. I might as well have used dish detergent - it made my hair knotty and scraggled. Never touching that brand again.

  5. adthenshesmiled - Thank you, they do smell good don't they..they lure you in and then destroy your hair. Glad to hear I'm not alone with the glamoflauge either :) I'll look at the Kat Von D

    Eugenia - Funny you should say that, I did do that and that's a whole 'nother story for a different day :)

    CT - I've not seen Skinny Dipping but I know these were well loved by many. Exactly how I feel about Glamoflauge too!

    Dee - That is exactly right, it was like I had put some crazy harsh chemical in my hair..not a good look.

  6. Oh gosh, yeah, sand is a bad idea. I won't be trying any of these products. I have one Hard Candy blush but it's a different shade and isn't even powdery at all. Kind of done with Hard Candy anyway at this stage.

    Are you tossing all these?

  7. I couldn't stick with Glamoflage either! It was just too much. No matter what I did I couldn't make it work for me, it always seemed to just sit on top of my skin. And although I didn't use that particular formula of Organix the moroccan argan oil shampoo and conditioner gave me that same fried hair feeling you experienced! Dislike. p.s.) Un-shun. ;-)

  8. Glamoflauge - OMG YES! I hate it. I was so disappointed when I finally got it because so many people said it was great for under-eye circles, but it looks so cakey on me! :(

    Your poor elf brush! RIP! haha

  9. Hey! We like seeing posts like this too. In fact we are doing a video on some of ours to be put up soon. Lip gloss...oh man, I'm addicted to gloss. Well I think I'm addicted to lots of things (all product related of course as well as diet coke!) Oh and Mendi puts dried beans (from a craft store) in her cups where she places her makeup brushes. So far so food. That stinks about the sand though. Boo! Thanks for all of your comments (my husband and I were so grossed out by how skinny Angelina's arms were too - good lord!) and the mini-review on the Mia. If you say it works then I believe it does!
    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about the sand! I store my brushes in cup but I have not tried using anything to hold them in place because I was scared the coating would be damaged... I've been recommended rice but isn't it more abrasive than sand?

    I LOVE my Hard Candy Fox in Blush (can't remember the shade) but it's the most beautiful blush I've ever came across. I agree it's quite chalky that's why I like to simply press my brush on it instead of swriling it around. I think this blush is a little hard to blend though but I absolutely love the result. What is that shade?

    Tracy, I MUCH prefer these "misses" posts to the usualy favorite posts! Please keep them coming! =D

  11. I bought Glamoflauge when I was in the states last year and I have yet to use it. Sorry to hear it's not very good!

  12. Liz - I actually love a few Hard Candy products but I think I'm in the minority for not loving this blush..maybe it was the shade. Oh and most of them are already gone!

    Charlotte - Yay, I knew you'd get the reference :) Organix, don't know what they are putting in their products but many seem to feel this way!

    Vintage - Cakey on me too..thick and cakey. Not a good look at all :)

    Jayme - I can't wait for your video...will be so interesting to see what you choose. I am using glass/plastic kind of beads now but that's a whole other story :)

    Gaby - Yes many love their Hard Candy blushes, and I knew I'd get that feedback. I haven't tried the press it on my brush method but I think it's also more about the shade. I got Sweet & Spicy. Glad you like the 'misses'!

    Marie - Try it and tell me your thoughts, I'm curious to know.

  13. STOP!! I used to run into Giovanni ALL THE TIME!! So much in fact that we began to nod hello to one another!! Until that time I saw him making out with his ex-wife in the parking lot intermittently breaking apart to suck on cigarettes. Awkward.

    And yes I realize this has nothing to do with your post.

  14. Carrie - You freaking crack me up!!

  15. Hey! You have it so right about the Organix Coconut shampoo. That stuff smells awesome but will dry the living mess out of your hair. It's really too bad. And that sucks about your sand makeup brush holders. I made some last year using the little bean bag fill beads that are clear and that works really well. You get them at craft stores and they are very inexpensive.

  16. I HATED that concealer too! Way to thick and ridiculous. I gave away my Fox in a Box Blush too. Not as natural a blush as some of my good stuff.I've kind of realized sometimes you have to pay for the good stuff, especially blush. :)
    Love your misses list!

  17. this blush is nice!and u have so many lip glosses there!

  18. Poor brush :( I'm exactly the same with lipglosses!! lool x

  19. I'm not alone of hating organix shampoos! I bought the argan oil line, and I hated it.

  20. I tried the Organix thing just last night for the first time, the Moroccan Argan Oil one, and I'm really not liking it AT ALL! I'm not difficult for shampoos so this is weird for me to have such a strong reaction to a shampoo. My hair feels horrible! I'm glad I didn't pay full price for that stuff!


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