Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another skinny taste dish - Sante Fe Crock Pot Chicken!

So I tried another dish, this one was the Crock Pot Sante Fe Chicken, and it was supposed to look like this:

Hmmm...well I took a few photos during and then the final result, which you will see in a minute.  *And looks nothing like this photo*  We decided to do ours as a wrap, rather than over the rice...perhaps a mistake.

Here is what it looked like in the crock pot, following the exact recipe;

Harumph.  I was not intending on making soup, but it became very soup like.  Way too much broth..way, way.  It calls for a 14.4oz can, I would add half of that & then add small amounts if needed.  I though it would get better once we shredded the chicken & re-added it.

Still waaaayyy too much liquid, it was all very runny.  And not very appealing to look at either. 
But we went with it, adding the filling to flour tortillas & making a wrap of sorts, that turned out like this; 

Notice the liquid?  I didn't use a slotted spoon, which would have been better.  Either way, this recipe was a big miss.  There wasn't enough seasoning, way too much broth, not enough texture so even over rice I can't imagine it would be any better.  Needed cheese, needed green onion, needed some heat...needed not to have bothered, in case you weren't picking up on that.  

So far 1 hit, 1 miss from Skinny taste.   I think next we'll try one of her top recipes from 2010, the 
Asian Glazed drumsticks.  Here's hoping it tastes as good as this looks!


  1. It's too bad the recipe didn't turn out right! Currently I'm on a mission to make the perfect egg-less cookies, and the recipes never turn out quite right.

  2. I tried this one too and mine looked exactly like yours did!! Nothing like her picture. We did eat it-in a wrap, with cheese and salsa but it was a bit runny. I made another chicken recipe-can't remember what it was called-but it didn't look like the picture either. Good luck on this one!

  3. Oh, too bad the recipe didn't turn out :( Sometimes I can forgive the esthetics if the taste is there, but it looks like it failed on that front too. Next time!

  4. Sometimes overly liquid-y things can be saved by reducing it down to a thicker sauce (that is, if you have the time for all that extra simmering) - it can become saltier and more flavourful during the reduction too.

    Still, good attempt and you've managed to make me hungry for a second dinner! :)

  5. LOVE skinnytaste! Her recipes always look tasty though I've only tried a few (made her spaghetti squash lasagna a few weeks ago and it was amazing!)

  6. I went to a friends house last night and was served white chili and it was a crock recipe. I was leery at first but it turned out delicious. Have you ever tried that one?

  7. Oh don't you just hate it when you follow the directions and do everything right but then it's not quite right?? :-) Go you for cooking though! My stove would freak out right now if I turned it on! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Boooo, I feel your pain. It's the worst when you take the time to follow a recipe and then it doesn't turn out AT ALL like the picture. I know how that feels. Plus, that picture at the top (what it's supposed to look like) looks as if there's no liquid in it at all. Hmmm

    I'm interested to hear about the Asian recipe though



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