Thursday, December 29, 2011

A package..for me?!

This is a post I had planned to do before you will see.  Kind of lame I realize, but I still wanted to share.  I will post a quick update soon on some of the things you'll see here.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, thanks for all the sweet messages and I trust Santa was good to you all.  Anyone else reaching for their sweats?  The reality that is the New Year will be here all too soon.  Until then, on to the post...and perhaps more chocolate.


Oh I love getting a package.  Love.  Like butterflies in my stomach love.  

I recently won a giveaway from Her Late Night Cravings, and blogged about getting their package here.   That just made me want more, greedy girl that I am.  Here are some other packages that I have been anxiously awaiting!

In a moment of 'why not I deserve this' while watching the Shopping Channel, I ordered the Surprise Beauty Box.  I know, right?  They tell you what a few of the products are and the rest are a...surprise.  To illustrate how little thought I put into this, I don't even remember 
what the products were that they did reveal.  

But I don't want to know, because I've put it under the tree and told Mr. J it's one of the 
presents he's giving me. 

 I will report back post Christmas...but this is what the box looks like.  I believe it was a Showstopper for about $25 CDN.  


I ordered some lip balms after seeing Gaby's blog post about these natural & moisturizing balms from a company called My Lip Stuff.

So I opened the box, taking great care....ahem.   Just a bit over-anxious right?

These are the flavours I chose.  I am giving a couple of these to the nieces for their stockings so I don't want to open any until I've decided.  Torture. 


Another Shopping Channel purchase.  This one was intentional.  

I was waiting for IT Cosmetics to be featured again hoping there would be a special with the Bye Bye Pores Powder in it, but no such luck.  

I ordered a new one anyway..this time in the large size. 

As compared to the smaller size.  In Retrospect the smaller size is more manageable and easy to store.  

For the few dollars I saved ordering the large size, I'd rather get the smaller one & just re-purchase more often.  


A few items from Paula's Choice... 

I have an empties post coming up that will go into a bit more detail about how I feel about this line.  

The Resist Weekly Re-Surfacing Treatment is one I heard about from Tracy, the other Tracy.  I got this in a sample and love it, so this is now the full size.  

Can you see that I ordered the Sunscreen spray sample, and it came in a package...I was expecting a small spray bottle like the perfume samples come in.  How bizarre. 

So that's it...well actually I have a few other packages coming, but that's it for what has arrived so far.  I think I'm addicted to online shopping more for the packages in the mail thing, than the don't have to fight the crowds thing.  

How about you, any exciting packages recently?  

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas to each of you and your families.  

In a year where our family has been hit with a loss and are at times struggling to find the Christmas spirit, I appreciate each and everyone of you who have read, commented, followed.  

It has given me a much needed distraction and showed me caring from people whose faces I don't know, but who feel like friends.

Thank you and I hope you all have a very merry Christmas.

Photo source

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Re-newing my Luxe Box - did I or didn't I?

So you may remember that I had signed up for the a 3 month trial of Luxe Box last year, and then extended it for another 3 months.   Here's the thing I wondered, was I really getting the value out of these boxes?  Or was the thrill just getting a package each month?

Here's a little review of the past 6 months, along with anything I may, or have, re-purchased.

This was my first box, and two things from this box I'd re-purchase would be the Dermalogica daily microfoliant and the Consonant Organic Soap.  Although the Dermalogica will last me forever so by then who knows.  And someone would have to put the Consonant soap right in front of me for me to buy it, I wouldn't necessarily go hunting for it.

The next box was my sadly damaged one....

Honestly I wouldn't be searching out any of these to re-purchase.  The K-PAK is good, it's just not so unique or special that I'd HAVE to buy it again.  And the LM shadow wasn't my colour & didn't have great pay off.

The next month had the Stella in Two Peony it!  It's on my birthday/Christmas list - or I will be buying it for myself.

Next was this box.  I haven't even used the Kaia cleansing cloths from this box, which is the only hope for re-purchase, from that month.

This box had the Laura Mercier perfecting water that I really liked, and would like to re-purchase.  I already owned & loved the Moroccanoil and knew I'd buy it again.

 My last box arrived in October, here is a quick look at what it looked like; 

I really like the redesign on the box. I'm sure you have all seen this already so I won't go on & on..but how cute is that 'Made for Tracy' sticker.  I'm such a sucker for stuff like that.  This is what was inside; 

Again, I know I'm late to this party so I won't go into much detail, but there was a Kerastase hair oil (love), ProX Olay eye cream (really like), Essie in Topless & Barefoot (this was sold out everywhere last summer so excited to own it), Lise Watier Flash life radiance veil (one use sample that I could likely get at my local drugstore),  Lise Watier plumpissimo lip gloss (not a fan of plumping gloss - haven't tried it yet).  

Of these, I am a huge Kerastase fan but I already have a similar product from them so would likely buy something else from their line.   I don't necessarily believe you need an eye cream specifically but this has been especially nice around my eyes as the weather has gotten colder. 

 It's not overly expensive & as of right now I'd replace this when I use it up.  Packaging is also great!

Oh and I'd buy Essie polishes again, but it wasn't the Luxe box that convinced me of that as they were a line I already liked.  

So after thinking about it....I did....not re-new.  I do miss getting the boxes but I felt like I was wasting things.  Like after you try a plumping lip product, it's not something you'd pass on to anyone.  And there are products I still haven't tried to this day.  It did introduce me to some new things but a lot of what is in these boxes can be quite expensive to re-purchase.  

I'm not sure that I'm gone from Luxe Box forever, but I am for now.  Having said that, if someone got this for me for a gift I think I'd be thrilled as they are fun to try.

I've been peeking over at the Glymm website looking at their boxes.  They still only charge $10 per month & they seem to have some great product lines.  Has anyone tried them?  

Are you subscribed to Luxe Box or Glymm, etc...?  Will you re-new?  Is is the thrill of getting a package or the package contents, that keeps you coming back to these? 

Let me know your thoughts!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Sephora Christmas Wish List !

Before I start this I feel like I need to make a bit of a disclaimer here.  I do know the true meaning of the season, I am all about charitable giving and generous to my causes.  That said, I think I made the 'nice' list this year.  So just in case Mr. J  Santa is asking, I thought I'd give a few of my wish list items from Sephora this year.

Brace yourselves...I recognize I have enough make-up & don't really NEED anything.  Yes I can admit it.  But sometimes a girl just WANTS a few things, you know?  Kind of like shoes.  I've really tried to branch out from just make-up here, although a few of them might have snuck their way in.

In no particular order...
Laura Mercier Face Illuminator - $42*
*all prices are in USD, only because that is how they are listed on Sephora's site
This looks gorgeous & is supposed to be amazing - and is pretty much sold out everywhere you look, so more of a pipe dream really.  And I'm guessing in Canada it will be closer to $55ish, which makes me really wonder what I'm thinking. 

Laura Mercier Perfecting Water Moisture Mist - $38
This is on my wish list after getting to try it in my Luxe Box, said to help your
serums & lotions absorb better and help to reduce redness on your skin.  I really liked 
it and want to try it in full size.

Laura Mercier Book of Nudes - $48  I would buy this for only a few of these colours, this is an AWESOME deal for all the product you get.  Love!

Sephora Pro Foundation Air Brush #55 - $34
I've heard great things about this brush & in particular raves about using
it to apply mineral foundation.

Clean miniature trio - $15
I've always loved the smell of these & the miniature bottles would be a great
way to try them.  Who doesn't want to smell like fresh laundry?

Benefit's Watt's Up - $30
My girls Jayme & Mendi over at Her Late Night Cravings, rave about this highlighter
and I believe them, so I need to have this.

Pacifica Island Vanilla Beautiful traveler duo - $10 (Lip Tint & Body Butter)

Pacifica Take me There Indian Coconut Nectar - $18  (Perfume roll on, Body Butter, Lip Tint)
I have to confess I haven't tried anything from the Pacifica line but I love the sound of these products/scents.  I'm a sucker for anything tropical & these sound like they are calling my name.

Too Faced Beautiful Dreamer - $46
I love a gift set, and this one looks amazing.  There is a blush/bronzer duo, eyeshadow quad, shadow insurance, lip gloss & mascara.  I have always been curious about the Two Faced box palettes, but I have no where to store those & suspect I would push them back in a drawer somewhere instead.

NARS blush in Douceur - $27
This is described as a soft pink brown & I've been wanting it for a long time but never seem to
get it.  Totally unique colour & I currently own nothing like it.   

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base - $24
This gets rave reviews & I've been wanting to try it for a while now.  

NARS cream eyeshadow in Ponderosa - $26
This is from their holiday collection, the swatches say it leans more grey than brown..which 
I happen to love, how gorgeous is this colour!!

Lashstash - $45
I love the idea of testing all these mascaras, many in brands
I would never normally try...too much fun!

Philosophy Pure Grace Layering Collection - $49.50
I love this scent and these are just small enough that I don't think I'd grow tired
of them, before I was able to finish them.  I also love Aloha Girl but I couldn't find any photo
for that scent, so I wonder if they still have it - it's Hawaii in a bottle.

Sephora Gift Card
How can you go wrong.  I love getting these..then I squirrel them away & use them 
sparingly throughout the year.  

Okay I've rambled long enough..  Notice a particular something missing?  Points to whoever mentions it.  I figure I don't need it and it will be impossible to get right away, so let the hype die down & then I'll decide.  Know what I'm talking about?

How about you, what's on your Sephora wish list?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

You've got mail!

Well I have some exciting packages coming in the mail in the next few weeks.  You know that feeling when you were a kid at Christmas and you just.couldn't.wait for it to arrive.  That's how I feel about expecting a parcel.  Even more so when it's a gift, and I don't know what's inside.

Today I got one of those packages...and I'm still on a buzz from it.  This is what I found waiting for me when I got home this afternoon.

Oh hello box of wonderfulness that I just can't wait to open.  I actually tortured myself for a bit, just staring at it, turning it around, looking at the label.  You will see that in my excitement I didn't give a lot of thought to the background for these photos.

I slowly opened it...

I believe upside down....  I blame Mr. J, who made me panic with offers of help when I couldn't get it open neatly and I was afraid he was going to take over.

And this is what was inside......  *sigh, my God I'm dramatic aren't I?

Oh yah, fist pump..high five..happy dance!  This was my lovely prize from the giveaway that Jayme & Mendi of Her Late Night Cravings held.  These ladies went out of their way to do this for me.  There was an issue with the original prize, in that it was a gift card from a company that didn't ship to Canada, when using a gift card (frustrating).  I was more than willing to give up the prize & try my luck next time but they wouldn't hear of it.  So sweet & although not expected, it was appreciated.

You ladies pegged me so well...I am thrilled with my prize!  I LOVE Fix+ and it was on my Christmas list in fact.  It is one of those must have items for sure.  The MAC lip conditioner is one I've been wanting to try, and it's already stowed on my nightstand, I can't wait to use it.  The MAC make-up wipes are perfect.  Just today I was lurking around the make-up wipes at the drugstore.  I have never treated myself to these wipes & I feel so fancy having them.   I just love everything, including the sweet note..thank you so very much.

 If you don't already subscribe to their blog, please go check them out. I also love watching their videos, which are like sitting around with your girlfriends & a glass of wine and talking all things beauty.  My very favourite are their Beauty Battles, where they each try out a product and then review it live without knowing what the other thinks.  Always entertaining.  They also some 'day in the life' type that my brother even watched when they went to a college football game.  Go check out their Youtube channel, you'll be hooked.

Thanks again Jayme & made this 'not a kid' feel like a kid at Christmas today and I love it all!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Thank you to all of you who left such kind comments on my last post & who have reached out to me to offer your support and concern.  I appreciate you all and thank you for your kindness.  I have my new computer....a renewed energy for my blog...and my gratitude to you all.  

Onward we go......

Thursday, December 1, 2011

And it takes your breath away....

I wasn't sure I'd come back.  Part of me wondered if I had anything worthy left to say.  Part of me felt lazy & thought is it worth it?

And then...our family suffered a tremendous loss this week.  The loss of a 22 year old man.  A man in his prime, just coming into his own.  A light in so many people's lives...the kind of heart breaking loss that you suspect people won't ever recover from.

Photo Source
And I found comfort.  Comfort in your familiar names/faces,  comfort in thinking of something else. Something that some people might find frivolous.  But something that offered me the escape from reality that I so desperately needed right now.  Thank you...

I miss you & I realize I need you.  I can't wait to come back.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Computer issues!

Just a quick note to say I'm having some computer issues, I apologize for being MIA.  
I should be back to normal soon....or at least I hope so, or else I can't be 
responsible for my actions - *hugely inappropriate pouting happening here*

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another skinny taste dish - Sante Fe Crock Pot Chicken!

So I tried another dish, this one was the Crock Pot Sante Fe Chicken, and it was supposed to look like this:

Hmmm...well I took a few photos during and then the final result, which you will see in a minute.  *And looks nothing like this photo*  We decided to do ours as a wrap, rather than over the rice...perhaps a mistake.

Here is what it looked like in the crock pot, following the exact recipe;

Harumph.  I was not intending on making soup, but it became very soup like.  Way too much broth..way, way.  It calls for a 14.4oz can, I would add half of that & then add small amounts if needed.  I though it would get better once we shredded the chicken & re-added it.

Still waaaayyy too much liquid, it was all very runny.  And not very appealing to look at either. 
But we went with it, adding the filling to flour tortillas & making a wrap of sorts, that turned out like this; 

Notice the liquid?  I didn't use a slotted spoon, which would have been better.  Either way, this recipe was a big miss.  There wasn't enough seasoning, way too much broth, not enough texture so even over rice I can't imagine it would be any better.  Needed cheese, needed green onion, needed some heat...needed not to have bothered, in case you weren't picking up on that.  

So far 1 hit, 1 miss from Skinny taste.   I think next we'll try one of her top recipes from 2010, the 
Asian Glazed drumsticks.  Here's hoping it tastes as good as this looks!

Monday, October 24, 2011

AVON haul

I love an AVON/MARK catalogue.  There's just something about that glossy little book that gets me everytime.  I used to work shift work and sometimes when it was quiet on night shift, my team & I used to flip thru the AVON catalogues that a co-worker brought it.  I always told her I should get a commission for her sales, because I'd convince others that there were so many things they needed & she'd always get orders based on our nightshift browsing.

Anyway I don't work nightshift anymore but I still have the same great AVON lady and I seem to able to talk myself into plenty of things I think I need.  Here's my latest little AVON haul...

Silk wrap nail treatment - SuperShock mascara

I've only used the Silk wrap once but so far I like it.  You apply the first coat side to side & then the second coat is lengthwise.  It comes off as a pale pinky nude color, almost like the base coat for a french manicure.  It didn't chip and lasted thru my work week.  I do need to be a little more careful on how I apply it next time because I could see a few places where it was a little thicker than others. 

This looked promising, but I really don't like this mascara.  I have heard great things about it, and maybe I got a bad tube, but this one of the strangest mascaras I've used.  The formula is dry, which I usually prefer, but this is so dry that its almost as if I've been using it for months already.  The brush also looks like it could produce some beautiful lashes, but it barely added volume and there was no extra length at all.  So to re-cap, this left me with short, stubby, clumpy, dry lashes.  Which shockingly was so not the look I was going for.  

Ideal shade custom shade foundation - Smooth minerals mineral make-up

I am saving up some items for an empties post so I'll just talk about the mineral make-up I ordered.  I bought this for my niece last year and she loves it, so I decided to try it too. 

I can't decide how I feel about the packaging.  There is only a small amount of product that comes out at a time, which is good & bad.  The product itself is really quite nice.  I use Laura Mercier mineral makeup and I'd say this doesn't necessarily have the coverage or staying power that does, it does still hold it's own.  The coverage would be medium and it lasts about 6 hours without requiring a bit of a touch up.  It does give a nice sheen without being greasy and doesn't look powdery or cakey.  So far I'm very happy with it.  

Lip conditioner - Extra Lasting eyeshadow

Again I'm saving the lip conditioner for another post so I'll just talk about the eyeshadow. 

This is said to not crease or fade, I got the color Crushed Violet.  Here is a swatch. 

Well wasn't that worth waiting for.  I don't know why I took a picture of a far off swatch but there yah go, better than nothing I guess.  I haven't used this shadow enough to give a fair opinion, but I will say I wish it were a little less shimmery.  I'm not feeling a love affair here but maybe I'll be proved wrong.  

Anyway, that's it for now.   I'm working hard on an empties post, one that would make Gaby (who does some of the best empties posts ever) proud.  I'll be talking about some of the AVON products you see here so stayed tuned for that. 

How about you, order any AVON lately?
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