Monday, July 4, 2011

June Luxe Box arrived.....sorta

Um yah Canada Post, I'll need to see you in my office.  

First you delayed my package with your strike, which I can overlook of course.  But then, my package finally arrived...

See that big red sticker, what does that say?  Oh right, fragile. Which would explain why it arrived looking like this...

*Mail delivery fail*

Shaking it off let's move along, here's what was inside My Luxe box for June.

All jostled and tumbled around, luckily it was all just a bit disheveled. 

And finally here are what the products look like, a full sized Laura Mercier shadow!!  It's a gorgeous peachy tan color that will make a beautiful base or even a highlight shadow.  That alone more than pays for the cost of this box, which was $9.99 a month when I signed up.  The Sothys foundation came in porcelain which I thought would be too light, but actually it looks like it will be a good color match.  I believe I filled out my skin tone, etc. when I signed up for this, so I'm guessing that not everyone will get the same shade.  I think I've tried the K-Pak before, but I'm not sure. It smells great so I'm excited to try it again.  Both Dermalogica products are men's shaving products, so I'll pass those off to Mr. J...once I convince him that they truly aren't for girls. 

Overall, despite the condition this was in when it arrived, I'm thrilled with the products I got this month.  I believe I have two more months pre-ordered, so that's exciting.  I'm already looking forward to the next one, but for any of you looking ahead 
don't tell me what's coming! 

Have you tried any of these products?  Did any of you experience any postal tragedies? 


  1. We have heard about the postal strikes going on up there. Um have cosmetics to receive??? :-) Looks like great stuff! Haven't tried any but curious to hear what you think.
    How was the shopping trip?
    Oh I'm going to buy the Ideal Shade tinted moisturizer from Avon this week. Excited to try!
    Also, we took your suggestion and bought a product and tried it without telling the other what we think. Should post that video this week and we mention you and your blog. Thanks girl!!
    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. such a shame about canada post being reckless like that D: so glad the strike is over!
    but great box :D

  3. Oooo...loving the Laura Mercier shadow! I am awaiting many packages from Canada post and hope they don't show up like

  4. I hate it when they dont handle the packages with care. I have recieved a few packages that has been completely damaged :/

    Please review these products ^_^
    I love Dermalogica, I use their products everyday.

    Love Christine ♥

  5. Great stuff. Can't wait to see some reviews. =)

  6. Ugh, I hate when mail carriers treat packages like footballs grrrr. I've tried KPack before and loved it. Enjoy!

  7. Jayme & Mendi - Oh how exciting, can't wait to watch..thanks ladies :)

    Christine - Yes I'm sure the backlog of boxes stacked up didn't help things!

    Alicia - This shadow would be great with your colouring, hope your parcels arrive intact!

    Christine I -Will do, I'm new to Dermalogica but I definitely have some thoughts now :)

    D. Sadie - Thanks...I'll try and post some soon!

    Marie - Right? it's annoying, I wore the K-Pak today and still love it!

  8. Phewf, at leats you got it! I'm expecting a few packages and I'm worried they got lost somewhere in the post office or they got damaged z=

  9. Oh wow, they really did a job on your box. Thank goodness nothing got broken! I've never tried any of these products, but the shadow really does look gorgeous; I'd love to know how it does!

  10. Canada Post seriously sucks. You don't know how many of my mails arrive looking like they had been through hell and back. I once called them to complain about an envelope that looked like someone had tampered with it and was told there was nothing to be done unless I wanted to press charges or something like that. RIDICULOUS.

    Ahem. Anyway, I wasn't convinced that Luxe Box was all that great, but FULL SIZE LAURA MERCIER! Be still, my heart. I'm sort of preparing to go on a no-buy so this box business is a no-no for now, but I'll be eagerly checking to see what else you get in the future!

  11. WOW, those are great!!! I just recently signed up for this too and am expecting my first package later on this month. Sooo, I can not believe that Canada Post allowed that to happen to your FRAGILE sucks that I'm not surprised though. I sent a box to the UK almost 4 months ago and they keep telling me they aren't too sure what's happened to it BUT they'll keep looking.....ridiculous


  12. The strike was ridiculous, no doubt about it! I can't believe that's how your box arrived!! At least you received it though!
    The eyeshadow looks fantastic! I'm excited to see reviews! =)

    Andrée xx

  13. I'm expecting some packages too-I sure hope they come in one piece!
    I got a matte grey LM shadow in mine! I love it! Your shade looks pretty!

  14. Gaby - this is true, it could have been gone forever!

    Caitlin - I'll keep you all posted on that for sure, so far happy with it :)

    Liz - I know, right? The full size LM pretty much sealed it for me. And yes the reassuring responses from Canada Post leave little to be desired!

    Christina - I'll be curious to hear how you like it...and I sent something to Norway for a giveaway and it took about 8 weeks, I thought that was brutal!

    Andree - Thanks lady, and I'm happy I got it :)

    Tracy - Wait...matte grey, my favourite!!! I wish I would have gotten that one. Just can never be happy I guess ;)

  15. loving that eyeshadow. Good thing it didn't break in that poorly handled box. I've used the Joico K-pak reconstruct shampoo and conditioner and found them to be pretty good. I like that they smell like gummy bears. What does yours smell like?

  16. Amanda - Me & smell description=fail! I don't get gummy bears AT ALL, it smells like nothing to me really, maybe slightly sweet but that's about it :)

  17. Sadly the posties got royally screwed by our government when they were ordered back to work with a worse settlement than their management offered - so not terribly surprised your package took a beating! Oops beauty blog not political blog! Anyway, loved your opening line - made me laugh out loud.

  18. Um yeah--Canada post needs to have the strap administered. I guess that probably dates me, but I'm okay with it.


  19. Pity that it wasn't so good delivered, but the products look nice! I never tried them before :)

  20. I'm in Calgary too - the way your package arrived does not even surprise me! I think I might just sign up for the Luxe Box!

  21. Hey Tracy! We mentioned you in our post that went up on Saturday. Check it out here:

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  22. Omggg that suks!!.. Good thing the samples were fine :).. My joico leaked a bit, but it's ok :)


  23. Love the pictures Tracy, the ones of the smashed box, well, lets just say I don't miss Canada Post. Maybe if they knocked off the postman's football at lunch time...


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