Wednesday, April 20, 2011

See what Sigma Brushes I ordered!

Told you I was expecting some fun things in the mail, here's another recent arrival!

You may remember that I won a $20 Sigma gift card, from the lovely Justine at Productrater.  I had asked for some input on which brushes I should order and got some excellent and helpful suggestions from a number of you, so thank you.  Of particular help was Amanda of Lilqtpy85, this was her suggestion; 

lilqtpy85 said...
As much as I like the MAC 109 (Sigma F05) and the MAC 138 (Sigma F25) I would recommend getting a hybrid of the two which is the F35. It's the same size as the F05 but it's the shape of the F25. I find it to be much more versatile than either of the other two brushes because you can apply contour, highlight and foundation if you need to. If you're leaning towards one of the Kabukis though, I'd get the F45. It's supposed to be a spot on dupe for the MAC 182.

I thought she had some great advice, so here is what I decided on; 

Thanks Amanda, I took your suggestions and got the F35-tapered highlighter & the F45-Kabuki.  As always, Sigma sends you a gift with your order & this time it was the travel size E25-blending brush.  

 I have used these only a few times each & so far I love my choices.  The F35 has been great for applying blush & for contouring.  I intend on using it with some highlighters this week & think it will be perfect for that.  The F45 is a great, dense yet soft kabuki - love it!  I have used the E25, as it came in my Naughty in Black travel kit.  It's a great little
blending brush and I'm thrilled to have two of these now.
I had no bleeding of the brushes when I washed them, and very little if any shedding.  

Retail prices in USD at Sigma beauty are: F35 - $16; F45 - $19; E25 full size - $9

So there you have it, my newest Sigma additions.  I think I need to apply to join affiliate program since I keep promoting their products, but as of right now I have no 
affiliation with Sigma.  These brushes were won and bought by me.  

Do any of you own these Sigma brushes?   What are your thoughts?



  1. The kabuki looks os cute! I love kabuki brushes (=

    You should definitely join Sigma's affiliate program, it's awesome and even if you don't sell any product, you can apply to review and giveaway brushes for free! They are very generous.

  2. I have the kabuki brush and the travel eye blending brush and I love them both! :D Please review the F35 whenever you get the chance! :) x

  3. Awww yay, i love Sigma. Their brushes are the best, been wanting to get that highlighter brush for such a long time now, really need to order it :) Happy to hear that you are loving your new Sigma goodies :)

    Xo Christine

  4. I own the E25 blending brush and love it!

  5. Ahh Thanks for the Love!! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the brushes.

  6. Thanks everyone, so far loving them. And you're welcome Amanda..great suggestions :) And I think I will check it out Gaby!

  7. You should definitely check out the nail polish remover my Zoya. Its the best one i have tried and i think you might like it too :)

    Xoxo Christine

  8. I'm thinking of purchasing a tapered contour brush as well, so let me know if it works out! I most likely will buy the MAC one since shipping to canada is pretty expensive at Sigma but let definitely keep in touch!


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