Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today's the day!

Tonight Mr. J and I are off to watch my friend Michelle get married.  She's had a long, and sometimes difficult road, that she's travelled to get here.  I'm so truly happy for her and her husband to be.

Michelle and I have history.  The kind of history where you can lose touch for months at a time and then pick up again as if you've just seen each other.  The kind where we have stories to tell and secrets we keep.  The kind where you can say a few words to each other and you just know what it means.  The kind where you've spent so many years together, that you've seen each other thru life's ups and some of life's hardest moments.  The kind of history that is treasured.

So today we celebrate, a truly special moment in life.  I wish her much love...



  1. Awww, congratulations to your friend on her special day. <3

  2. Great post. I have friends like that...won't see them for a year but pick up right where we left off when we get together. Congratulations to your friend. Hope you had a great time at the wedding.

  3. Congratulations to your friend! I have a couple of friends like that, too. They're the best!

  4. Congrats to your friend!! Hope she has a wonderful day.

  5. Enjoy the night! i'm sure it will be beautiful! And good luck to your's an exciting time! Did she end up selecting a wedding scent?

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. Aww, that was so sweet :') Congrats to your friend, and may she have a long life full of health and happiness with her man! I only wish I had a friend like that.

  7. Thanks all and it was a beautiful night. Perfect weather, they got married at sunset with a view of our downtown skyline in the background. She looked gorgeous and was just so happy, calm and relaxed. Oh and Jayme & Mendi she chose 'CLEAN'...a nice fresh scent, it suits her well :)

  8. Thank you T, it meant the world to us to have you & Mr. J there! I was amazingly calm - weirdly calm, but just so damn happy. You and I have been friends a long time but having recently reconnected has brought me such happiness. You are an incredible friend, talented woman and a person I am so proud & happy to have in my life. Thank you for everything!


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