Friday, October 29, 2010

Beauty love – Shout out

I wrote the following a few weeks ago & was waiting to post it, after seeing a few similar blog posts recently.  I decided to post it now after my 1st shout-out was nominated for a new Youtube feature called 'On the Rise'.  Please have a look at my post and then go & vote here!

Now on to what I had originally planned to say....
A few of you may not be aware of some of the negativity that exists in cyperspace.  I have been quietly watching youtube beauty videos and reading beauty blogs, for about a year now.  What has surprised me the most is some of the rude and hateful comments coming from a few people.   It is shocking to me that someone would take the time, effort and energy to try and hurt someone, let alone someone they don’t even know.  My mother always taught me that if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.  I guess these people weren’t as fortunate to have someone teach them that life lesson.

I have a read & watched a few responses to these ‘haters’, that were thoughtful and well done.  I’ve decided that instead of giving any more attention to the negativity, I’m going to come at it a bit differently. 

I thought I would periodically post some blogger love.  This is basically going to be shout-outs to other bloggers or youtube beauty gurus or both, that I enjoy reading or watching.  I have seen a lot of people in this beauty community support each other and I think if more of us did that, we’d eventually drown out the negativity.  So on that note….

 One of the very first beauty videos I watched was by my first shout-out.  I was searching for a youtube video on using rollers in my hair and found her by accident.  I immediately loved her enthusiasm and energy and thought she seemed genuinely interested in passing along her knowledge to others. I ended up spending a lot of time watching as many of her videos as I could.  She is a professional tv broadcaster, which is apparent when you watch her.  She has a way of giving you a lot of information, always in a friendly and informative way, never condescending. Because of her I discovered some new things that I now love, and a whole new appreciation for drugstore products.  The idea of my blog is that you don’t always have to have the most expensive products to get the best results and she is all about that, which is so refreshing.  She is encouraging and supportive to others who are doing their own blogs or videos, and has a facebook page where she allows people to share their ideas and support each other.  She is truly now one of my favorites and I look forward to watching her every chance I get. 

Beauty shout-out goes to ………  

Emilynoel83 aka Emily Eddington
Emily with her new kitten Cupcake
Thanks Emily for being such a true beauty.  You are a great example to follow & I appreciate all the time and effort you put into your videos. 

I have posted the link to the original video I watched here (Velcro roller tutorial) but please go to her channel, subscribe and have a look through all her work. Trust me you'll want to grab a coffee because you’ll be there awhile! 

Where to find Emily

Facebook page(s):  


  1. This is such a heartfelt and fantastic idea! I really commend you for taking the time to do this for people who have received some negative criticism for no reason. You are a great person for doing so, and I thank you! Also, Emily Noel is fantastic, I think she is just adorable and has great advice!

  2. Shaylee, I appreciate that so much. I think taking the time to comment to each other is another great way of offering thank you!

  3. I think this is great, I think the beauty community needs more love. Thankfully I have not had to deal with any haters. I dont know if you watched Michele1218 on youtube but its a shame she was leaving because of all the negativity. I think she was such a wonderful person. Its wonderful your turning this into such a positive thing! :)

  4. Hi Amber, yes I did see Michele's video about her reasons for leaving youtube..also LisaLisaD1's video about the negative comments towards her, which broke my heart. It's insanity to me that people would treat others this way. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Hi Tracey,
    I don't know why people have to be nasty. It's one thing to have a valid comment, it's another just to plain rude. I have a question - Do you know anything about IPL treatments. I have blotchy sun damaged skin and wondered if these would be helpful.
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    $20 for 20 classes of hot yoga!

  6. Kaz, thanks for your comment. Here is some information from Paula Begoun on IPL treatments, hope it's helpful to you.

    Spidery red capillaries that have surfaced on the face can be treated only by a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or esthetician certified to work with lasers in a medically-supervised facility. A series of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments often produces great results, but the improvements are incremental, so don’t be discouraged initially. There is nothing that can get rid of them cosmetically (although a medium coverage foundation or good concealer can go a long way in covering them up). However, there are things you can do to keep them from getting worse. Steaming the skin, including in saunas and hot tubs, can make them worse. Scrubs, irritating toners, washcloths, and hot water can also make them more apparent and cause more to appear. The more gentle you are with your skin, the less noticeable they will be. One more note: excess alcohol consumption can also result in broken capillaries due to alcohol’s effect on blood vessels.


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