Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shiny, smooth, frizz free hair anyone? Review of Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum!

So my hair salon recently started carrying a number of new lines to tempt me with, including Kerastase.  I have heard nothing but raves for this line and how it can restore even the most damaged hair to a glorious shiny mane.  My hair dresser loves it & because she knows my love of all things product, she samples different things from their line on me each time I go see her.  Just a reminder about my hair type.  I have fairly thin, dry, color treated hair but plenty of it, so it appears thicker than it is.  It has some natural wave to it & it can get large if I don't work to tame it down.  

One of things my stylist used on me was the Oleo Relax Serum.  This is what it looks like.  

She applied about 2 pumps of the serum to her hands and then worked it through my hair, primarily to the mid shaft and ends, just before blow drying.  You can actually use this on both damp or dry hair.  I've read that people have great results either way and you have to do some experimenting to see what works best for you.  I have only used this on damp hair so far, so I can't comment on using it dry.   Also my own experimentation has found I can use 1-2 pumps.  I think the recommended amount is 2-4, but I would definitely work up to that as it could make your hair shiny for all the wrong reasons. 

This does have a distinct scent to it.   Ready for this one?  Okay to me it smells like a cross between suntan lotion and roses.  I'm sure that was exactly how they hoped one would describe it, because who wouldn't pair those two things..... I would certainly try & give this a sniff before buying it, because the scent is distinct and does linger in your hair.  

So what were the results....pretty flipping amazing.  My hair felt so incredibly silky and smooth, without any straight ironing or additional help.  For even better results I only need to do a little round brushing while blow drying.  That gives me a smooth, salon like finish.  Admittedly I've used other serums that have produced similar results.....

But the biggest difference is that this lasts until you next wash your hair.  With this in, my hair stays smooth & relatively frizz free pretty much no matter what I throw at it...exercise, weather, sleep, etc.  It's that good.   In fact, it's been raining here all week and normally this would pouf out my hair in no time.  Not so with this.  My hair actually stayed smooth & sleek, even with the weather.   

I have never had this kind of lasting result with another serum, cream, leave in conditioner, etc.  Nev-ah.  And this is a girl who has tried A LOT of hair products.  I will unfortunately want to re-purchase this, because I can't imagine living without it. 

I say unfortunately because here's the not so good.  This is quite pricey, at least I think so.  This cost $41CDN for this 125ml bottle.  Now granted this is a great great serum that will last me quite awhile, but it is expensive and worth considering.  Actually the whole Kerastase line is quite expensive, so you may not want to go falling in love with their line if this isn't in your budget.  For me it's too late, but you can still save yourself. 

So what do you think, will you try any of the Kerastase line or do you think $41 is a ridiculous amount to pay for a hair product?  What is your favourite hair serum?


  1. I've paid more for products I liked less. If it works as well as this does for you I'd pay a lot more...

  2. I love love love Kerastase products, esp their serums! :) Def gives my hair the nutrition it needs!

  3. Cool!! My salon started carrying this line as well, so I bought some of the curly hair line. I'm glad you found something that works this well!
    Liz had better get this stuff! :)

  4. Oh no! I was getting so tempted by this until you said the price. I've fallen in love with a few other pricey hair products over the past few months; I can't afford to fall in love with another one :P

  5. Yes, Liz had better get this stuff! It sounds PERFECT! Thank you, Tracy D, for this amazing review!!! I've been wanting to try Kerastase forever and have been trying to decide which product to start with. I totally trust your judgment and will grab a bottle of this ASAP!

  6. I had this one serum from Kerastase - it was adorable! I will repurchase it again:)

  7. Have a look at, I think they have lower prices and they ship free worldwide. I love that shop!

  8. Thanks for the comments ladies, I feel better about myself hearing that you don't think it's an outrageous purchase. Caitlin I can totally appreciate what you mean, don't let me tempt you.

    Liz & Tracy you crack me up...yes Liz had better get it, and I hope you love it!

  9. It's so expensive : ( I haven't tried the line because of that reason but hey, I pay just as much for Morroccanoil! Welcome back! And I hope the new job is going well : )

  10. This serum wins alot of "beauty faves", think I've used it in salons but never purchased due to price. But if it works that well than I'd splurge.

  11. I've been having hair issues in this crazy desert dryness. My hair has lost its shine and because of the curl, seems to look frizzy a lot. Except of course in the monsoon season when the humidity makes me look like a strawberry blond Donna Summers, very sexy, not. Does this straighten your hair or just give it a shine and smoothing curl? Have you used it with other products? I use a curl lotion and wonder if I can use them together.


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