Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The best balm for your bits - Lush's Ultrabalm review!

The credit for this discovery goes to the wonderful Mr. J!  Just before Christmas this year we went into Lush to buy some gifts.  While there Mr. J tried some of the Ultrabalm on his dry hands (in between holding his breath because normally he will 'just wait out here').  Where we live the winters are very drying, and our skin often bears the brunt of that.  This can also cause red, rough dry patches of skin on arms & legs, that are almost impossible to get rid of.  After sampling it at the store, he was impressed enough to buy a tin of this & give it a try.  This is what it looks like; 

The container slogan is 'All purpose balm for all your bits' and claims that it restores, soothes, protects, relieves and moisturizes and that there is nothing that this 
petroleum free balm can't do.  This feels like a mix between a lotion and a vaseline type product, for lack of a better description.  The difference being that this actually absorbs well & doesn't leave that greasy film sitting on top of your skin.  

 The other thing I love are the ingredients!

There are only three ingredients in this fabulous balm, jojoba seed oil, candelilla wax and rose flower wax.  There is no real scent to this as there is no added fragrance, it smells quite 'natural food store-ish'.  Don't you wish you could describe scents as well as I can?  It's a gift really.  

I have not used it as an all over moisturizer, because it really isn't intended for that. I've just used it on those problem dry patches, as well as my elbows, and it does a fabulous job.  A fabulous job that lasts, this isn't just a temporary fix for a few short hours either, this really makes a difference on my skin.  

But this is where it gets interesting.  The one area that is always a problem for me are my heels.  I do my best to keep my heels soft & moisturized but I am constantly struggling with dry heels, despite foot files, pedicures, scrubs, etc.  That all changed with this little balm.  This has completely transformed the bottom of my feet!  I have never had anything work so well on my heels.  After I get out of the shower (and use my foot file or pumice stone), I put some of this on the bottom of my feet and then put on my socks and that's it.  Soft, moisturized feet!  I do this now about 2-3x per week and will likely need to do it less and less as the balm does it's work.  It's pretty amazing!  

This cost $12.95CDN for a 45gram tin.  As you see from the above picture, if you bring back 5 empty pots you get a Lush Fresh Face Mask for free.  This is now the second tin for Mr. J and I now have my own.  We are now both Ultrabalm converts and won't go without this great little balm.  I'd highly recommend you try it!  You can purchase this at any Lush store or online.

Have any of you tried Lush's ultrabalm?  Do you think it's the best balm for all your bits?  Mr. J loves saying that part. 


  1. it smells quite 'natural food store-ish'. Don't you wish you could describe scents as well as I can? It's a gift really. you crack me up xD

  2. Oh yes I've heard about this! Wonder if it would work on my eczema? The texture looks interesting though.

  3. MUST GET!!! I am so dried up from this winter it's not funny.

  4. Gaby - I really think it would, or at least it would be worth a all natural products which I know you like!

    Tracy - It's just THE best thing for dry patches..not to contribute to another confessional or anything but it's pretty great :)

    Supergirl - You should :)

  5. Sounds really good!! I am using the Burt's Bees Hand Salve for dry skin and it seems pretty identical to the one from Lush, including that natural food store smell :p I think Burt's Bees has a stronger lavender smell than anything else. Great review and great find!

  6. Man, killer review! I am desperate to try this now!


  7. Wow, sounds like an awesome product. I get dry heels as well and will be definitely be picking this up the next time I am in lush.
    Your skill for describing scents is incredible ;)

  8. Rainy Days - I haven't seen that one from Burt's Bees. I think it would be interesting to compare the two :)

    Charlotte - Thank you!

    Ryan- Great stress reliever to give yourself a pedicure & finish with this :)

    Alicia- hahah...thank you, I am nothing if not brilliantly descriptive ;)

  9. I have only tried a few of lush's products and i love them :)

    I wish we had B&BW here in Norway, would love to get my hands on that coconut body spray you mentioned haha :)

  10. Have you tried in on your lips??

    I'm scared of Lush for some reason. I think it's cuz there are so many things in there that I get overwhelmed. One of these days...

  11. LOL at Mr J liking to say "your bits"!!!

  12. My heels get NASTY sometimes! eeek! Winter is coming up aswell so it does help! I want to try this out :D Thank you for sharing sweetie!

  13. I've only tried Lush's soaps, which I like. I really like the idea of a multi-tasking product, especially one that works on heels and lips.

  14. Christine - I'm not a huge LUSH user but I do have a few things I love from their line!

    Liz - Their stores can be overwhelming, usually I go in armed with a list of things to try. And yes it's good on your lips too :)

    Ling - haha..yes he LOVES saying it and then laughs

  15. PopBlush - At first I thought that was a typo & you meant spring and then I remembered..Aussie Aussie Aussie :)

    Laurel - Exactly, so nice to find something that has multiplle uses!

  16. I wish we had more lush stores around here. This looks great! Thanks for the review! xo

  17. Great review, Tracy! And a great product to use especially if you live in a cold and dry climate.

  18. Nice post lady. I am a huge LUSH fan but have actually never tried this product out. I'm thinking it's time though....


  19. Taj - I have 10 minutes away and I don't get there very often..who knows why!

    Marie - Thanks & you and I would know a little too well what that climate is like :(

    Christina - Thanks so much, I hope you like it if you decide to give it a try :)

  20. I saw this product in LUSH today and it said proceeds go to a charity! What a great idea for what sounds like an awesome product. Will have to pick one up.

  21. I love Lush! Gotta try this!!!

  22. I need a LUSH near me ASAP!!! This looks like a great product. I'm like you and have heel issues so maybe I just need to order some things online. We just tried LUSH recently and am excited about trying more. :-)
    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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