Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Your hair is so shiny - Tresemme Shine Spray

The other day someone commented how shiny my hair was.  And by someone I may or may not mean 'the boy', who is possibly a bit biased.  But either way, SOMEONE said it.  

Do you ever have a product that you discover and are somewhat reluctant to share?  This is one of them.  Like somehow I'm just a wizard at getting shiny hair and it has nothing to do with any product...or if I tell you than we'll all have shiny hair and I won't feel so special.  

I have decided to share this secret gem, because isn't that the whole point of me doing this blog?  And it's likely the grown up thing to do.

Tresemme Smooth No Frizz Shine Spray. 

This great little spray works wonders at giving your hair that tv commercial 'look how great my hair looks' shine. I spray it on to my hair when it's damp, just before blow drying.   You can see the shine immediately!  I have highlights in my hair and I feel like it really brings out their color.  It's also intended to reduce frizziness and smooth your hair.

I think you could over do it and perhaps your hair would become oily not shiny, so go easy.  I use about 4-5 pumps and then comb it through my hair with a wide toothed comb.  You really will see a difference, your hair will have an amazing sheen to it.  I just can't imagine that you won't love it. 

This product is available at drugstores or most places where Tresemme is sold and is less than $10.  A small price to pay to give it a try.  Let me know if you get any comments on your shiny hair...and if you tell anyone your secret. 


  1. I'm pretty picky about what I use on my hair- it's dry, dyed, curly, etc., etc. I just might have to try this after your endorsement. I'll let you know if someone tells me my hair looks shiny :-)

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I love what I see so far on yours, cant wait to see where you take it! Good luck & keep bloggin!

  3. Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog!! I am fixing to write another blog on my diet today. I haven't noticed any changes in my weight but I also haven't weighed myself.

  4. Thanks beautylish ladies, I appreciate the comments. Looking forward to reading more from you as well!


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