Sunday, December 18, 2011

Re-newing my Luxe Box - did I or didn't I?

So you may remember that I had signed up for the a 3 month trial of Luxe Box last year, and then extended it for another 3 months.   Here's the thing I wondered, was I really getting the value out of these boxes?  Or was the thrill just getting a package each month?

Here's a little review of the past 6 months, along with anything I may, or have, re-purchased.

This was my first box, and two things from this box I'd re-purchase would be the Dermalogica daily microfoliant and the Consonant Organic Soap.  Although the Dermalogica will last me forever so by then who knows.  And someone would have to put the Consonant soap right in front of me for me to buy it, I wouldn't necessarily go hunting for it.

The next box was my sadly damaged one....

Honestly I wouldn't be searching out any of these to re-purchase.  The K-PAK is good, it's just not so unique or special that I'd HAVE to buy it again.  And the LM shadow wasn't my colour & didn't have great pay off.

The next month had the Stella in Two Peony it!  It's on my birthday/Christmas list - or I will be buying it for myself.

Next was this box.  I haven't even used the Kaia cleansing cloths from this box, which is the only hope for re-purchase, from that month.

This box had the Laura Mercier perfecting water that I really liked, and would like to re-purchase.  I already owned & loved the Moroccanoil and knew I'd buy it again.

 My last box arrived in October, here is a quick look at what it looked like; 

I really like the redesign on the box. I'm sure you have all seen this already so I won't go on & on..but how cute is that 'Made for Tracy' sticker.  I'm such a sucker for stuff like that.  This is what was inside; 

Again, I know I'm late to this party so I won't go into much detail, but there was a Kerastase hair oil (love), ProX Olay eye cream (really like), Essie in Topless & Barefoot (this was sold out everywhere last summer so excited to own it), Lise Watier Flash life radiance veil (one use sample that I could likely get at my local drugstore),  Lise Watier plumpissimo lip gloss (not a fan of plumping gloss - haven't tried it yet).  

Of these, I am a huge Kerastase fan but I already have a similar product from them so would likely buy something else from their line.   I don't necessarily believe you need an eye cream specifically but this has been especially nice around my eyes as the weather has gotten colder. 

 It's not overly expensive & as of right now I'd replace this when I use it up.  Packaging is also great!

Oh and I'd buy Essie polishes again, but it wasn't the Luxe box that convinced me of that as they were a line I already liked.  

So after thinking about it....I did....not re-new.  I do miss getting the boxes but I felt like I was wasting things.  Like after you try a plumping lip product, it's not something you'd pass on to anyone.  And there are products I still haven't tried to this day.  It did introduce me to some new things but a lot of what is in these boxes can be quite expensive to re-purchase.  

I'm not sure that I'm gone from Luxe Box forever, but I am for now.  Having said that, if someone got this for me for a gift I think I'd be thrilled as they are fun to try.

I've been peeking over at the Glymm website looking at their boxes.  They still only charge $10 per month & they seem to have some great product lines.  Has anyone tried them?  

Are you subscribed to Luxe Box or Glymm, etc...?  Will you re-new?  Is is the thrill of getting a package or the package contents, that keeps you coming back to these? 

Let me know your thoughts!



  1. I love when they come with full size nail polishes!

  2. I didn't renew mine either. There was too many hair oils! A shampoo or conditioner would have been nice to get instead of all the hair oils they sent. And the polish colours were always kind of of meh. Again, why every month there had to be a polish? And usually that was the full size product. No thanks, I'd rather pick my own polish. I've been thinking about that Top Box one though.

  3. Eugenia - It does help make it worth it's value thats for sure :)

    Tracy - Exactly, shampoo or conditioner would have been excellent. I did actually like the polish colours I got but I know some weren't as pleased. I haven't heard of Top Box, I'm going to take a look!

  4. It was great to see one post of everything you got during your subscription. I know monthly beauty subs are so popular right now- they are popping up everywhere! I haven't tried any out though and I'm still on the fence if I will or not. You are right that if you just end up wasting or not trying out many of the products it wouldn't be worth it. I definitely don't want to feel like I wasted my money. :)
    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog to comment! I have joined yours. <3

  5. Hey there - We are on the fence about our Birchbox subscriptions too! This month my box didn't come so I'm still waiting. I think you are right about something might just be the thrill of getting something every month. :-) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one is good...whenever it gets here.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. what a great post! how about trying Topbox? there is no fee if you cancel! They are doing a contest on facebook and the prize is $250 worth of full sized products! i hope i win! i guess i will find out on christmas eve when they announce a winner!

  7. Anonymous - I hadn't heard of Topbox, I like that they are still $10 a month. Thanks for the tip :)

    Jayme - I can't wait to see the review when you do get it, I like watching that almost as much as I like getting mine!

  8. Hugs - Thanks for's been fun reading back thru your blog!

  9. Just want to say hi! Still no Birchbox. Oh well, Mendi might just have to put up a post of hers soon. Oh and thank you for your super sweet comment on the Hana review. You made my day!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. I'm not subscribed to either but like you, I think I'd feel like I'm wasting things. And it takes me so long to finish a product!

  11. Hi Tracy! I totally understand what you mean by "wasting things" with these boxes. I was sent the one with the Kaia cleansing cloths for review purposes and I was honestly disappointed. I really enjoyed the Calvin Klein perfume but appart from that, nothing stood out to me and I was incredibly to receive these two cleansing cloths.

    Your last box seems to be the best of the bunch! I've heard great things about that OLAY eye cream and you have seem to have received it in a nice size. I have tried only one Essie nail polish (I think it's called Really Red?) and it chipped on me after one day so I told to myself - NEVER AGAIN!

    Have you received the My Lip Stuff lipbalms yet? I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I'm afraid of running out LOL!

  12. Apparently Topbox is sold out until May 2012!!! Crazy ...

  13. Gaby - You got a particularly bad one, I didn't care for those Kaia clothes AT ALL. I just tried them the other night. You have to try more Essie polishes, I put a top coat on them and they hold up as well as most others for me. Yes I did get the lip balms, and I've only tried one so far..the scent is exactly as described (I'm using Vanilla buttercream) and they are very far so good, Merry Christmas Gaby!

    Cathy - the packaging is good, I've used the boxes for Christmas presents this year, very handy :)

    Silver - Now that makes me want to try that one even more...isn't that sick?

  14. Marie - My first empties post is coming out after Christmas and sadly very few make up products in it..Merry Christmas Marie, looks like it will be a warm one for us !

    Jayme - Hope it arrives soon, I guess given the season it's understandably late. You ARE glowing lately, you have to reveal how :) Merry Christmas to you and Mendi!

  15. Well I haven't subscribed to anything like this, so I wouldn't be much help in giving you advice as I don't have any experience whatsoever lol I like the products, though. Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Have you seen the new Glam Box? I want to get my hands on it. I had Birchbox for 3 months but was very disappointing, I mean $10 isn't hard to come by, but it was just not exciting at all for me. I want stuff I'm too nervous to buy and things I've never heard of coming to me.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  17. Just wanted to express how incredibly appreciative we are for the friendship that we've developed with you this year! Thank you so much for the super sweet comment today. The absolute best part of blogging for us is the relationships that we're making with people like yourself. :)

    We hope that all of your Christmas wishes & dreams come true!!!

    XOXO ~
    Mendi & Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  18. Thanks for the review! I have often wondered about subscribing.

  19. Huda - Glad you enjoyed it!

    Mrs. Wasp - I haven't seen the new Glam Box I'll have to check to see if they ship to Canada. I'm the same as you, stuff I might want to buy but would like to try first.

    Mendi & Jayme - Mawh, back at you ladies. I wish you nothing but the best for 2012.

    MoniqueS - Thanks for stopping by, there are a lot of these popping up it seems :)

  20. I can say that I don't really care about the packaging what is important for me is the quality of the product.


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