Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Craving a new scent this spring + a small announcement!

I don't know what it's like where you live, but where I am in Canada there are still patches of snow & it is dull and brown here.  Not very spring like if you ask me.  So to help me get in the spirit of the season I thought I'd highlight a great blog post by about some scents you may want to try this spring!  There is pretty much something for everyone here and she has the gift of being able to describe a scent.  Kind of like I do, not to be all braggy or anything.

Also I just wanted to say that I had a great response to the shadow sharing post and I'm excited to announce the winner.  The person who will be sharing my shadow haul is......

I've already sent you an email so please make sure to reply within 72 hours or I'll have to choose another winner.  For those that didn't win this time, I plan on doing these surprise little giveaways from time to time so stay tuned and thanks for your support.  And now on to the scents, which one would be right for you?

It’s the spring ’11 fragrance special! And if you’re a girlie girl at heart, you’ll swoon over the 10 prettiest new scents

Natalie Portman Miss Dior Cherie
I don’t know what happened in the ’00s—I suppose the inexplicable rise of Paris Hilton had a lot to do with it—but these days, it’s no longer de rigueur to wear baby-doll dresses, head-to-toe pale pink or more than one bow on your person. Thank goodness. In fact, dressing like Elle Woods is now pretty much a fashion crime. And for that I’m not complaining. I like neutrals! And black! And things like zippers and studs and shoe-booties!
HOWEVER. As much as I’ve embraced the toughness of the ’10s (so far), my inner 5-year-old still squealed a bit when I saw all of the new perfumes that are coming out this spring. Think flowers and ribbons and bows. And pink… lots and lots of pink.
Honestly? It’s better this way. With fragrances, we can all indulge the girlie girl within, without looking ridiculous and infantile and like we raided Osh Kosh B’Gosh. Here are the 10 prettiest new scents to try:
IF YOU’RE… A die-hard royal watcher
Vera Wang Preppy PrincessTRY… Vera Wang Preppy Princess
Okay, it’s not like the “princess” part is a new thing for Vera—before this limited-edition flanker, there was Flower Princess, Rock Princess and Glam Princess. But since Kate Middleton sort of defines modern preppy (I think the Brits use the term “Sloane Ranger”), wearing this scent could really get one in the mood for a royal wedding, non? The notes are mainly fruity (red berries, apple, tangerine) and woody (“sensual woods” and coconut).
IF YOU’RE… A closet Hello Kitty fan (who isn’t?)
Hello Kitty fragranceTRY… Hello Kitty for Sephora
You might recall that I’m having a bit of a moment with the Hello Kitty lip gloss (which is really more like a balm). The fragrance is the real highlight in the collection though, just because it’s so freakin’ cute and has that old-fashioned atomizer thingie, a feature that makes me automatically love any scent. Let’s face it: this is something you buy for the packaging alone. With the scent itself, your mileage may vary. Notes are green apple, Japanese fruits, vanilla, musk, cassis sorbet, mandarin, magnolia, freesia, orange blossom and tonka bean.
IF YOU’RE… Under 25 (or just act like it)
Coach Poppy fragranceTRY… Coach Poppy
Coach introduced its Poppy line of accessories a while back, focusing on fun, punchy colours and a slightly lower price point. The fragrance is totes in the same vein—a fresh fruity-floral that one could describe with the adjectives “youthful,” “spirited” or “playful.” You get my drift. Notes include mandarin, freesia, jasmine, water lily, gardenia, crème brûlée, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla and marshmallow.
IF YOU’RE… A total romantic
Chloe Rose EditionTRY… Chloé Rose Edition
It’s no secret that I adore all things Chloé, and this limited-edition bottle is no exception. No, it’s not a brand new scent—it’s the same rose-focused juice as the original—but dressed up with a jaunty bright pink ribbon (adorbs!). Besides rose, the scent is rounded out by other notes of magnolia, lily of the valley, amber and cedar wood. VERY floral. VERY feminine.
IF YOU’RE… An art-lover and all-around sophisticated type
Prada Infusion de Rose
TRY… Prada Infusion de Rose
Unlike the Chloé, this one really IS a new scent, and it’s a rather powdery blend of fresh rose petals, tea, honey and mint leaves. (Like the other Prada Infusions, such as Iris, the intent is a modern take on a single, natural ingredient.) It’s also a mini work of art. Not only is the bottle a triumph of simplicity and beauty in that signature Prada way, but the outer packaging was created by Taiwanese-American artist James Jean. (Description? “Manga and comic art meets art nouveau fairies.”)
IF YOU’RE… A lover of loud fashion and loud fragrances
Jimmy Choo fragrance
TRY… Jimmy Choo
Who is the Jimmy Choo woman? I imagine someone far more glamorous than I am, who enjoys super-short hemlines, snakeskin and of course, sky-high stiletto heels. You need to be the confident sort to wear this one (the first fragrance from the brand), a fruity chypre with notes of pear, citrus, tiger orchid, toffee and—wait for it—patchouli. Reminds me very much of Flowerbomb.
IF YOU’RE… Nevah, evah going to be caught wearing pink anything
Banana Republic Wildbloom
TRY… Banana Republic Wildbloom
Like you might expect from Banana Republic—friend to corporate office women everywhere—this new scent is feminine but in an understated sort of way. The bottle features a suede flower in peach (not pink!) and inside, the scent is quite fresh and fruity: notes include pink grapefruit, kumquat, guava, pear, blue orchid, hydrangea, patchouli, musk, sandalwood, tonka bean and suede. Perfect for the office, obvs.
IF YOU’RE… Maybe a little bit “wild”… if “wild” means wearing fuchsia lipstick, for example
Estee Lauder Wild ElixirTRY… Estée Lauder Wild Elixir
Okay, so you don’t normally see the words “wild” and “Estée Lauder” used in one sentence. But things are changing! (Remember my new favourite nail polish, an editor’s pick?) With its fabulous bright pink bottle, this limited-edition scent is supposed to be a bit more dramatic than what we’re used to from EL. Notes include mandarin, marigold, freesia, violet, gardenia, jasmine, water lily, amberwood, musk and sandalwood. Quite floral, but also quite seksi.
IF YOU’RE… Itchin’ to take off on your summer vacay (or staycay)
Calvin Klein Eternity for women summer 2011
TRY… Calvin Klein Eternity Summer
Every year, Calvin releases a new version of this classic, and while previous ones have been much beachier and waterier (I know, not a word), this one is très femme. Think lily of the valley, violet, gardenia, jasmine, lotus, musk, mimosa, fig tree and just to warn you, coriander. (Is any ingredient more polarizing? Okay, maybe patchouli.) Still, the green dampers the floral, so it ends up being quite fresh, which is fitting because the inspiration was gentle breezes and meadows of wild flowers. Le sigh.
IF YOU’RE… Natalie Portman fan or obsessed with anything vintage
Dior Miss Dior Cherie 2011
TRY… Dior Miss Dior Cherie
This bottle rivals the Chloé for me in terms of pure covet-ability. What’s new here—to go with the brand new ad you may have seen featuring Miss Portman—are a few tweaks to the packaging, including the gorgeous vintage-style label. As well, the scent inside is a bit more sophisticated than the 2005 version. Gone is the popcorn note, and instead there’s mandarin, rose, jasmine, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, amber and moss.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Product Review - Origins VitaZing!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend surrounded by friends, family & of course chocolate!  Today I bring you my review of Origins VitaZing. 

Some of you may be familiar with this product, as there is a certain amount of buzz & hype about it on youtube and various blogs.  I got caught up in the excitement & on a shopping trip one day I went to find out more.  Mr. J was with me & sweetly bought me this as a present. 

Here is what it looks like: 

This is what Origins claims about this product: 

This product contains no parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, DEA, synthetic fragrance, animal ingredients and does not test on animals.  This little 50ml tube costs $44CDN or $35USD.  Yup you read that right, it's definitely pricey.  

This product is a bit like a tinted moisturize except this starts out as white, with little beads of tint in it.  Once you start to blend it out it turns into color, similar to a foundation color.  You can see the beads in the picture below, as well as some of the
color on the right hand side where I rubbed the lotion a bit.

This is how it looks as I start to blend it out:

You can see it starting to turn color, the coverage isn't as thick as this appears because you need to continue to blend it in.  Here is the hand with it fully blended:

You can see this gives you a bit of coverage, yet quite a nice natural glow.  This feels very soft on my skin & also has an SPF15, which is a bonus. If my skin is in good shape or if I just want a little something but don't really want to put on makeup, I can use this to even out my skin and give me a bit of coverage & some glow. Or if I want additional coverage I can use this with a bit of concealer and a bit of MAC MSF natural on top and I'm set.  I thought this would also be perfect for the summer if you were going to the beach or pool.  

I also love the way this smells, stand by for another revealing scent description...but it smells a bit like sunscreen (which I happen to love) and a bit nutty with a hint of soapy clean scent.  Doesn't that sound lovely?  No I know it doesn't. It smells really nice okay, just go with it.  

Sounds good so far right?  Well I thought so too.  But then I found out a couple of things that I didn't like. 

First, this can really oxide on my skin.  So what starts off looking like a nice tan glow can turn orange & a little greasy by the end of the day.  I think the issue there is using too much product, you really need very little of this and if you over do it you will likely be rewarded with the orange ala Jersey Shore tan effect.  

Second, after doing further research on this product, I found this review on Beautypedia   

Reviewing new skin-care products from Origins always ends up in disappointment. Like most of the Lauder-owned brands, Origins consistently gets the critical issue of UVA protection right. That’s great, and in the case of this product, you’re getting an in-part avobenzone sunscreen. The disappointment is that unlike most of the other Lauder-owned brands, Origins fills their products with fragrant plant oils and extracts that potentially cause significant skin irritation. Even if you cannot see or feel the irritation, it is taking place beneath the surface of your skin, causing harm that can lead to collagen breakdown and a host of other problems. Your nose may love the way these unfriendly skin ingredients smell, but fragrance isn’t skin care. This daytime moisturizer with shine is not recommended because it contains an abundance of irritants. You should be “vitazing-ing” your skin with proven antioxidants, skin-repairing ingredients, and cell-communicating substances, not with fragrant irritants.

And that kind of took the wind right out of my sails on this product, which is heartbreaking because there is so much I love about it.  Now I know this is only one review from one source, but this source has been so reliable for me in the past that I pay attention to their information.  As well, other review sites like Makeup Alley, etc. also have mixed reviews on this product and that is based on first hand experience.  So it's all of these things combined that caused me to have concern about using VitaZing.  

I have started only using it on my cheeks where I have some redness to cover & want a bit of a glow, and so far there is no visible damage to my skin. But I don't like the thought that there is unseen damage or irritation happening from using this further.  

Funny thing, AVON made a very similar moisturizer to this about 10 years ago.  I loved that too but they discontinued it.  It made me wonder, is there any other line that carries a similar product that I'm not aware of?  If you know of one I'd love to hear about it.  

So there you have it.  I love it like I love sour cream & onion chips...but those aren't good for me either.  So now what?  Well I haven't decided yet.  Just like chips I'm thinking I may use it in moderation but I don't know if it's even worth it, the jury's still out.  

What are your thoughts?  If any of you own this I'd love to hear your experience with it!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

The eyes have it - Eyeshadow gifts!

Hello all, I got some more exciting mail to share with you!  This package arrived compliments of the ladies, Lisamarie and Christelle, over at  If you aren't familiar with their blog you have to check it out.  Not only do they write some of the funniest beauty posts I've ever read (Excerpt from a recent post "So when The Body Shop asked me what I would think about making it a quickie? I was game, and then I realized they were talking about a shower") But they also offer previews of product launches & truly informative reviews along with some great giveaways.  And that's where this little beauty comes in; 

Oh hello large package overflowing with beauty products!  I happened to win one of their
recent giveaways & this little baby was chock full of the prizes.  What was in it you ask? (Or perhaps you're saying just get on with it already)

So what is in the box?  That's right, eyeshadows baby...just take a look at this prize.  

Wow, right?  As the ladies said in the giveaway post which you can read here, only $150 of shadowy goodness! From their blog this is a description of what I won: 

L'Oréal Studio Secrets Color Smokes Eye Shadow in Forest Smokes for green eyes, Cobalt Smokes for blue eyes, Lavender Smokes for brown eyes and Blackened Smokes for all eyes.
Maybelline EyeStudio Quad in Pink Persuasion and Duo in Khaki Craze
Marcelle Graphic Eyeshadow Quad in Dimensional Blues
Annabelle Eyeshadow Trio in Grafix
mark. Celestial Eyes Shimmery Cream Shadow in Grey Storm
Avon 12-in-1 Eye Palette
Barry M Trio Eyeshadow 040 Greys
Sephora  Eyeshadow Single in Preppy Look No 41
Hard Candy Duo in Blind Date
Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mono Eye Shadow in 120 Urban Green

So here's the deal.  This post isn't just about look what I won, as fun as that can be, this is also about you.  

Once I saw the prize I thought there is no way with my current stash, that I'll be able to fully use all of these.  There are a number of you that are loyal friends to me and my blog, and I'd love to share my prize with you.  So this is what I thought.  

Everyone who comments on this post by Tuesday April 26th at midnight MST gets an entry, perhaps telling me which shadows you would most like to try.  

Also anyone who has left a comment on any blog post since my last giveaway was announced & leaves a comment here, gets an automatic additional entry.  

I'll then use again to pick a winner & I'll send you some of these shadows along with one of my very favourite eye shadow brushes from ELF.   

Hopefully this little impromptu giveaway works out the way I intend.  So good luck to everyone, thanks for all your continued support and here's to free eyeshadow courtesy of the great & funny ladies at!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

See what Sigma Brushes I ordered!

Told you I was expecting some fun things in the mail, here's another recent arrival!

You may remember that I won a $20 Sigma gift card, from the lovely Justine at Productrater.  I had asked for some input on which brushes I should order and got some excellent and helpful suggestions from a number of you, so thank you.  Of particular help was Amanda of Lilqtpy85, this was her suggestion; 

lilqtpy85 said...
As much as I like the MAC 109 (Sigma F05) and the MAC 138 (Sigma F25) I would recommend getting a hybrid of the two which is the F35. It's the same size as the F05 but it's the shape of the F25. I find it to be much more versatile than either of the other two brushes because you can apply contour, highlight and foundation if you need to. If you're leaning towards one of the Kabukis though, I'd get the F45. It's supposed to be a spot on dupe for the MAC 182.

I thought she had some great advice, so here is what I decided on; 

Thanks Amanda, I took your suggestions and got the F35-tapered highlighter & the F45-Kabuki.  As always, Sigma sends you a gift with your order & this time it was the travel size E25-blending brush.  

 I have used these only a few times each & so far I love my choices.  The F35 has been great for applying blush & for contouring.  I intend on using it with some highlighters this week & think it will be perfect for that.  The F45 is a great, dense yet soft kabuki - love it!  I have used the E25, as it came in my Naughty in Black travel kit.  It's a great little
blending brush and I'm thrilled to have two of these now.
I had no bleeding of the brushes when I washed them, and very little if any shedding.  

Retail prices in USD at Sigma beauty are: F35 - $16; F45 - $19; E25 full size - $9

So there you have it, my newest Sigma additions.  I think I need to apply to join affiliate program since I keep promoting their products, but as of right now I have no 
affiliation with Sigma.  These brushes were won and bought by me.  

Do any of you own these Sigma brushes?   What are your thoughts?


Monday, April 18, 2011

Product Reviews - Hard Candy Fox in a Box & Undercover Agent

Happy Monday everyone!

You may remember my post about a few items I bought recently.  I already tested & reviewed the John Frieda 3 Day Straight, which you can read here.  Now I wanted to offer my thoughts on the Hard Candy products I bought.  Since it seems like everyone has already posted pictures & reviews of the next few products, I thought I would still offer my two cents, but briefly.  Or as brief as I can be, because I do tend to rattle on. 

Product: Hard Candy Fox in a Box blush in Sweet & Spicy  
                 Retails for less than $6CDN and is packaged much like a Benefit boxed blush  
                 Comes with cute, but unfortunately useless, little brush
                 Colors include peach, bronze, light pink, darker pink

Here is an attempt at a swatch; 

I didn't say it was a particularly successful attempt.  The blush has more pink than it is showing up here.  Not sure why it's looking so muddy (maybe it's the crappy light because it's once again snowing here today and I'm about ready to lose it) but it's actually a pinky/peach with some shimmer.   

The powder does come loose quite easily, which can make it all a little messy; 

Pros: Pinky peach blush with a bit of shimmer, shimmer isn't overly noticeable once applied
           Cute packaging
           Great mix of colors with good pigmentation
           Buildable blush, can be fairly sheer or built up for more noticeable color
           Decent staying power, wore this all day with some fading but didn't disappear 

Cons: I applied this with a tapered blush brush & it was way too heavy of an application
           Powder is quite loose in the box, as you can see from above picture it can become 
           a bit messy once you swirl it with your brush
           Has some shimmer even though it's subtle, if you like matte blushes this might 
           not be for you

Overall thoughts:  
I do like this blush, I think it's one of the more popular colors that they released & for the price I'd recommend you try it.  

Will I re-purchase?  
Right now I'd say no, it's not something I'd HAVE to own but I have no regrets buying it. 

Product: Undercover Agent Under Eye Highlighter & Concealer Duo
                 Retails for approx $7 CDN, sorry I can't remember or find my receipt (stellar 
                 blogger work)
                 Meant to conceal and cover as well as brighten & de-puff your under eye area

Here is what the brighten & de-puffing gel looks like; 

Here it is blended out, next to a swatch of the concealer; 

You can see it looks a bit wet still, it actually is dry there but has a bit of a sheen to it.  The concealer is in the lightest shade they offer, there is only 3 shades available.  

Here is the concealer blended out; 
Even though I have more pink than yellow undertones to my skin, it actually blends with my skin tone fairly well. 

Pros: They give you a ton of product here, even if I run out of the concealer I can use the 
           The highlighter is actually a great primer to any concealer, it seemed to have a bit of
           a sheen when dry and provided a great base
           The concealer is quite thick & covers well, I found it best to warm it up with 
           my finger then dot it under my eye and I then used a blending brush to blend
           Two products in one, even if you don't like the concealer you can still likely use the 
           highlighter or vice versa

Cons: The concealer packaging is awkward, it's easy to nick the side of the concealer dome
           when you're putting the lid back on
           There is only 3 shades of concealer, so there is a good chance the concealer might not
           work for your skin tone
           I am guessing the concealer will dry out long before I'm finished with this highlighter
           The highlighter is more of a primer than a true highlighter

Overall thoughts: 
I don't care about any of the cons, I really like this!  I know this has gotten some mixed reviews but if you're wanting to try it I'd say go for it.  I think the reason some people have had trouble with the concealer is that they are applying it too heavy.  Using the method I described above, it has worked well for me with little to no creasing.  I particularly love the highlighter.  I do feel like it's not necessarily a highlighter but more of a great primer for any concealer. I've used it with the Hard Candy, my Maybelline Dream Smooth mousse concealer & my Lancome Effacernes with great results.  I love the way my eyes look when I wear this product.

Will I re-purchase?
 This will take me forever & a year to use up as you really don't need much of either product, but yes I would!

See I told you my brief reviews might not be so brief...sorry about that.  I hope this was helpful and as always, please let me know your thoughts.  Have you tried either of these, what did you think?



Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Find - Drugstore Dupes for MAC Lipsticks by Emily!

She's done it again.  The lovely Emilynoel83 came out with one of THE best dupe videos I've ever seen.  If you love MAC lipsticks but can't always afford them, you will love this.  Not only does Emily offer her dupe suggestions, she applies MAC to her top lip & the drugstore dupe on her bottom lip, so you can see just how close they really are.  Amazing.  

I hope you enjoy & have a fabulous Friday everyone.  I have an early Easter dinner this weekend and I won't be around the blogosphere much, so talk to you next week!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I got mail - Paula Begoun Skin Care Samples!

I've got some interesting & exciting mail coming in the next week or so.  Who doesn't love getting fun things in the mail?  The first parcel I was expecting just arrived from Paula's Choice.  

It occurred to me recently that I often talk about how much I love Paula Begoun and rely on her research & reviews from Beautypedia and CosmeticCops.  If that's the case, why haven't I tried any of her skincare or makeup line?  I went on & started doing some research, when I discovered that she sells samples of her skin care so that you can try before you buy full size.  Love that!  So I ordered...a ton, just look at this stack.

The sample packages are typically not big enough to get a true idea about a product, at least for me.  So I decided to order 2 of everything, just to give it a decent try.  I bought these little jars pictured below, where I can transfer these into.  Just so I'm not fussing about with the sample package, that drives me nuts.  

In total I have 34 samples which cost me $24.10CDN with taxes, & included 3 free samples.  I wasn't charged anything for shipping, which I didn't expect, so even better.   I placed my order late night on April 2nd & received it on April 11th, along with emails that confirmed my order & gave me shipping information & tracking details.  Very happy with that!

I plan to test these one line at a time to keep things straight, and then post my thoughts.  It would be tough to do a real thorough review, given the size of the samples, but I can definitely tell you my initial impressions.  First up, the CLEAR line which is meant to be her skin care line to help with acne.  My skin has been a bit fussy lately so I am eager to try this.  I'll keep you all posted.

Have any of you tried any of Paula Begoun's line?  What are your thoughts?

Monday, April 11, 2011

ELF brushes I would re-purchase!

Have you tried ELF's make-up brushes?  I was using one of my ELF brushes the other day and I realized that I have a few ELF favourites that I seem to always grab for, some I use every day.  I have both drugstore and high end brushes, and a little bit of everything in between.  I don't expect as much from a $3 brush as I do from a $30 one, so it's a bit of a bonus when you find a good one.  

I thought I'd highlight what I think are some of the best brushes from ELF and ones that I would definitely recommend.  This is going to be a little picture heavy (blogger term, I never use that phrase in real life).  I have no idea why people warn you about something being picture heavy, but I've seen it so on other blogs and it seems like something I should do.  So now you've been given fair warning. 

I have brushes from the ELF essentials, which is the $1 line with the pearl coloured handles and ELF studio, which are typically $3 and are the black brushes.  I don't own any of the ELF mineral brushes, the newest ones with the wooden coloured handles,...yet.  

Here is my ELF brush collection to date; 
The $1 Essential brushes were bought in the complete set of 12 kit, which is $12 and often sold out on their site.  I also bought the 11 piece studio line brush collection which costs $30 and came with the case below.  When I bought this they were 50% off..hard to beat that price!  

This is just a basic nylon type cosmetic case, nothing fancy but I love it.  The reason?  It can hold a ton of brushes because the elastic compartments are all generous in size.  You can fit a few brushes in each compartment easily, without mangling them together.  And if it gets dirty it's easy to wipe off.  Here are all of my ELF brushes in this case; 
See how much room there is?  You close this up and it's no larger than a book, making it
so easy for travel.  Love it!  Don't mind the kabuki there, I have a separate little case for that brush.  

So which brushes would I buy again & recommend you buy?  
If I had to pick my all stars and the ones that I would say are MUST haves, these are the brushes.  These 6 brushes would set you back a whopping $16. Often there is a sale where you can get them at even more of a discount.  

Essentials Eye Shadow brush $1
Great for packing on shadow.  There is a $3 studio line version of this brush that is a bit fatter & thicker than this one, that is also popular.  But I prefer the thinner one because I can get the shadow closer to my lash line, this great little brush is one I use
 absolutely every day! 

Essentials Blending Eye brush $1 
The brush is a little looser than the ELF Studio line blending eye brush, which makes it more useable for me & easier to blend shadows, great for outer v or placing 
colour in your crease

Studio Line Complexion brush $3 
Use this every day to apply bronzer, it's fluffy and soft but not so fluffy that it's hard to work with, you can direct how you want to apply the product easily, also works 
great to dust on finishing powder

Studio Line Kabuki Face brush $5 
Use this to apply mineral foundation, very soft but still sturdy.  I could not live without this brush - my absolute favourite, this is such a great little kabuki for such a good price

Studio Line Powder brush $3 
This is the flat top brush that is much raved about for applying liquid foundation or blending out powders, etc., I do love it but now my Sigma F80 is #1 
and this would be #2

Studio Line Blush brush $3 
So far this is my favourite blush brush of all the ones I own and the one I use everyday. It's not too big and has a bit of a point, which I love and find useful in placing the product

Those would definitely be my favourites, but
if I got to choose some runners up, these would be it: 

Top to bottom: Studio Fan brush; Studio Small Smudge brush; Essentials Eyelash & Brow wand; Studio Small Precision brush; Studio Small Angled brush, Defining Eye Brush

Fan Brush: Great for brushing away any fallout or applying highlighter to tops of cheeks

Small Smudge brush: Perfect for smudging out eyeliner

Eyelash & Brow wand: Love a spoolie, I know you get one anywhere but not for $1, I use this daily to do my brows

Small Precision Brush: Really good for applying shadows under bottom lash line, or applying shadow over a cream liner

Small Angled Brush: Great for liner, either cream or powder, I've also used it with my
eyebrow powder

Defining Eye Brush: This is the perfect brush to apply shadow to your inner eye because the brush is fairly compact & petite, yet still angled for easy application

These would total another $14.  For $30 you could have all of my picks, or you could wait for a brush sale and get them all!  

So those are my picks, maybe it would have been easier to do the brushes I don't like!  The thing to bear in mind is that these won't necessarily be your forever brushes but if you take care of them you should be able to get your money's worth.  I've had mine for about 9 months and they have held up really well, even after daily cleaning and numerous deep washing.  I've had minimal shedding and no issues with any colours bleeding or brushes coming apart. For the price it's pretty hard to beat!  You can get ELF brushes at some Targets and Dollar Stores, or online at

How about you, what are your favourite ELF brushes? 

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