Monday, April 25, 2011

Product Review - Origins VitaZing!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend surrounded by friends, family & of course chocolate!  Today I bring you my review of Origins VitaZing. 

Some of you may be familiar with this product, as there is a certain amount of buzz & hype about it on youtube and various blogs.  I got caught up in the excitement & on a shopping trip one day I went to find out more.  Mr. J was with me & sweetly bought me this as a present. 

Here is what it looks like: 

This is what Origins claims about this product: 

This product contains no parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, DEA, synthetic fragrance, animal ingredients and does not test on animals.  This little 50ml tube costs $44CDN or $35USD.  Yup you read that right, it's definitely pricey.  

This product is a bit like a tinted moisturize except this starts out as white, with little beads of tint in it.  Once you start to blend it out it turns into color, similar to a foundation color.  You can see the beads in the picture below, as well as some of the
color on the right hand side where I rubbed the lotion a bit.

This is how it looks as I start to blend it out:

You can see it starting to turn color, the coverage isn't as thick as this appears because you need to continue to blend it in.  Here is the hand with it fully blended:

You can see this gives you a bit of coverage, yet quite a nice natural glow.  This feels very soft on my skin & also has an SPF15, which is a bonus. If my skin is in good shape or if I just want a little something but don't really want to put on makeup, I can use this to even out my skin and give me a bit of coverage & some glow. Or if I want additional coverage I can use this with a bit of concealer and a bit of MAC MSF natural on top and I'm set.  I thought this would also be perfect for the summer if you were going to the beach or pool.  

I also love the way this smells, stand by for another revealing scent description...but it smells a bit like sunscreen (which I happen to love) and a bit nutty with a hint of soapy clean scent.  Doesn't that sound lovely?  No I know it doesn't. It smells really nice okay, just go with it.  

Sounds good so far right?  Well I thought so too.  But then I found out a couple of things that I didn't like. 

First, this can really oxide on my skin.  So what starts off looking like a nice tan glow can turn orange & a little greasy by the end of the day.  I think the issue there is using too much product, you really need very little of this and if you over do it you will likely be rewarded with the orange ala Jersey Shore tan effect.  

Second, after doing further research on this product, I found this review on Beautypedia   

Reviewing new skin-care products from Origins always ends up in disappointment. Like most of the Lauder-owned brands, Origins consistently gets the critical issue of UVA protection right. That’s great, and in the case of this product, you’re getting an in-part avobenzone sunscreen. The disappointment is that unlike most of the other Lauder-owned brands, Origins fills their products with fragrant plant oils and extracts that potentially cause significant skin irritation. Even if you cannot see or feel the irritation, it is taking place beneath the surface of your skin, causing harm that can lead to collagen breakdown and a host of other problems. Your nose may love the way these unfriendly skin ingredients smell, but fragrance isn’t skin care. This daytime moisturizer with shine is not recommended because it contains an abundance of irritants. You should be “vitazing-ing” your skin with proven antioxidants, skin-repairing ingredients, and cell-communicating substances, not with fragrant irritants.

And that kind of took the wind right out of my sails on this product, which is heartbreaking because there is so much I love about it.  Now I know this is only one review from one source, but this source has been so reliable for me in the past that I pay attention to their information.  As well, other review sites like Makeup Alley, etc. also have mixed reviews on this product and that is based on first hand experience.  So it's all of these things combined that caused me to have concern about using VitaZing.  

I have started only using it on my cheeks where I have some redness to cover & want a bit of a glow, and so far there is no visible damage to my skin. But I don't like the thought that there is unseen damage or irritation happening from using this further.  

Funny thing, AVON made a very similar moisturizer to this about 10 years ago.  I loved that too but they discontinued it.  It made me wonder, is there any other line that carries a similar product that I'm not aware of?  If you know of one I'd love to hear about it.  

So there you have it.  I love it like I love sour cream & onion chips...but those aren't good for me either.  So now what?  Well I haven't decided yet.  Just like chips I'm thinking I may use it in moderation but I don't know if it's even worth it, the jury's still out.  

What are your thoughts?  If any of you own this I'd love to hear your experience with it!



  1. This WAS on my list of things to buy when I go down to the states but after your review and that excerpt now I'm not too sure...I don't want my skin to be invisibly irritated you know?

  2. I've never heard of product such as this. It's pretty interesting, it reminds me of those anti-bacterial hand soaps at Bath & Body Works with the beads in it ;P. I've never tried any Origins products, but that review you put up there is pretty scary - I'm not sure I ever will now!

  3. I am actually really surprised to hear of this negative comment. Origins is a really well-designed product line, or so I thought. I'd love to hear how this product works for you with continued use...


  4. I've been hearing rave reviews about this and am surprised at your discovery! You'd think a brand with the name "Origins" and their motto would think twice about using irritating ingredients.

    Having said that, I'm not a "green" user and probably eat a lot more unhealthier things than applying them on my skin. I think you can continue to use it in small areas and be diligent about checking its effects at the end of the day. (What I'm really saying is: "just use it, girl.") ;)

  5. I tried this and it broke me out, so I gave it away. I have dry skin, but this still managed to make me greasy about 6 hours later. Plus, it was too dark and orange for me.

  6. Marie - Well if you are going to buy it I'd definitely get it cheaper in the States!

    Hussy - I don't want to scare you off them at all, I guess this is just another perspective on this product so we all have all the info we can before buying it :)

    Christina - I thought so too, but unfortunately some 'natural' ingredients are skin irritants too :(

    Liz - Great point, it's not like I'm not feeding my face with junk at times *she says after consuming copious amounts of chocolate this weekend*

    Tracy - I have read that a lot of people developed those white protein bumps from this as well & the orange is so not a good look ;)

  7. I have never tried nor seen this product yet. :)
    I'm not into moisturizers lately coz I have extremely oily skin. And I hate it when moisturizers makes it worst. :(

  8. Tracy you give the best reviews !!!thanks for sharing

  9. Hmm, well, I was kinda thinking about trying it, but then that other review you found reminded me that every time i use origins, my sensitive skin breaks out and DOES get irritated...what a shame, bc it seems like something i could really like otherwise;(
    Aesthetic Lounge

  10. Haha yeah, at first its weird but then we get used to it. :)

    xo Christine

  11. Great perspective Tracy! I actually have a review of this that I am planning on posting tomorrow! I personally loved it, but YMMV! I was pleasently suprised with how much I liked it! :)

  12. Thanks ladies, & again it's all about what works for your own skin :) I hope this was helpful & just gives you some information before spending your own hard earned $s!

  13. I haven't tried these products but I have heard some good things about Origins. Thanks so much for the review. Really helpful.

  14. Just saw this post. I have been using this for a couple of months and have had no problems but I don't have sensitive skin and am not prone to breakouts. I really like it for summer. It is pricey though and I wish it was in a bigger bottle.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  15. Just saw this, as I like looking for Origins reviews.You should look into Estee Lauder's tint release moisturizer for a second option. It's even more expensive, but wanted to let you know there is another one on the market.

  16. Thanks Kristen, I am actually just about to post a dupe for this that is a lot more affordable :)

  17. I have used Origins for 13 years, since I was a feshman in high school. That being said, I have to tell you: you have a lot of your facts incorrect about what is in the Origins products and what the benefits are. Perhaps you should do more scientific research before claiming ingredients are damaging, pointless, and "fragrance-y" essential oils. All of the products are tested on a volunteer panel in a scientific setting before released to the general public. One product was tested for over five years. No offense intended, honestly, and obviously not every product is going to be perfect for everyone but...perhaps you should research more before blasting a company without all the facts.

  18. Hello Anonymous - so glad you feel confident enough in your comments to give a name and link it to your blogger profile, no? Hmmm... Anyway, you have obviously not read my review correctly. What you are referring to is the review that I quoted from Beautypedia..Paula Begoun's site. Those were not my words as I clearly indicated. Maybe you are the one who should get their facts straight before 'blasting'. Have a great day, I await any further comment or an apology. Thanks Anonymous!


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