Monday, September 12, 2011

My first Ulta shopping trip!

When I thought about my first trip to Ulta I imagined it so much differently.  I pictured spending hours leisurely wandering up and down the aisles, drooling over all the little Ulta exclusives and scoring some hard to find items.

It was that.  First, I made a strategic planning error in leaving this as our last stop of the day.  And when I say 'our' I mean me and Mr. J...which brings me to my second error.  Mr. J had just spent hours patiently reading his new magazines in the food court of the mall, only to be rewarded by a trip to Ulta.  Also it was about 100 degrees out so and there was no great places to wait so Mr. J found a bench and I went inside to spend a frenzied 20 minutes.  And here's what I grabbed.

I didn't realize that Ulta was like a combination of a drugstore & Sephora, with a ton of hair products in between.  Turns out this is the only Ulta for Spokane and area so I was more than disappointed to find most of the great gift sets I wanted were sold out.  The Lorac one hurt the most!

Anyway the Pro lab brush is one I saw on a few youtube videos so I was excited to get it.  I have used it a few times already and I do love it, the ceramic works well to keep the frizz down in my hair.  Also that Rusk leave in conditioner was on sale and it's been a long time since I've seen it.  It also works well to smooth my hair so I grabbed one.  I also got the Redken blown away travel size heat protectant gel.  Those will make great stocking stuffers, they smell amazing and hopefully work great too.  Haven't tried mine yet.

I was excited to find the new OPI Touring America kits, which debut their new fall colors.  In my frantic'ness I got two for the nieces and none for me.  NONE FOR ME.  The NYX blush is my first one if you can believe.  I wanted another color (Angel) which they didn't have so I settled of Peach.  It is pretty but it's fairly light and doesn't show up that well on my skin.  I wish I would have grabbed one of their cream blushes instead.  The Anastasia travel size eyebrow brush was a great find.  I paid $18 for this little brush but it's well worth it to me.  I got my original one in an Anastasia brow kit years ago and I love it, it's my go to brush every day.  Mine is starting to show it's wear & tear so I wanted to replace it - such an exciting find!

Again, these Stila kits are for the nieces.  These are things I can get here but I haven't seen the Living the Life in Laguna one at my Sephora and I loved the colors in it.  I also managed to remember to get one of these for myself.  These are also cheaper in the States than they are here so totally justifiable.

The lip glazes are for the I'm a good aunt.  But on a happy note I'm almost done my Christmas shopping for those girls.

Finally I had no idea that Ulta carried their own line of body wash, lotions, etc.  They had a bogo sale on  for these so I couldn't resist.  I wish I had smell-a-blog right now because I'm telling you that these smell amazing.  If you like that vanilla/coconut/buttercream frosting scent you will love the smell of this lotion. The body wash is one for the satsuma/citrus scent fans - fabulous smelling.

So that is it.  It was honestly a little disappointing just given how rushed I was and how many things they were sold out of.  *thank you Mr. J for being so patient-cause I can just hear him now saying, I didn't want you to rush*   I also wanted the Laura Gellar Balance & Brighten but they didn't have my shade, Benefit's Finding Mr. Bright kit..and so on.

Anyway it just means I will have to experience Ulta again, which isn't a bad thing right?

So that's it for my numerous haul posts.  Hopefully you enjoyed them.  I will be giving you my thoughts on some of things I got in the next few weeks & months, so far there have been a few disappointments but all in all not bad.  Also, I am over the buyers remorse I always get when I spend crazy amounts of money shopping in the States.  I always have that moment of panic when I want to return everything I bought and just scurry back home.  The boy already talked me down from that ledge, so it's all good now.

Did you get anything exciting recently?  Or anything where you experienced buyers remorse, because that might be even more fun to hear about.  Kidding *not really*.

Talk to you soon!


  1. Damn! You did some major damage. I love Ulta! <3

  2. Hahahahaha, the references to poor Mr. J crack me up!

    I can just picture you tearing up Ulta. I imagine it'll be the same for me when the time comes -- I've never stepped foot in one yet!

    You're such a good relative, thinking of others when you should be thinking ONLY of yourself with 20 mins in Ulta! ;) Glad you had fun and scored such great deals!

  3. NIce haul for 20 minutes girl!! Impressive work when you are frantic I have to say! You'll have to review that NYX blush for me. I don't have one of those-yet. :)

  4. I love Ulta! I blogged about my first Ulta experience as well, and like you, I had no idea it was a mix of drugstore and high end. I had visited Sephora before Ulta, so I thought Ulta was going to be like Sephora lol I was kind of overwhelmed, but I love it. I really like the things you got also! You're gonna get addicted shopping there :)

  5. Oh what I would have given to be your sidekick for your supermarket sweep-esque Ulta rampage. I am an Ulta junkie, my girlfriend and I try to make it there each time we hang out. We do damage in small amounts...less for the husbands to notice. ;-)

  6. You are the best aunt ever! :-) Aw, and your hubby sounds awesome for "hanging out" while you shopped even if it was only 20 mins. :-) That stinks though that a lot of what you wanted were sold old. We just hate that!
    Can't wait to see what you get when you have longer than 20 mins in that store! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. That's a really nice haul considering you had 20 "rushed" minutes!!

  8. You are a good aunt! lol :)

    It was so nice of you to get those for them!

  9. You got some great items and great gifts for your nieces!

  10. yyyyyaaaaaaaaayyyyyy ULTA! PS follow me on my beauty blog:


  11. Thanks all, I AM a good Auntie and I remind them of that constantly :) Yes I'm looking forward to hitting another one soon and spend wayyyy more than 20 minutes. Tracy I can NOT believe I have a blush that you don't. I'll do some swatches & a quick review soon!

  12. We don't have ULTA here as far as I know ): What a great haul! I have yet to try some Stila!

  13. You killed it. Ulta's not that far from my house. I need a brush. And that Stila set is calling is the OPI. Is any of that stuff left?? I've been in the damn dark!


  14. Thanks for the recs in Vegas! We can't wait to get there! And I want to play the slots (I like to pronounce that the sluts - heard it like that in a movie once and it stuck) :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  15. Oh, and one more thing...

    We just added you to our 'Blogs We Love List' was long overdue! We're happy to share the love your way! ;)

    XOXO ~
    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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