Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last week to get your free gift with purchase at Clinique

Who doesn’t love a free gift?  

Just a reminder that its the Bay’s Clinique bonus time until October 2nd.  In order to qualify for your free gift valued at $70.00, you have to spend a minimum of $26.50. 

I went and got mine today. I’m really excited to try the All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage.  It’s supposed to instantly refresh & reduce puffy eyes on contact.  There are a lot of positive reviews about this product.  People report that it’s very soothing and they can instantly see less puffiness and under eye swelling.  Um, yes please.

I’m also looking forward to trying the High Impact mascara.  I’ve tried the Clinique Lash Doubling mascara before and I really like it.  I find it doesn’t clump, really defines my lashes and is easy to apply.  It also doesn’t flake or transfer to my skin. 

The eye shadows are a beautiful combination of violet colors, both matte and shimmer.  The shimmer is very subtle and I think they will be beautiful very wearable colors. 

The lip color is a very bright deep pink, which really lets everyone know you’re wearing lipstick.  It’s a flattering color, but I’ll have to be in a brave lipstick mood to wear it, as I tend towards more muted colors.

The jury is still out for me on the 7 Day Scrub Cream.  This is meant as a gentle exfoliating scrub and has very fine, non-gritty particles in it.  I think it’s more of a blend of a scrub and facial cleanser rather than just a scrub, which is a good thing.  I just don’t know if my skin is too sensitive for it or not as it did seem to cause more redness to my skin, but I’ll give it another try. 

The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is such a popular one for Clinique but my skin does NOT love it.  Free gift or not I’ll be giving this away, as it immediately irritates my skin and leaves it red & blotchy. 

In order to qualify I bought some Almost make-up in 03 medium. The Almost make-up is a favorite of mine, it’s a little more coverage than a tinted moisturizer but less than a full foundation.  It’s not heavy on my face & I don’t feel like I’m wearing make-up when I have it on.  It has an SPF 15 in it as well, which is a bonus.  It wears beautifully and has good staying power as well.

This was only $25.00 so I also decided to try the Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow in Rock Violet.
I had read positive reviews that this shadow was a pretty silver lilac color and that it could be worn on it’s own or as a base for other shadows.  I am always a little worried about creasing with any cream shadow, but people report that his doesn’t do that & stays put all day.  I also think it will go well with the lilac shadows that came with my free gift.

I’ll report back on these products, once I give them all a try.   Hurry and go get your Clinique free gift with purchase today!  


  1. I have the clinic high impact mascara - what did you think of it? It's not bad but I found it a little thick and had potention to clump..

  2. I agree. I have a post next week on a follow up to these products and I prefer the Clinique high definition mascara over the high impact. Much easier to work with and doesn't clump, even at the end of it's mascara life - which is about 3 months.


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