Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beautypedia is now free!

Have you heard of Beautypedia?  Regular readers of this blog will know that I have referred to Paula Begoun more than a few times.  Paula is the author of the 'Don't go to the Cosmetic Counter without me' books.  Along with her own product line (which I plan to try but haven't yet), she & her Cosmetic Cops team also have a website called  

On this site you can find reviews on beauty products, skin care advice, information about product ingredients and much more.  Up until this past week, you had to pay a subscription fee in order to access the site.  Not anymore!  It is now free for everyone.  

There is a huge amount of information on this site, so be prepared to be there a while if you check it out.  Here is their website description; 

About Beautypedia

Beautypedia is the definitive online source of reliable, in-depth researched information on cosmetic products. You’ll find thousands of candid, research-supported reviews from international best-selling beauty author Paula Begoun and her team. You’ll enjoy access to detailed, scientifically validated cosmetic critiques you won’t find anywhere else online! From major name brands to smaller boutique, home shopping, infomercial, and spa lines, it’s all here so you save money and find the best products for your skin. offers:
  • Thousands of skin care and makeup reviews from well-known and niche brands
  • An easily searchable database and intuitive organization to quickly find what you're looking for
  • Dozens of new product reviews added monthly, plus daily updates as needed
  • Complete ingredient lists for every skin-care product in the database
  • Documented research about ingredient efficacy (or lack thereof)
  • A Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary of over 3,000 common and obscure ingredients
  • Access to Paula’s latest articles about skin care and makeup
  • A mobile version to use with your iPhone or Android smart phone device
Paula Begoun is recognized worldwide as The Cosmetics Cop. For the past three decades she has tirelessly reported on the good, bad, beautiful, and ugly side of the billon dollar cosmetics industry. Her candid reviews are backed by published scientific studies and countless interviews with cosmetic chemists, dermatologists, oncologists, toxicologists, regulatory experts, raw material suppliers, and numerous industry insiders.

Like anything, you'll find some things you agree with and some you don't.  But overall it's another great resource you can use to help you decide how to spend your beauty dollars.  

Have you ever used Beautypedia?  What sites do you use for your product research?


  1. I've never even heard of this site, sounds awesome though.

  2. Kerri - Take a look & see what you think, there is a TON of stuff there :)

  3. Interesting post and nice blog!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  4. I will be bookmarking this site. For all those times when I think "I wonder if this product works?"

  5. I'm going to go take a look! I usually use makeup alley for reviews and other blogs (like yours) of course!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Veronica :)

    Marie & Shawna - It won't make me look as smart from now on, but I'm happy to share because it is a great resource ;0

  7. I have one of her books and love it. I use it for skin care information mainly.

  8. Beautylish is also a great site for honest reviews and more!

  9. Hi Brandi - Yes I agree, I'm a member of's a great site too!

  10. Wow I've never heard of this site! I'm going to check it out right now!

  11. Never seen this site, but just might have to checker her out!

  12. YB & Kim - Let me know what you think, I think you'll be surprised at how much information is on there!

  13. Tracy - I agree (surprise surprise) it's a great skin care resource!

  14. Makeupalley, always - bought loads of fantastic things because of it and rued not checking it when I've bought a dud on impulse. These days I sometimes make the SA wait while I check the reviews...'no, sorry actually I can't take it - it only has a 3.3 score and jp25 said it made her break out' ;)

  15. Ribbons - Hahaha...yes I love makeup alley as well. It's so true about checking the reviews, I do that too on my iphone. I wonder how I ever managed without youtube, blogs, and the internet in general :)

  16. I've never heard of this site before either, but it looks like it would be very useful and I love reading reviews before I buy.

  17. aww congrats thats really fun, i love Sigma Brushes :D :D :D


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