Thursday, October 7, 2010

My best beauty buys – Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow

I read some great reviews of Wet n Wild eyeshadows, both the singles & the palettes. I recently found the single eyeshadows at a local Wal-Mart for under $3…less than I spend for my weekend coffee treat, so how could I resist. 

I bought two of the single color icon shadows, in the colors Nutty & Brulee. 
Nutty                                 Brulee

Brulee is a creamy vanilla color that is perfect as an all over base or even on it’s own.  It’s essentially a matte shadow, not at all chalky and applies easily.  It could also be used as a highlight color. 

Nutty is a brownish gold color that is a great neutral and looks beautiful alone all over the lid, or as a contour color.  Nutty has a golden sheen to it but this can easily be toned down if you choose.  I tried a bit of Brulee over top of Nutty and it looked beautiful.

Both of these have great pigmentation.  Nutty has almost a creamy texture to it and is easy to blend.  I have used them both with an eyeshadow primer, and without.  I felt that they lasted longer with the primer, but even without they had great staying power.

       Brulee-Nutty with primer     Brulee-Nutty without primer

       Brulee         Nutty
      with primer

Turns out it's hard to take a decent picture of a swatch of a cream coloured shadow, hope you get the idea.

According to their website (, there are 7 colors available in the single shadows, although my Wal-Mart didn’t seem to have the entire selection.  I think I may have to get some of their palettes and the single color Envy next, which is a beautiful deep green color and would be perfect for fall.   Go check them out, these are a great inexpensive drugstore eyeshadows!


  1. Thanks for the review. I've always wondered about the Wet & Wild line, but have always avoided it thinking it probably wasn't very good (perhaps because of its cheap price point). Good to know that that's not the case.

  2. Do you know if this product would be a good choice for someone with allergies? I usually use the hypo-allergenic products and didn't see any information relating to this in your post. The colours you highlighted sure do sound yummy!

  3. Hi Karin,
    I will have to keep that question in mind for future reviews, great point! I have done a little digging and I do not believe these eyeshadows are hypoallergenic. I do wear contacts thou and I can tell you that these do not irritate my eyes at all.

  4. Both eyeshadows look really nice! The last pic shows a beautiful metallic finish of Nutty, I really like eyeshadows with a metallic finish! I wish Wet 'n Wild products were available in Greece! :(

    New follower btw, I found you through beautylish! :) Would you mind checking out my blog too? :)

  5. Hi Stavroula, I left you a comment and am now following you. Thanks for the comment, if you get a chance to try these I think you would like them..great for those 'didn't get enough sleep' days.

  6. Thank you Tracy! :) Exactly!! They're neutral, nothing bold, but the Nutty one has a slightly metallic finish that will give life to tired eyes! :)


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