Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Exciting - Beautylish Best Blog list

Hi all,

I was listed yesterday on beautylish's best blog list.  Exciting for a new blogger like me!  You can see the link here Best Beauty Blogs.  I am slowly going thru the list myself and have already found some great blogs to follow. To all those who are came here thru beautylish, welcome to my blog and thanks for following.  

Photo from Twitter profile @beautylish

Check out the entire site here, Beautylish.  "Beautylish is the spot to discovertalk, and learn about makeup and beauty products!"  
It's so great to have a supportive place where beauty vloggers/bloggers can share their ideas.  Thanks Beautylish, great job ladies.  


  1. Hey way to go! That's awesome, Tracy!

  2. Congrats this is fabulous news! (Although I can totally see why your blog would be on this list!)

  3. Thanks Laurel, very sweet of you!


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