Monday, February 27, 2012

Maybe I need more sleep...

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Man what a day I've had.  Do you ever have one of those Monday's where you feel you need to seriously re-evaluate some of the choices you've made in your life.  

I was debating posting this because I was worried it might come off a titch do I say it....?
But then my Monday happened and it just felt right.  

I did let the 'freshman' thing go, as you'll perhaps a short trip on the high road?  
No?  Okay maybe not. 
  1. I have used Origins for 13 years, since I was a feshman in high school. That being said, I have to tell you: you have a lot of your facts incorrect about what is in the Origins products and what the benefits are. Perhaps you should do more scientific research before claiming ingredients are damaging, pointless, and "fragrance-y" essential oils. All of the products are tested on a volunteer panel in a scientific setting before released to the general public. One product was tested for over five years. No offense intended, honestly, and obviously not every product is going to be perfect for everyone but...perhaps you should research more before blasting a company without all the facts.
  2. Hello Anonymous - so glad you feel confident enough in your comments to give a name and link it to your blogger profile, no? Hmmm... Anyway, you have obviously not read my review correctly. What you are referring to is the review that I quoted from Beautypedia..Paula Begoun's site. Those were not my words as I clearly indicated. Maybe you are the one who should get their facts straight before 'blasting'. Have a great day, I await any further comment or an apology. Thanks Anonymous!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Latest Lancome Gift with Purchase

I've got issues...clearly.  I have to admit I ordered this out of spite more than anything, which actually makes no sense when you hear the story.

I wandered in *made a beeline* to one of beauty bars inside Shoppers Drug Mart, a while back.  I was looking at the Lancome display because I had seen their gift with purchase promo online, and wondered if by chance Shoppers had the gift there to look at.

One of the sales ladies came over & when I asked her she gave me the condescending, 'oh no dear there is no gift with purchase promo on right now' answer, followed by the little dismissive laugh.  I told her well actually I was on the Lancome website the night before and had seen it, so maybe it was just at one of the department stores.  She gives me the 'dear I'm on that site aaaaallll the time and I think you're confused, you're thinking of the Christmas promo which is loooonnnnnggggg over'.  Back goes straight up, b*tch mode gets turned on.

Long story short I leave annoyed, get home, fire up the computer, find the promo on their website and place my order, smug with satisfaction.  Showed her didn't I?  See makes no sense.

Anyway, moving on.  I had to order $35 in order to get the gift, so I purchased this:

Bienfait Multi-Vital Moisturizer with SPF 30

I had read lots of very favourable reviews of this lotion so decided to try it and I love it.  It is a nice and light daily moisturizer that absorbs well into the skin & leaves no tacky residue.  It does have a bit of a scent, kind of like fresh cut grass or the smell when you cut the stems off fresh flowers.  Might sound bizarre but it is very nice and only very lightly scented, which doesn't linger at all.  I only need two very small pumps of this to cover my face and bonus, it has SPF 30 in it.

So what was in my well earned gift?

It came in this cute little bag, which is satin on the outside, with a black patent looking it.

So here is what was inside.  
Eclat Miracle complexion illuminator; 3X high resolution moisturizer; eyeshadow quad, Definicils mascara in black; Color Design metallic lipstick in Ooh La La. 

Is is just me or does the Definicils mascara stink?  I swear my last one smelled strange too.  I think it's supposed to be a rose scent but it's just too strong or something and I honestly can't stand it.  

The lipstick I'll give to a friend because I just won't use it, it does appear to be a beautiful colour though.  

I actually really like the quad shadows.  The last ones I got from Lancome did not have good colour payoff but these are much better and are very wearable.  

Love the 3x!!  This will be what I use for travel, love this moisturizer.  I haven't played with the Eclat illuminator enough to give you an honest opinion yet but it seems promising.  I'll keep you posted. 

Honestly, for the bag & 3X alone I would have been happy.  I've found a new daily moisturizer that I love, got a cute makeup bag, a travel size of my beloved 3x and proved that...woman...wrong at the drugstore.  Even if she doesn't know it.  

Please tell me I'm not the only one to make a spiteful purchase.  Oh and for you Canadian girls, they have another promo running right now...I'm only one snarky comment away from getting this one too.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do you believe in love?

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I will admit I have been lucky in love.  Since I was 15, I've only actually spent one Valentine's Day without a Valentine.  *not meant to sound obnoxious but probably does*

Actually, the year I was single I had one of the best Valentine's Days with a male friend of mine.  We gave each other the most obnoxious cards we could find, took each other out for dinner and plenty of wine, told worst date and aren't you glad you didn't end up with so & so, stories.

I think they start putting out the Valentines stuff right after Christmas now, followed closely and overlapped slightly by Easter.  The cards, the big shiny hearts, the chocolates, the 'what will you surprise her with this year' ads, and on it goes.  Drives me nuts.

Every year I say I will not get sucked in to the madness, yet every year I end up getting Mr. J (my Valentine for the last many years) a card and some chocolates.  And every year, despite my claims of it's a made up holiday, I hopefully look for the card in the big red envelope and/or flowers, chocolates, whatever.   Hypocrite much?

I think love is found in many forms & places.  Whether it be with a romantic love, with family or friends or doing something you love.  Maybe it's just meant to remind us to take a moment to cherish and acknowledge those people/things that mean something to us.

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So on that note, other than the people in my life, these are a few of the things I love:

Rainy days
An amazing meal
The perfect gin & tonic
Laying in the sun reading a great book
Comfortable clothes
The golden hour just before sunset
The smell of puppy breath
Our fabulously comfortable bed
Coming home
Sour Cream & Onion chips
Laughing until your head hurts
Watching the ocean
Back rubs
Sleeping till my eyes open

How about you, what are some of your loves?  Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sephora's Birthday Gift

Here's how it starts.  Oh hey, I have my Beauty Insider birthday gift waiting at Sephora...I better run down there and get it while I can.  While I'm there I do need a Clarisonic brush head so I'll pick that up too.  I might as well use the remainder of my gift card because who knows when I'll be back. *denial* And so it goes and that is how I walked out with all this, despite my best intentions of restraint.

Laura Mercier Mineral powder in Natural Beige, Lavanila Natural Deodarant in Vanilla coconut, MIA replacement head, Fresh Sugar kisses mini duo in Sugar Rose & Sugar Fresh, Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara & sample of Laura Mercier's Silk Creme foundation in beige ivory

So two of these products no longer live at my house.  Can you guess which ones?  While you do I'll mention that the Fresh duo is the Birthday gift this year.  I was so excited to try these, having heard so many great things about them but they are puh-huh-ricey.  I believe $26 CDN for the regular size...for a lip balm.  Anyway, I'll be reviewing them after a bit more use. 

So what went back?  The Lavanila deodorant and the mascara.  The deodorant just did not work for me, at all.  And to be honest I wasn't really digging the smell either.  I love the idea of vanilla and coconut together, but maybe not the reality of it.  At least not under my arms.  I felt a bit guilty returning it, like maybe it should have just been a live & learn kind of thing but they did take it back. 

The mascara was just an error.  I told the sales associate I wanted the Lash Doubling mascara and she handed me the High Impact Curling one.  I didn't realize until I got it home and opened it to use it.  They happily exchanged it for me.  

Have any of you tried the Lavanila products or scents?  Are you a Fresh lip girl?
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