Monday, November 29, 2010

Florida Haul

In the spirit of shopping, I'm back with some details on what I bought in Florida, which by the way has some crazy gorgeous beaches and yachts that are bigger than anything I've seen in my life.  But I digress. 

Sephora Glitz & Glam kit  
This one had some items I couldn't resist!  There will be
a few posts on this kit and a rave of at least one item in here coming soon

Laura Mercier mineral powder foundation

Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel primer/foundation
A total spur of the moment purchase, review coming

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation 
You can not get this yet where I live in Canada (that I've seen) & I've been curious to try it.  

OPI Nail Envy
This is one of my holy grail items and I got this for a steal! This is all I pretty much ever use on my fingernails.  In Canada this costs about $21-$22 a bottle, which is insane.  In the States it was $16.50 and I found a salon that was selling these as kits with lotion & cuticle gel for %50 $8.25 each, crazy!  So I of course got 3.  So exciting. 

Wet N Wild Holiday palettes
These eyeshadows are raved about on youtube & are apparently hard to find.  Imagine my excitement when I found them, review pending.

Revlon lip gloss in Peach Petal
I really was excited to find this as I've never been able to find it in Canada.  This is one of those colors that has been much talked about & is a light creamy color that goes well on top of just about anything.  So far, I'm loving it and wish I had bought two.  

Essence of beauty crease brushes
I bought these because of a recommendation by Emilynoel83.  They were under $5 for two of them.  I can take some more pictures & post them if anyone is interested but basically these are smaller crease brushes, which are great for applying crease or outer 'v' colors.  I really like them - and not just because Emily does too :)

Covergirl Trublend Mineral Blush in Shimmering Sands
I must have a thing for glowing, shimmering, etc. right now because I seem to be drawn to these types of things.  This is a huge container of product that was marked down to $4.99, likely being discontinued.  It's a very light peachy pink color that I haven't used enough to form an opinion about yet.  I will say I wish I could send you all a sample because I will never get through this by myself.  

Milani Powder Blush in Luminous
This is the lightest color they sell and appears goldish pink in the container.  I put it on & can only see gold, not at all pink or blush in color, it's very odd.  I don't think I'll grab for this that often, because it really isn't a blush.  
Milani Liquif'eye Eye liner

I've only used one of these, I bought both black & brown, review pending.

EOS lip balm in lemon
I thought you couldn't get these in Canada but apparently Shoppers is now carrying them, although I'm sure they were much cheaper in the States.  They are really nothing special, the hype is pretty much un-deserved in my opinion.  They do smell delicious though & are fun to try so if you can find them at a price you like, I say go for it. 

Vaseline Cocoa butter vitalizing gel body oil 
I had heard this was great for dry skin so I decided I had to have some for the winter, and better yet it has that wonderful coconut, beach scent.  You don't need much of this or you'll be feeling like a bit of a greaseball.

ELF items
I found a few things I don't want to detail too much here because they are stocking
stuffers for certain people who may be reading this.  I also picked up another $1 ELF total face brush as mine was showing some wear & tear.  I wish I could find the brushes in stores in Canada, would make life so much easier.  

Well that's enough rambling for now.  I also got some cute Vera Wang sunglasses, a purse, a ring and some clothes but enough already right? Let me know if you want reviews on anything here.  

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  1. Wow!!What a gorgeous haul!!All of them look fabulous!!
    I've heard so much good reviews for Maybeline mousse and those WnW palettes!!Want them badly!!


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