Monday, September 27, 2010

Could this be one of the best hair sprays – L’Oreal Elnett satin hair spray

Reason I purchased this hair spray:

A lot of buzz online that this was one of the best hair sprays for a ‘natural look’
Reviews said that this hair spray would leave your hair shiny and would also allow you to brush through your hair yet still retain the style & hold
I may or may not have seen a picture of a Kardashian sister loading bottles of this hair spray into her shopping basket

About my hair:

Color treated and fine but lots of it
Just beyond shoulder length
Tends to get a little dry and frizzy

Was this one of the best hair sprays I’ve used:

Can’t say it was.

After spraying I let it dry and it looked like I had hair spray in my hair, didn’t appear natural looking to me, hair appeared fairly stiff
When I tried to brush through it, it felt like I was pulling out some of my hair, spray caused little knots to form
Spray left my floor quite shiny but not necessarily my hair
The scent isn’t appealing to me, slightly old fashioned smelling hair spray
I found it at my local drugstore for $14.99 Canadian, which is expensive for a drug store hair spray as I can buy a salon hair spray from my stylist for around $18

Don’t think I’ll be re-purchasing this anytime soon.  I’m going to stay with my personal favorite Sebastian Shaper Plus, which for my money is still one of the best hair sprays ever.  

It has a fine mist, is not sticky, doesn’t cause a helmet to form on your head, hair is still brushable after you spray it and it has a lovely fresh scent.  Why did I ever stray?


  1. I have a real mental block about paying a lot for hairspray - but after my bang episode today I sure could have used a good hair spray!!

  2. Haha...your bangs aren't as bad as you think. The great news about hair is that it grows.


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