Friday, November 5, 2010

Beauty bargains - My top ten E.L.F. cosmetics part 2

Continuing on with my previous post (see part one here), here are the final five products in my top 10 E.L.F. list.  All product photos are once again taken from their website but are all products that I own. 

6)    Studio Blush $3.00
I have Tickled Pink and Candid Coral, both have great pigmentation so you don’t need much product to get a great result. Tickled pink is a nice flattering pink and close to what you’d imagine a color with this name to be.  Candid Coral is less coral than I thought & has quite a bit of pink in it but still lovely. Both have a slight shimmer but nothing overwhelming. The packaging of these blushes is so great, little window on top to see the color inside as well as a helpful little mirror inside.  Great little blushes

7)    Essentials Shimmering Facial Whip $1.00
I have Toasted – a brownish taupe color, Pink lemonade – a glossy pearly pink and Spotlight – a pearly white hue.  Comes in small easy to use tubes.  I use my fingers to blend these on the tops of my cheekbones or wherever you want a nice highlight. A little goes a long way so go easy.  I like to use the spotlight under my foundation for a nice glow.  Pink lemonade won a 2008 Allure best of beauty award but for my $1, Toasted is my favorite

8)    Essential Eye Shadow Brush $1.00
I can’t say enough great things about this eye shadow brush and how much I love to use it.  It is soft and just dense enough, packs on powder really well and I find myself reaching for it every day.  I need to get at least two more ‘just in case’ brushes.  You will love it, don’t hesitate to get it.

9)    Bath & Body body lotion in Vanilla Coconut $4.00
This lotion smells beyond amazing.  If you are into vanilla or coconut, or both, you must try this.  The lotion itself is quite thick but not so much that it doesn’t absorb well.  I love how my skin feels after I put it on and I love how I smell even more.  The smell doesn’t last forever but that just gives me a good excuse to re-apply.  I usually get tired of a lotion half way thru the bottle but not this one.  I’m almost done my first tube & have already bought a second.  If you want soft skin that smells great, try this.

10)    Studio Bronzers $3.00
What can I say, I love this bronzer.  I have the Golden, which is a shimmery blend of champagne, golden & bronze shades.  The shimmer is there but it’s not over the top, and happily it does not appear glittery on your face.  It is perfect to use as a highlight when swirled together or you can experiment with using each color on their own.  Fun to play with & gorgeous results. I plan on getting the other two color combinations & am really interested to try the cool bronzer, which is matte.  You can’t go wrong with this. 

  Given the prices it might be something you want to check out for Christmas gifts (yes it’s getting to be that time).  These would make great stocking stuffers or even a present for yourself.  For those new to their site, they always have some sort of sale or promotion ongoing, or you can google ELF coupon codes to find a deal. 

There are many other products I plan to try so you may not see your favorite E.L.F. product on this list.  The one downside with this company is their shipping.  They tend to be slow (at least 2 weeks to receive an order) and their shipping costs are high.  Just something to keep in mind when ordering, as you may want to combine an order with a friend to keep it more affordable. 

I’d be curious to hear what your top E.L.F. choices are, so please feel free to share.  


  1. e.l.fs studio blush is my favorite I adore Candid Coral!

  2. I'm wearing it today Amber! I'm constantly amazed that these are $3.

  3. I love the Golden bronzer too!!! Such great products by elf! Love the brand, love the price!!!

  4. I know the bronzers truly can't be beat for the money! I can't wait to try the cool one. I'm off to the States next week & am hoping I might get lucky and find some there. Fingers crossed.

  5. Ahhh! why haven't I loved many of my elf products? I do like their studio line though, I find it to be better quality than the other line. Maybe I just need to try a couple more of these recommend items (which is probably what I will do! haha) Thanks for the review! :)

  6. Well that's not to say that there isn't ELF products that I don't fact maybe I'll have to do a post on that. But honestly I've had more good than bad experiences with their products.

  7. I love the eyeshadow brush and use it EVERY SINGLE DAY. its perfect! i also have the facial whip and use it all summer under my foundation in the same shade you do! i love it!

    xoxo Inna :)

  8. I red a lot of good words about that brush - I want to try it as well:)

  9. Supergirl - You can't go wrong with that brush, I don't think I've heard one person say that they can't find a good use for it!


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