Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do you believe in love?

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I will admit I have been lucky in love.  Since I was 15, I've only actually spent one Valentine's Day without a Valentine.  *not meant to sound obnoxious but probably does*

Actually, the year I was single I had one of the best Valentine's Days with a male friend of mine.  We gave each other the most obnoxious cards we could find, took each other out for dinner and plenty of wine, told worst date and aren't you glad you didn't end up with so & so, stories.

I think they start putting out the Valentines stuff right after Christmas now, followed closely and overlapped slightly by Easter.  The cards, the big shiny hearts, the chocolates, the 'what will you surprise her with this year' ads, and on it goes.  Drives me nuts.

Every year I say I will not get sucked in to the madness, yet every year I end up getting Mr. J (my Valentine for the last many years) a card and some chocolates.  And every year, despite my claims of it's a made up holiday, I hopefully look for the card in the big red envelope and/or flowers, chocolates, whatever.   Hypocrite much?

I think love is found in many forms & places.  Whether it be with a romantic love, with family or friends or doing something you love.  Maybe it's just meant to remind us to take a moment to cherish and acknowledge those people/things that mean something to us.

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So on that note, other than the people in my life, these are a few of the things I love:

Rainy days
An amazing meal
The perfect gin & tonic
Laying in the sun reading a great book
Comfortable clothes
The golden hour just before sunset
The smell of puppy breath
Our fabulously comfortable bed
Coming home
Sour Cream & Onion chips
Laughing until your head hurts
Watching the ocean
Back rubs
Sleeping till my eyes open

How about you, what are some of your loves?  Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?


  1. Awwww, I love this post!! It's so sweet! Happy Valentine's to you and Mr. J!
    Baby's feet! I love baby feet, so small and chubby little toes! I miss those!

  2. Best Valentine's Day post I've seen so far!! Baby breath, lol!

    As a single gal who's been single for a long while, it's always a bit of a trial to slug through the massive VDay campaigns each year. If everyone had such a focus on loving everything about life and not just loving love or the idea of love, we'd all be doing so much better. Thanks for this, Tracy. It will get me through the week! ;)

  3. Tracy - Thank you! Baby's feet are a great one, or that softer than is possible spot on the back of their neck. Happy Valentine's Day to you & your family :)

    Liz - I'm so happy to hear your thoughts, that is exactly what I intended with this post. I hope you have a wonderful week and Happy Valentine's Day Liz!

  4. I love rainy days too! - As for Valentine's day I don't really celebrate it. :) Cute post!

  5. I'm like you Tracy, lucky in love. And you're right, it is obnoxious but I'm okay with that! I'm not much into the mushy stuff but I celebrate with the people who have made my life more meaningful by just being with them.

    My list is so much like yours that I had to laugh. Especially the gin and tonic, right?

    But here are my add-ons:

    alone time with my writers journal and good music
    sitting on our patio in the winter and marveling that there is no snow to shovel
    playing card games with my boys
    being amazed at the extended family that has come into my life and made it richer

    there it is. Happy Valentines Day!

  6. Oh I love this post! Sour Cream & Onion chips...oh lord, don't get me wanting those! They are my favorite chip! And I just told my husband that as much as I like traveling and doing things that there is nothing like coming back home.
    I'd say some of my loves would be:
    Bubble baths
    Diet Coke from McDonalds (I've got issues)
    Massages by my hubby especially when he will rub my feet too
    Cuddling with my 3 puppies
    Girl, this post made my morning. Makes you stop and think about real things rather than "It's Monday and I'm back at work." :-) Hope you and Mr. J have a great envelopes and all.
    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. Valentine's Day used to be a big deal for me but now that my boyfriend and I have been together for so long, it's kind of lost its importance! Still, we get each other a cute little gift and a nice card every year : ) I hope you have a good V Day tomorrow Tracy!

  8. Vintage - Nothing better than a rainy day, happy non Valentine's Day!

    Marie - As some people would say Valentine's is for amateurs..still despite the years, I still love a little something something. Usually chocolate :)

    Jayme - Scary how much we have in common! I love your 'loves' and am so glad this made your day..your comment made mine too!

    Carmen - Oh the G&T, I always knew you had good taste. After all you chose Brad! xoxo

  9. haha I don't really celebrate valentines day.. but it's nice to get a small box of chocolate or something though! hope you have a great one today!

  10. Happy Valentines Day! I love so many of the same things you do :) Esp rainy days and that perfect drink.

  11. I really enjoyed your list of things you love =) My husband and I are really simple when it comes to Valentine's Day. We both like to think that everyday is Valentine's Day and that it's kind of pathetic that one day out of the year is supposed to be pinpointed as the day you actually care about someone. We have always celebrated V-day, but we keep things simple. I've always told him not too spend much money because he spoils me everyday of the year. I don't care a thing about going to fancy restaurants, so we usually cook at home or for example this year we went to our favorite sushi place =)

  12. I'm kind of a cynic when it comes to the holiday, it's too consumer written for me. However, John and I always take it as a day to center around us spending time together which usually ends up as an Office marathon and a Thai dinner. :)

  13. Pop - Hope you had a great one !

    Kim - I'm sure your new husband spoiled you :)

    Tropical - I know exactly where you're coming from..and aren't we lucky.

    Mrs. Wasp - Nice to hear from you, I get what you're saying and you had me at Office marathon..the Thai dinner was the closer :)


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