Monday, March 12, 2012

My purchase from LisaLisaD1!

Hello ladies.  For those of you who don't know who LisaLisaD1 is, I am not sure how best to describe her.  She lives in the Carolinas and is what I imagine a modern Southern belle to be.   She has a youtube channel where she does a regular Friday haul video, that includes everything she bought in the past week.  And buy she does.  She takes some negativity for it on her channel, but I happen to love her and think she is just one of the most genuine people.  She LOVES all things beauty and her enthusiasm for products is just infectious.

Recently she started a blog store, where she sells new & gently used items.  So many people have responded that they love the things she buys, so she now often buys extras to include in her store.

I recently made my first purchase (not likely my last) and thought I'd share with you what I got.

First off these Pedi-Scrub Spongeables.  Now this might not seem exciting to those of you who can readily buy these, but I have yet to see these in Canada and I have wanted to try ever since seeing Lisa's review, and the review Jayme & Mendi gave these as well.  So far a big thumbs up on this.  You use one side to soap & lather your feet and the other as a scrubber.  The soap is very hydrating, the scrubber does a pretty good job of exfoliating and bonus, these smell amazing!

Next up, Becca eye tint in Baroque.  I think I got confused when I ordered this.  She had a few different shades and I changed my order before she sent it.  I thought I was getting the grey coloured one (I can't remember the name) but it was this one that I switched to.  I have to say it kind of reminds me of baby poop brown.  Not exactly the look I was going for.  It does last a long time and I'll have to work with it a bit but I so wish I would have gotten the grey shade.

Finally a Kerastase hair mask.  How could I resist..this was such a deal and if you've read my blog you know how much I love all things Kerastase. This smells amazing and like anything Kerastase works great. The first day I used this I ran some errands and two different sales people commented to me how shiny my hair was. So I have that going for me.

For anyone who is interested, you can check out Lisa's store here.  What about you, have you gotten any great deals lately or found a great new place to shop?

I will be away for a week or so, so if I don't comment or answer you back as quickly as normal it's because I'll be staring at the ocean sipping some wine on a much needed break!

Talk to you all soon,


  1. Hey Tracy, I don't know if you knew that you can buy Spongeables from These are ahndy little things (:

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean with your last comment on my blog? 0=

  2. I've gotten those pedi-scrubs at Save On Foods. Take a look for them there.
    Glad you got some good deals!

  3. The keratase hair mask looks nice xx

  4. I don't watch anyone on YouTube now and never will... because they just make me want to buy things. Not that bloggers don't but the effect are quite different. Personal choice!

    Blog shops are a good way to get some deals though. I'm sure you can make that Becca tint work!

  5. YAY!! I have been waiting to see your Lisa haul!! Love the pedi scrub spongeable! In fact I need to go get a new one soon! And I officially need to try Kerastase products. If you love then I know I'll love too!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. You got some great products! I really want to try a Kerastase mask.

  7. Please do a review on the hair mask!! Awesome goodies!

  8. Gaby - I didn't know that thank you! and I meant those photos would be scary on their own ;)

    Tracy - We don't have Save On in Calgary, at least not that I'm aware's an Edmonton thang, but good to know they're there!

    Miss LV - It is, and smells divine :)

    Liz - They definitely don't watch Lisa b/c she makes me want to own things I have never heard of before! I'm trying with that tint :)

    Jayme - You can make the Kerastase last if you use it every 2nd wash or hair dresser recommended that as it is supposed to be good for a few washes. Let me know if you try it!

    Marie - You should, I highly recommend. I'll review the two I have soon :)

    Eugenia - Definitely I will do that soon..I own two of them now, different varieties :)

  9. Great goodies dear! I will check out her channel! xx

  10. Have fun on your trip and post some pictures of your vacation. :)

  11. I loveeee the Kerastase hair mask! I use it weekly!

  12. I love me some Lisa Lisa D1 - Contemplating picking up her new tshirt ;)

  13. Tracy! I just gave your blog an award, I hope it gets you to come back to blogging! Miss you! - Mrs WASP

  14. So in love of this! do you wanna follow each other?:X

  15. those are some pretty awesome finds!

    Glass of Fashion

  16. I have wanted the spongeables too! They look great. Plus, thanks for sharing Lisa's info. I am so going to check her out


  17. The Lavender and Tea Trea Pedi-Scrub are now available at Shoppers Drug Mart, as well as London Drugs
    Shoppers Drug Mart more here:

  18. iv'e tried the spongables and i love them! hopefully you will too :)

  19. I Love LisaLisaD1. She is a wonderful lady with a heart of gold. People (haters) are very hard on her for the way she spends HER money. Frankly, it no ones business. You don't like it, dont watch. I have bought quite a few items from her blog. You can definitely get some great deals in her 'gently used' section. I bought a bracket that retails for $105 for $60! Gotta love it"


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