Sunday, August 28, 2011

First shopping report!

So here is the first look at some of my state-side purchases.  I thought I'd start with the clothes because that seems to be easier than the 'product'.   Let's start by saying that Mr. J was admirably patient with me but had I had a bit more time on my own, I likely would have done more damage than I already did.

So this is the haul in it's entirety, it might not look like a lot (or maybe it looks like an obscene amount) but it took me for.freaking.ever just to get the tags off everything.  Speaking of which, when did we decide we needed to weave the tags thru the seams in such a way as to make them annoying.  And why do we need more than one tag and maybe a sticker on two on clothing?  Let's just knock it off already with the stickers and finicky tags.

I now realize I could have done a much better job showing you what I bought, but it's too late for all that.  I've since washed & put everything away so this will have to do.  I apologize that this isn't easier to see!

I did take some close ups of a few of my favourite things.  I don't know what it is with Americans and baby blue sweaters but these were both marked down & down & down until I got them for literally next to nothing.  No one likes baby blue?  The one on the left was $5 and the one on the right, which has kind of a ruffled silky seam on the front, was $2.50.  *gasps*  How could I not buy them.  Plus this Canadian girl loves this color, so I was thrilled.  I mean, come on!

This next picture makes me smile just looking at it.  These are the Mossimo t-shirts from Target (Tarjay) that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  If you don't have one of these t-shirts, run to your nearest Target *if you have a nearest Target I'm officially envious* and get yourself one or seven.  These were $5 each and are the softest thing ever.  It's a thin t-shirt that looks and feels like you've washed it a million times.  I have one that has lasted well over 5 years now and has held up great, so I'm hoping these will too.  But even if they don't, they are only $5!  I only got two of them and now I'm wondering what the heck I was thinking.
I walk into Target and I get overwhelmed.  I'm so excited to be there and everything looks like something I want/need that I can't think straight.

Like these crates...we bought 3 of these ( I also got one from Wal-mart)  They were so handy for packing up all our purchases & I just am positive I needed them all.  They come in great colors too!

And this was only $5.  How could I leave it there.  It is one of those slouchy bags but with some good compartments inside that would make a good work bag or just kicking around bag.

Another favourite store is Kohls, but I actually hit that one on our last day and was almost shopped out by this point.  Terrible mistake I won't make again.  I was kind of over trying anything on but I did get one of my blue cardigans there.  I also got some great shirts for Mr. J, who was so over shopping by this time that he was back at the hotel.  One of my other favourite buys from Kohls was this ring.

It's one of those great oversize rings that I love and I already know where I'm first going to wear it.  Love!

Other than that I bought a few of those silky banded blousy shirts at Macys, and a couple of pairs of work pants, some capris, some sweater sets and some pajamas - including a soft, soft nightshirt with martini glasses all over it.   Speaking of which have any of you tried this before?

It might be a little cheesy but I really am curious to try it.  For those of you not familiar, this is a bottle of Skinnygirl Margerita made by one of the original Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel.  I've never seen this here in Canada, or at least where I live so I grabbed a bottle.  I'll let you know what I think.

And finally I love going through grocery stores and buying treats *read junk* we don't have at home.  These are things that I may or may not even buy if we had them here, but are so alluring to me because I can't get them readily.  Which applies to pretty much everything in life doesn't it.

Believe me...there was more but it just gets a little ridiculous.  Oh and I know I can get club soda here but those little bottles they come in make me feel like I'm in the movies or something.

I'll be back (hopefully soon) with my next installment!


  1. Great haul!! I've been wanted to try the Skinny girl margaritas too!...I cannot wait for target to come to Canada, it can't come soon enough.
    Now I want a trip to Montana for some cross-boarder shopping-badly!

  2. What a great haul! I'm curious about that bottle of Skinnygirl Margerita, I love the packaging!

  3. The States have such great deals. We're so limited here in Canada! I can't wait to see your beauty haul. ;)

  4. Nice haul! I love me some cross-border shopping!! I feel the same way you do when I walk into a Target-I want everything!

  5. You got great stuff! Love those t-shirts from Target. Don't hate me but there are three Target's within about 10 minutes of my house. That's how we do it in the US - everything in the extreme! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. It might not look like a lot? It looks like a ton! Great haul!
    Let us know how that Skinny Girl martini is as soon as you try it!! I've seen it and thought how good it looked.

  7. Nice haul! Isn't Target the best?? Can't wait until we get it in Canada. Love the ring you bought,too : )

  8. I've tried the skinny girl margarita and it's ok. I'm pretty picky about my margaritas and this one definitely tasted "diet". Oh well, I see where the appeal is though. Love the clothes and I'm kind of upset for you that you don't have Target. Did you manage to get any of their shoes? They're really cute and good quality for how affordable they are.

  9. Let us know what you think of the Skinny Girl. I'm curios what you will think. I've had it twice - once it was good and once it was bad but I'm thinking the bottle had gone bad.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. I love the little bottles of tonic too. It makes my gin and tonics seem a little more sophisticated. And yes, Target is great but I have to say I miss Tim Hortens, Shoppers Drug Mart and Canadian Tire. I mean there's nowhere to get my antifreeze, a toaster and a sleeping bag at the same place! Come on.

  11. Sorry I've been a little slow to answer comments, a few thoughts/remarks:

    Yes I'm jealous all you Target live'r by'ers..and multiple Targets, so not fair.
    Haven't tried the Skinny Girl yet, I'm thinking this weekend..I'll let you know!
    No I unfortunately had no luck with shoes this was bizarre, either they didn't have my size or it just wasn't what I was looking for. All the reason to go back :)
    And Carmen, yes those are good to but Target sells all those things too..nice try thou.

  12. Great Haul! Can't wait to see some of it.

  13. I WANT TO KNOW HOW SKINNY GIRL IS!!!!!!!!! Please tell me it is going to be awesome and that you so recommend me indulging!!!!!


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