Monday, May 2, 2011

Review - Tarte Lock & Roll 12 hour eyeshadow!

Do you ever put things away to try later and then forget you own them?  Yah, me neither.  Okay maybe just this once, with the Tarte Lock & Roll 12 hour eyeshadow.  This came with my Glitz & Glam kit that I got in November.  I put it with my other products to be tested, but this rolled under something else and I didn't re-discover it until recently.  It was all rather exciting actually, almost like I had just been shopping but without the money drain!  

Here is what Tarte tells you about this product; 

Unlike traditional cream shadows that crease and smudge, this new twist on the makeup artist trick is waterproof and creaseproof. The matching loose shadow in a roller ball applicator easily glides over cream shadow to lock color in and add luminosity so color lasts all day.
The ingredients contain mineral pigments & vitamin E and are formulated without mineral oil & petrolatum, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and sodium lauryl sulfates.  They are cruelty free and dermatologist tested.

Here's what it looks like, I have it in the colour bronze; 

My thoughts on this product; 
This is pretty goof proof to apply.  The cream comes with a little brush & other reviews have mentioned that it would be easier to use with a doe foot applicator, and I agree with that.  
It's not too bad thou, I just swiped a bit on my lid and used my finger to blend it.  You do have to work somewhat quickly to blend before this dries, but it gives you plenty of time before it sets. 

I shake the rollerball a bit just to get the product down to the end and then do the same thing, swipe it over the cream shadow and use my finger or a brush to tap it on and then blend it out with a blending brush.
I think the point is to get the powder on while the cream shadow is still setting up and a bit tacky.  But then that's it, you're done.  

The swatches; 
Bottom to Top: Cream alone, Shadow alone, Both together

Another set of swatches with the colors blended out a bit more;
Bottom to Top same order as above

You can see that they are less shimmery and intense when blended out, which I personally prefer.  But if you are really going for that dramatic look, you can also easily achieve that as well.  

Although I haven't actually worn this shadow for a full 12 hours yet, I've worn them all day and found that these have great staying power & didn't crease on me.  There was a slight bit of fading, and some of the shimmer did stray a bit by the end of the day, but nothing 
dramatic.  You can also really sheer this out to make it completely appropriate for a daytime look and decrease the amount of shimmer.  Blend this up into the crease, and this is the only shadow you would need for the day.  

You can also experiment with layering other shadows overtop, which I haven't done a lot of yet.  I did wear the cream one day and just added a little Wet n Wild Brulee to my inner eyelid, which turned out great.  I also think the cream on it's own with a little mascara, would be great for that 'I just got off the beach now let's go out to dinner', look.  The only thing I wonder about is how this will last in the heat, not completely sure about that one.  I also think the shimmer could stray a bit more in the warmer months, but time will tell.  For now, I really like this eyeshadow and would definitely consider getting it in other shades.  

There are seven different shades currently available, which you can see here.  These are available for $17 for 0.14oz of cream/0.05oz of powder, and can be purchased at Sephora or through Tarte Cosmetics.  

What do you think, have any of you tried these shadows?


  1. never tried this type of eyeshadows before! thanks for sharing! :)

    MisskatV Beauty Straight Forwards

  2. I've never tried these but always wanted to. I think it would be great to take on holidays.

  3. I love the color and pigmentation! I haven't tried any Tarte makeup yet...

  4. I have a couple of these roll eyeshadows and they didn't work on me I really hope you have better luck =)

    thanks for stopping by and leaving sweet comment on my office so sweet =)

  5. I have this in Rose Gold and like the product in theory but find I'm not all that crazy about it. Maybe it's the colour or the texture, or that I just haven't advanced beyond traditional powder/cream. Maybe I should give it another try!

  6. Thanks ladies, I really have to try some more Tarte products especially those amazonian blushes!
    Sorry to hear they didn't work for you Candy :)
    Liz for some reason I don't think to grab for this that often...I have to remind myself that it's there, not sure why either :)

  7. This is an interesting product, do you think you'll be reaching for it more often than traditional shadows?

  8. these look so pretty! i am a sucker for duo's!

  9. I really like that shade! I like that it didn't crease and has good staying power. Thanks for the review!

  10. I love your reviews! They're always so thorough. I am a huge fan of anything bronze colored so this is beautiful


  11. I've read a lot of blog reviews about tarte products but I've not seen it in the shops yet. Or maybe I am looking at the wrong places.
    This colour suits you more than it would suit me. I dont generally suit bronzey goldy browny colours with my yellow skintone

  12. I love cream shadows and surprisingly haven't heard about this tarte product before. I love the look of the cream shadow alone (although its also pretty with the powder on top). Lasting all day is great. Lately my UDPP and paint pot haven't been living up to their claims and Im having a hard time keeping my shadow on. Will definitely be checking these out when I am done with my P10P. Thanks for the swatches.


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