Monday, December 12, 2011

Sephora Christmas Wish List !

Before I start this I feel like I need to make a bit of a disclaimer here.  I do know the true meaning of the season, I am all about charitable giving and generous to my causes.  That said, I think I made the 'nice' list this year.  So just in case Mr. J  Santa is asking, I thought I'd give a few of my wish list items from Sephora this year.

Brace yourselves...I recognize I have enough make-up & don't really NEED anything.  Yes I can admit it.  But sometimes a girl just WANTS a few things, you know?  Kind of like shoes.  I've really tried to branch out from just make-up here, although a few of them might have snuck their way in.

In no particular order...
Laura Mercier Face Illuminator - $42*
*all prices are in USD, only because that is how they are listed on Sephora's site
This looks gorgeous & is supposed to be amazing - and is pretty much sold out everywhere you look, so more of a pipe dream really.  And I'm guessing in Canada it will be closer to $55ish, which makes me really wonder what I'm thinking. 

Laura Mercier Perfecting Water Moisture Mist - $38
This is on my wish list after getting to try it in my Luxe Box, said to help your
serums & lotions absorb better and help to reduce redness on your skin.  I really liked 
it and want to try it in full size.

Laura Mercier Book of Nudes - $48  I would buy this for only a few of these colours, this is an AWESOME deal for all the product you get.  Love!

Sephora Pro Foundation Air Brush #55 - $34
I've heard great things about this brush & in particular raves about using
it to apply mineral foundation.

Clean miniature trio - $15
I've always loved the smell of these & the miniature bottles would be a great
way to try them.  Who doesn't want to smell like fresh laundry?

Benefit's Watt's Up - $30
My girls Jayme & Mendi over at Her Late Night Cravings, rave about this highlighter
and I believe them, so I need to have this.

Pacifica Island Vanilla Beautiful traveler duo - $10 (Lip Tint & Body Butter)

Pacifica Take me There Indian Coconut Nectar - $18  (Perfume roll on, Body Butter, Lip Tint)
I have to confess I haven't tried anything from the Pacifica line but I love the sound of these products/scents.  I'm a sucker for anything tropical & these sound like they are calling my name.

Too Faced Beautiful Dreamer - $46
I love a gift set, and this one looks amazing.  There is a blush/bronzer duo, eyeshadow quad, shadow insurance, lip gloss & mascara.  I have always been curious about the Two Faced box palettes, but I have no where to store those & suspect I would push them back in a drawer somewhere instead.

NARS blush in Douceur - $27
This is described as a soft pink brown & I've been wanting it for a long time but never seem to
get it.  Totally unique colour & I currently own nothing like it.   

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base - $24
This gets rave reviews & I've been wanting to try it for a while now.  

NARS cream eyeshadow in Ponderosa - $26
This is from their holiday collection, the swatches say it leans more grey than brown..which 
I happen to love, how gorgeous is this colour!!

Lashstash - $45
I love the idea of testing all these mascaras, many in brands
I would never normally try...too much fun!

Philosophy Pure Grace Layering Collection - $49.50
I love this scent and these are just small enough that I don't think I'd grow tired
of them, before I was able to finish them.  I also love Aloha Girl but I couldn't find any photo
for that scent, so I wonder if they still have it - it's Hawaii in a bottle.

Sephora Gift Card
How can you go wrong.  I love getting these..then I squirrel them away & use them 
sparingly throughout the year.  

Okay I've rambled long enough..  Notice a particular something missing?  Points to whoever mentions it.  I figure I don't need it and it will be impossible to get right away, so let the hype die down & then I'll decide.  Know what I'm talking about?

How about you, what's on your Sephora wish list?


  1. Nice wish list! Wouldn't be awesome if you got all of it! You deserve it that's for sure!
    I have that Sephora Airbrush, and yup-it's awesome for mineral makeup. One of my fave brushes ever.

  2. Ah, you must mean Naked 2. I figure it'll make its way here eventually. Never can tell until seen in person!

    I remember you hauling that huge whack of stuff from the States for all your friends and family. I hope they'll be as good to you as you have been to them! :)

  3. Tracy - all? gulp..maybe, hehe. Ok that settles it..I NEED that brush!

    Liz - ding, ding, ding, win, yes it's the Naked 2. I wonder when the hype will die down. Thanks for the Christmas wishes, I hope you're right ;)

  4. Oh, I tested out Watts Up in my Ulta the other day and was VERY impressed. It gives such a soft focus glow. Also, I am a sucker for the packaging. That Lashstash looks AMAZING! Sephora also has a fragrance version of that they're offering...I WANT!

  5. NAKED 2!!! :-) You have a great Wish List going on here!! Thanks for the shot out too...we do love the Benefit Watt's Up! That Laura Mercier Illuminator looks amazing too! I have to explain the difference of NEED and WANT to people all of the time. Do I NEED this? Well probably not but do I WANT this...YEP! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. Your list looks a lot like mine! ;) I'm hoping "Santa" brings me that Laura Mercier Book of Nudes especially. And you know how we feel about the Watt's Up...LOVE. Pure Grace is my favorite Philosophy scent...yep, add that to my list too!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. You know me Tracy, I don't usually even think of makeup for a Christmas list but I do use Philosophy - Hope in a Jar all the time for my moisturizer. Had to change products a few times when we moved to the desert and this one works awesome and isn't greasy. So, I guess I could ask for more of that from Santa! Love the color of that eye shadow though...let me know if you get that one.

  8. Great list Tracy! I want some more Algenist eye cream from Sephora for Christmas, I love it! I love everything at Sephora though, as I'm sure you do ; )

  9. Awesome, awesome wish list! I want everything on it too! I think what I want the most, though, is the Laura Mercier face illuminator. It looks amazing!

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  11. I love the kits from all the different brands!

  12. Charlotte - I saw that fragrance version, another great gift for sure!

    Jayme - Points for you too, of course you'd notice ;)

    Vintage - Isn't it adorable, and not in all the bulky packaging of their palettes.

    Mendi - I hope you get some of these as well and you look like a 'Grace' girl to me :)

    Carmen - Have you tried Philosophy's cleanser, a lot of people seem to love that one :)

    Marie - Yes I could live in that store!

    Huda - Hi there, thanks..and I hope you get it, it seems to be sold out everywhere!

    Fitra2009 & Eugenia - Thanks for the follow, I'll be sure to check out your blogs!


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