Friday, August 5, 2011

Holidays and Shopping - does it get any better?

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Hi all, just a quick note to say we're off on holidays.  Off for a little r&r and oh perhaps a bit of cross border shopping (*I heart you so much right now Canadian $).   Who can resist a Target!  Oh and I will be making my very first Ulta trip...which I'm so excited about.  I love me a value kit, so we'll see what I come home with.  Maybe something like this....
Or this....

Or depending how much I spend, this....

 If you have any suggestions for 'must haves' please let me know....all ideas welcome!

If anyone is interested I'll post about my purchases when we get back.  But who am I kidding,  whether you tell me you're interested or not I'll likely post about my purchases when we get back.  

Talk to you soon!



  1. Have fun especially at ulta! I want one near me so badly!!

  2. Have fun cross boarder shopping! I'd love to check out ulta one day...i've never seen one in all the times I've been to the states!??
    and yes please DO post your pics of purchases!!!

  3. Have a blast! And yes, I am a BIG fan of ULTA. You'll love it!!

  4. Hey girl!! Have fun on your holiday!!! YAY for Target and Ulta!! You know we can't wait to see what you get!! Well of course we are going to recommend the Urban Decay Naked Palette or the 15th Anniversary Palette. And Mendi has gotten the Benefit Finding Mr. Bright kit and loved it. And we both just got the Laura Geller kit - just filmed a Ulta haul video that's going up soon. And Ulta has great nail polishes so check out the new OPI Touring collection - just came out.
    Happy shopping!! Keep us posted!
    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. You definitely need to pick up some brands that are not easily found in Canada! Go nuts and enjoy! Have a fabulous fabulous time!! :D

  6. Happy shopping! And um, YES I want you to post about what you bought! Have a great holiday!

  7. you know what, I'm not in to any of those value kits. If you're going to Ulta, I say get the Tarte True Blood Pallet. It works out to be something like $3.00 an eye shadow that is .07oz each. For reference a MAC eye shadow is only .05 oz each and MUFE is .08 oz each.

  8. okay get on back and spill your target finds!


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