Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stateside Product Haul!

So I'm back with my product haul from our recent trip to the States.  Looking thru the pictures and going thru my stuff I realize that there isn't as much 'makeup' necessarily and just more overall product.  Truly I think I just have so much more than I need and so I really haven't felt the need to buy much more makeup.  Not that I NEEDed anything Lord knows, but you get what I mean.  Anyway, on with the photos!

Well so it turns out that a few trips to Walmart, Target, drugstores eventually adds up.  See why I needed the crates?

I went a little nuts with concealers on this trip.  There are a few here that I have been wanting to try but couldn't get my hands on...hello Glamoflauge you are finally mine!  Also we have very limited ELF products here so I grabbed a few things from Target that I hadn't tried, like the makeup wipes, highlighter/concealer, cream eye liner.  I'll do a seperate ELF post because I had also placed an order shortly before our holidays. *didn't she just say she wasn't buying as much makeup lately*  There are other things here I can certainly get in Canada but the prices are just so much better in the States, that Almay mascara was $3.99 on sale!

I'm drawn like a moth to a flame by anything 'travel size' and Tarjay has the most amazing travel section ever.  Mr. J & I spent about 1/2 hr just holding things up and going 'look at this'.  Hence the little Shout wipes, Tide pen, Qtip containers, extra shower poufs, etc.  The Wet n Wild trio is Silent Treatment, which I've been wanting forever but couldn't find here.  And,'s okay but the shadows have a bit more shimmer than I was expecting, so I doubt I'll use it much.  

The Yes to line is a bit harder to find here, I've only used the Yes to Carrots and I really liked their daily moisturizer.  That Yes to Blueberry eye roller is fairly new and is meant to lighten and brighten your under eye area.  I've tested it a bit already and so far I haven't really noticed anything but it does feel soothing and cooling when I put it on.  That makeup brush is a Sonia Kashuk small powder brush from Target. It reminds me of the Sigma F05 that I love and is very similar.  If you don't have it, it's a great brush for applying highlighter or even blush and is definitely one I'd recommend.  

I had read about those new Softsoap bar soaps on another blog and I spotted them when I was there, so just couldn't leave them behind.  I love both the coconut & pomegranate scents and am so happy to have them.  Also Emilynoel 83 raves about that Tresemme hair spray.  I saw it for $3.99 on sale, for that huge can so I just had to grab it.  

See again..this is why we needed the crates.  Oh and I forgot to mention the Victoria Secret scents.  I got one Love Spell, which I know some people think is a young girl sweet scent but I don't care..I have loved it for years and still wear it from time to time.  Also I picked up the Lost in Fantasy spray & body wash.  This is a new one for me, it's a Brazilian orchid & kiwi scent and is delicious smelling, love!

Okay so one last little haul from Ulta left and then I'm done with my 'see what I bought' posts. I have that one almost ready to go so I'll post it in the next few days.  Hopefully these are more interesting than they are obnoxious.

And I wonder why I came home exhausted?


  1. What a gigantic haul! You got some Yes To... Really want to try some of their products sometimes (:

  2. Awesome haul Tracy!! I can hardly wait for reviews and to see the Ulta haul too! I love the travel section at Target as well-I always get a couple of the mini bath puffs to travel with.

  3. Ohmygod, look at all that. I haven't seen so many products since... well, since the last time I went to the States. lol They do have such better deals there. I'm also a sucker for travel-size products. They're so cute. How can we resist?!?

  4. Love this haul!! We just tried some Elf products recently and really like them. Travel's like an addiction. Our Bed Bath & Beyond has a massive travel size section. I like to stand in it even if I don't my anything. My husband doesn't get it:-)

    Jayme @ HLNC

    Can't wait for the Ulta haul.

  5. Holy Shizz you got a lot of stuff! I picked up Glamaflauge when I was in the states in May but I still haven't used it. I'm waiting to finish the Cle de Peau concealer I picked up that same trip : ) Great haul!

  6. Yes gigantic aka a little overboard right? So glad I'm not alone in my travel size obsession. Truly, who can resist...

  7. I had no idea a person could buy this much product. I have so much to learn . . . teach me thy ways.

  8. well done! Great haul of so many fun and useful products. Good LORD do they have a lot of stuff in the US that we don't have here!


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