Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crazy for Coconut!

I don't know about you, but I am a sucker for any scent that can remotely remind me of a tropical beach vacation.  Coconut is one of those scents that instantly takes me back to that little beach front cabana at our resort in Maui that had the pool and a waterfall behind it and the ocean in front of it that Mr. A & I saw on our first day and said who would pay $100+ a day to rent that when the grounds and the pool of this hotel are so beautiful yet found ourselves camped out there by day 4 and then rented it again because it was so amazing the first time.  But I digress.  Coconut, it makes me think of the beach and therefore I love it so.  

So when I saw these next products I didn't even care what they did, I just saw the coconut and that was the end of that.  They were in my basket and I was high tailing it to the register.

These are the Nourishing Coconut Milk shampoo & conditioner from the Organix line.  

The good
The smell, to DIE for.  Great coconut smell that lingers in your hair, a least for awhile.  Love!

The bad
Pretty much everything else, so sad.  These do not work for me.  I found them to be extremely drying to my hair.  Quite honestly I didn't put two & two together at first but after reading a few reviews of these products I realized I was not alone.  A number of people report that these were drying to their hair.  
These cost about $9CDN, which is a little pricey for a drugstore line.  Honestly if they worked at all I wouldn't really care about that, but they don't and it's worth mentioning.

Now in fairness some people love these and don't experience the issues with them drying their hair out.  If you are one of those people, I say go for'll smell delicious.  They do have a Moroccan Argan Oil line that gets better reviews so I may give those a try.  

In order to end this on a positive note I thought I'd share a coconut hair product that I'd recommend, it smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling so soft and shiny.  

As you can see I only have this in the sample.  My hair product enabling hair dresser gave me a few of these samples to torment try and I love it!  This is a hair masque not a conditioner that you are meant to leave on your hair for at least 5-7 mins.  The results are beautiful.   I think this is going to be my next hair product splurge.  I say splurge because Bumble & Bumble products aren't cheap.  

Photo source
This retails for $26USD for a 5 oz tube on but I'm guessing it will be well over $30 at my salon.   Apparently my new job is meant to solely fund my weakness for all things beauty product.  

So what about you, do you have any coconut scented recommendations?  Have you tried any of these products?


  1. I've had no luck with the Organix shampoo/conditioners either. They left my hair feeling like straw! So disappointing.
    I`m a fan of Philosophy`s Coconut Frosting body wash-shampoo all in one. Smells so good! Though I only use it as a body wash

  2. It's too bad you didn't like it! I've tried their shampoo in the green bottle and I quite like it. :)

  3. Thanks for the review I was thinking of buying this shampoo !!!

  4. I always walk past these and never buy them as I'm not sure how good they are. Thanks for the review and for the comment you left on my post on Opal's blog. I worry about my flashdrive too :)

  5. Too bad-I love anything coconut as well. The Bumble and Bumble one is really good though-I like it too.

  6. I love the packaging of all the organix shampoos I think it looks lovely but I am disappointed they don't live up to expectations. I love the smell of coconut as well would love to see what else people recommend.
    Great post!

  7. Glad you did this review. A shame they were drying but now I wont waste my money :)

  8. Thanks ladies!

    Vintage - I wonder if that is the Tea Tree? Some of their other ones get much better reviews.

    Curves - I know, it's disappointing, maybe another scent from this line :)

    Makeup Fairy -'s the OCD in me!

    Tracy - Yes my dear I of course knew you'd love AND own the B&B!

    Crosswire - Thanks so much, I love their packaging too :)

    Amber - this one was for you, I wish they were better :)

    Nikosmommy - Coconut frosting...yes please, I will have to go give that a try!

  9. I'm so glad you did this review because I was going to test out this brand next. All of their shampoos/conditioners look so appealing! I guess I'll look for something else... thanks, Tracy.

  10. ughh, Organix is the worst! I got mine at Costco about 3 years ago and it was the GIANT Bottles. I would suggest using the Organix conditioner as a shaving cream for your legs so it's not a total waste. The Bumble and Bumble coconut products are the only ones that I've found that are worth buying but they are incredibly expensive.

  11. Liz - I think the consensus is the Bumble & Bumble, you should try that one!

    Amanda - I hate when I buy the gigantic vats only to be disappointed..good tip re the shaving cream :)

  12. I tend to be el Cheapo when it comes to shampoos but I've heard coconut was good for the hair (I'm scared to try it on my thin, fine hair though - looks like it would be too intense). Anyway, I"m sorry they didn't work for you, they looked so good, too. Such a pity.

  13. I'm always tempted to pick up Organix products when I see them at my local Wal-Mart, I love the packaging. It sucks these didn't work though and I agree, $9 is kind of expensive for drugstore products.

  14. I LOVE anything coconut! I actually use coconut oil on my face twice a week as a moisturizer. Thanks for the review, I wanted to try these simply because they smell like coconut but now I will save my money ; )

  15. I am totally like you - i will buy anything that takes me back to a tropical place. If it smells like coconut then I'm buying it! Tried this same brand but in the Moroccan Oil and have liked it so far. And I just love anything B&B! Now following you and would love for you to stop by our blog and follow back if you like.

    Jayme (&Mendi) @ Her Late Night Cravings


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