Thursday, December 29, 2011

A package..for me?!

This is a post I had planned to do before you will see.  Kind of lame I realize, but I still wanted to share.  I will post a quick update soon on some of the things you'll see here.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, thanks for all the sweet messages and I trust Santa was good to you all.  Anyone else reaching for their sweats?  The reality that is the New Year will be here all too soon.  Until then, on to the post...and perhaps more chocolate.


Oh I love getting a package.  Love.  Like butterflies in my stomach love.  

I recently won a giveaway from Her Late Night Cravings, and blogged about getting their package here.   That just made me want more, greedy girl that I am.  Here are some other packages that I have been anxiously awaiting!

In a moment of 'why not I deserve this' while watching the Shopping Channel, I ordered the Surprise Beauty Box.  I know, right?  They tell you what a few of the products are and the rest are a...surprise.  To illustrate how little thought I put into this, I don't even remember 
what the products were that they did reveal.  

But I don't want to know, because I've put it under the tree and told Mr. J it's one of the 
presents he's giving me. 

 I will report back post Christmas...but this is what the box looks like.  I believe it was a Showstopper for about $25 CDN.  


I ordered some lip balms after seeing Gaby's blog post about these natural & moisturizing balms from a company called My Lip Stuff.

So I opened the box, taking great care....ahem.   Just a bit over-anxious right?

These are the flavours I chose.  I am giving a couple of these to the nieces for their stockings so I don't want to open any until I've decided.  Torture. 


Another Shopping Channel purchase.  This one was intentional.  

I was waiting for IT Cosmetics to be featured again hoping there would be a special with the Bye Bye Pores Powder in it, but no such luck.  

I ordered a new one anyway..this time in the large size. 

As compared to the smaller size.  In Retrospect the smaller size is more manageable and easy to store.  

For the few dollars I saved ordering the large size, I'd rather get the smaller one & just re-purchase more often.  


A few items from Paula's Choice... 

I have an empties post coming up that will go into a bit more detail about how I feel about this line.  

The Resist Weekly Re-Surfacing Treatment is one I heard about from Tracy, the other Tracy.  I got this in a sample and love it, so this is now the full size.  

Can you see that I ordered the Sunscreen spray sample, and it came in a package...I was expecting a small spray bottle like the perfume samples come in.  How bizarre. 

So that's it...well actually I have a few other packages coming, but that's it for what has arrived so far.  I think I'm addicted to online shopping more for the packages in the mail thing, than the don't have to fight the crowds thing.  

How about you, any exciting packages recently?  


  1. I cant wait to see whats inside the mystery box!

  2. Woah! I wish I got that many packages. Congrats! :)

    I'm addicted to getting mail & packages too.

  3. Okay I haven't really gotten out of my sweats for more than a couple hours in weeks. How I'm going to fit into pants on NYE is beyond me...


    How you didn't just tear into those things is beyond me. I'm a sucker for a box of goodies. Sometimes I just want to order stuff to get the boxes, open and send back. It's a sickness!!

    And I want to try the lip balm now. It's been dryer than a popcorn fart around here lately. Those Santa Ana winds are blowing all but the pooheads out of here. Well. And me. HAHAHAHA!!


  4. D.Sadie - Me too, well most of it. I just wish it was available other places rather than just on line (what a whiner I know)

    Eugenia - It was a fun surprise for me too!

    Vintage - It sounds like we're not the only ones. Packages are addictive!

    Carrie - I saw you and your fancy sweats..mine aren't quite that pretty. You crack me always. I know you missed coming to Canada but it is almost completely brown here now, it was 9 yesterday..IN DECEMBER!!

  5. I love mail! I think my mail man hated me as he had to come to my door every day the week before Christmas lol! Those lip balms sound great! I'd love to hear your thought about them.
    I'm glad you like that weekly resurfacing treatment. I love it a lot and still use mine. :)

  6. Why oh why must you torture us??!! I'm about to pass out wanting to know what's in that beauty box! Nosey...maybe. :-) Hey, we call when you order stuff for your self that's it's your "Treat Yo Self" Day!! :-)
    Can't wait to hear more about all of these goodies!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. I LOVE getting packages in the mail. My husband on the other hand is getting sick of me spending money online. lol. I hope you are doing well. I have not talk to you for so long.

  8. I love getting packages in the mail too ; ) I would have loved to be the recipient of your package! Happy New Year! xo

  9. Tracy - That sounds like my house. I used the re-surfacing this weekend, love it!

    Jayme - Treat yo self, how street & it ;)

    Pam - It's been forever, I'm heading over to check your blog now. Hope all is well with you too!

    Marie - Who doesn't right? It's addictive. Happy New Year beauty.

  10. I so enjoy that it looks like you She-Hulked your way into that lip gloss package! We have so much in common. :-D

  11. Hi Tracy! "To illustrate how little thought I put into this, I don't even remember
    what the products were that they did reveal."... That made me laugh LOL! I know, sometimes I get overwhelmed by beauty products though, although I think I've been quite good recently (: You know what, I don't even really know what is the Shopping Channel!

    Yey for My Lip Stuff lipbalms! I see you ordered Cookie Dought, that must smell soooooooo yummy! Now I want it too!

    Happy new year Tracy! x


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