Monday, October 24, 2011

AVON haul

I love an AVON/MARK catalogue.  There's just something about that glossy little book that gets me everytime.  I used to work shift work and sometimes when it was quiet on night shift, my team & I used to flip thru the AVON catalogues that a co-worker brought it.  I always told her I should get a commission for her sales, because I'd convince others that there were so many things they needed & she'd always get orders based on our nightshift browsing.

Anyway I don't work nightshift anymore but I still have the same great AVON lady and I seem to able to talk myself into plenty of things I think I need.  Here's my latest little AVON haul...

Silk wrap nail treatment - SuperShock mascara

I've only used the Silk wrap once but so far I like it.  You apply the first coat side to side & then the second coat is lengthwise.  It comes off as a pale pinky nude color, almost like the base coat for a french manicure.  It didn't chip and lasted thru my work week.  I do need to be a little more careful on how I apply it next time because I could see a few places where it was a little thicker than others. 

This looked promising, but I really don't like this mascara.  I have heard great things about it, and maybe I got a bad tube, but this one of the strangest mascaras I've used.  The formula is dry, which I usually prefer, but this is so dry that its almost as if I've been using it for months already.  The brush also looks like it could produce some beautiful lashes, but it barely added volume and there was no extra length at all.  So to re-cap, this left me with short, stubby, clumpy, dry lashes.  Which shockingly was so not the look I was going for.  

Ideal shade custom shade foundation - Smooth minerals mineral make-up

I am saving up some items for an empties post so I'll just talk about the mineral make-up I ordered.  I bought this for my niece last year and she loves it, so I decided to try it too. 

I can't decide how I feel about the packaging.  There is only a small amount of product that comes out at a time, which is good & bad.  The product itself is really quite nice.  I use Laura Mercier mineral makeup and I'd say this doesn't necessarily have the coverage or staying power that does, it does still hold it's own.  The coverage would be medium and it lasts about 6 hours without requiring a bit of a touch up.  It does give a nice sheen without being greasy and doesn't look powdery or cakey.  So far I'm very happy with it.  

Lip conditioner - Extra Lasting eyeshadow

Again I'm saving the lip conditioner for another post so I'll just talk about the eyeshadow. 

This is said to not crease or fade, I got the color Crushed Violet.  Here is a swatch. 

Well wasn't that worth waiting for.  I don't know why I took a picture of a far off swatch but there yah go, better than nothing I guess.  I haven't used this shadow enough to give a fair opinion, but I will say I wish it were a little less shimmery.  I'm not feeling a love affair here but maybe I'll be proved wrong.  

Anyway, that's it for now.   I'm working hard on an empties post, one that would make Gaby (who does some of the best empties posts ever) proud.  I'll be talking about some of the AVON products you see here so stayed tuned for that. 

How about you, order any AVON lately?


  1. Haven't ordered an Avon in forever. A co-worker used to sell Avon on the side and I once ordered a lip gloss. That was back in the day when I only had a few lippies and used to finish everything. Ahhh... memories. Your story made me smile. I love hearing about the little things that help people bond.

    Looking forward to the lip conditioner review! My lips are definitely getting drier with the colder season.

  2. I've never tried anything from Avon. What's your favorite thing you must have from them? :D

  3. I haven't ordered from Avon in ages!
    Too bad about that SuperShock mascara-everyone on YT loves it. Weird.

  4. Great haul! This is too funny because I just got my Avon order in last night!! My cream eye liner is on back order but I did get an eye liner brush, some hand lotion and some ornaments for my tree. They had a set of three - a nail polish, a perfume bottle and a lipstick. They were so cute. Oh and my mom got a super cool necklace in fro Mark. I love Avon books!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Liz - Yah me & the girls bonding over AVON :) Yes I'll review the lip conditioner soon!

    Rainy Days - Never?!! Right now it's the Ideal Shade Custom Shade foundation, exact dupe for Origins VitaZing.

    Tracy - I know right? I thought maybe I'd ordered the wrong one, or that mine was a bad one..who knows but I HATED it.

    Jayme - New AVON order - awesome. Let me know what you think of that cream eye liner, I haven't tried it. I'm also curious to know what else you (and your Mom) a little vid!

  6. That's too bad the SuperShock mascara didn't work well for you, like you said, it looks promising! I wanted to try it when I was a rep but I ordered so many things that I eventually forgot about it z=

  7. Your comment about its not all about the boys but it is about the boys cracked me up. Just over the weekend my husband says, " I like it when you wear less lipstick," I have been experimenting with darker shades and wearing reds. He totally likes nude lips. I told him he was boring. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Nice haul! I was hoping the mascara was going to be good! I'll skip that one. A lady at work sells Avon and it's addicting. My last purchase didn't include makeup though, I got some bathtime paint markers for my nephew and some mixing bowls! Boring!

  9. I've been wanting to try this Avon mascara, the brush looks interesting!


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