Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lancome product updates & drugstore dupes - Part 2!

Part two of my Lancome updates, let's start with my last drugstore dupe!

Lancome Eyeshadow Quad

About the product: Mini size smokey quad, white & light silver frost, mid grey frosted shadow and black sparkle shadow; shadows are not in regular line & not available for purchase 
Results: Very poor colour payoff, all feel slightly chalky except for the black shadow, not easily blended, need an eye primer for shadow to last & show up on the eye
Cost: $54 CDN for regular size Ombre Absolue quad, which is their version of a smokey    palette

Compare to this drugstore alternative.... 
NYX Smokey Eye palette 

About the product: 10 shadows ranging from creamy beige to black, mix of shimmer & matte
Results: Good colour payoff for these shadows, creamy to the touch, fairly easy to blend, don't have the colour payoff or last as long as the single NYX shadows but are still very good, primer still recommended
Cost: $15 CDN

My Pick: NYX by a mile! But to be fair I haven't tried any of the Lancome shadows recently, other than this quad.  However I would expect Lancome to put out a quad that reflects what shadows they have to offer in their regular line.  NYX has better payoff, shadows are creamy & less chalky, and they are way more affordable.  

Okay so on to a few other reviews.  I bought the Effacernes waterproof under eye concealer pictured here.  

This concealer retails for $32CDN for a 15ml tube.  You only need the smallest bit of this product so this tube really will last you a very long time.  I really like the applicator because it lets you squeeze out just a little at a time, which means you'll waste less product.

I primarily use this for any spots I might want to conceal or to cover redness around my nose.  For that purpose it works amazingly well.  I find it doesn't crease around my nose, like a lot of concealers do.  It also has great staying power, with or without powder to set it.  Very impressive.  This blends in well, with my fingers or a brush and leaves a 'soft, matte finish' just as Lancome says it will.  
I do find it is a bit too heavy for under my eyes and I still prefer my Maybelline dream mousse concealer, for that purpose.  It creased a little more under my eyes than the Maybelline does, primarily because I think it's just a thicker formula and I may not be using a light enough touch.  
Being waterproof, this will be a great concealer for the summer months.  You could use this to cover any imperfections, top with a light powder and you'd be set.  Overall, I am impressed and would definitely consider re-purchasing it.

Finally the products I loved with a capital love, the High Resolution Refill-3X anti wrinkle cream with SPF 15 and the Genifique Youth Activating concentrate. The cream is $92CDN for 50ml and the serum is $95CDN for 30ml.  Yikes.

Why did I have to love you? You aren't affordable and I am not a believer that you have to spend a lot of money to get good results.  But these are pretty fabulous products.  The Genifique is said to give you a lit from within look and improve your skin's tone & texture in just 7 days.  I would say that it definitely appears like my skin tone has evened out and it does feel very soft & hydrated after I use this.  I apply this before the moisturizer, which helps in that I don't need as much of the cream.  I know there are a bazillion reviews on this so I'll just keep it brief and say, it's lovely, it seems to make a difference in my skin & the raves on this seem to be true.  If you can afford it I would try it.  
The high resolution cream is said to smooth wrinkles, make your skin appear more luminous and feel firmer. The cream has a lovely soft scent, that I happen to love.  It just smells like expensive lotion to me.  It has a a light texture that absorbs easily on my skin, and it really does seem to leave my face looking brighter. I'm not sure about the firmer part however and can't really say there is a difference there.  My sensitive skin has loved these two products & I've had no adverse reactions to either of them.  

So those were my thoughts and reviews, if you want any more information about these products please let me know.  I have read that Youth Code line by L'oreal is very similar to Lancome's Genifique products.  If any of you have tried both I'd be curious to hear your thoughts.  



  1. I keep buying Lancome during their gift with purchase month just to get the High Resolution moisturizer samples to use! I love it!

  2. Great reveiw! I've always wondered about that concealer-might have to get it this weekend during the Shopper's 20X the points.
    The cream sounds lovely too-but GAH! expensive or what!

  3. I love my NYX smokey eye palette (it's so versatile and PERFECT!) I found it at a Rexall drugstore near my home and haven't seen it for sale there since (or anywhere else for that matter.)
    I totally agree that Lancome eye shadows are a bit chalky...i`d take the NYX any day!

  4. It really is true that different ppl get different results - I loved this Lancome shadow quad!

  5. Marie - I think I might have to copy that idea..I will be sad when I finish this jar!

    Tracy - I didn't want to love it...I really didn't, but it's great. If you see another Lancome promo it would be a good time to try the concealer AND the cream :)

    Nikosmommy - I got mine at Rexall too and they don't seem to have the larger palettes all the time anymore. I also wish they carried the NYX blushes!

    Kim - See, to each his own for sure..make-up is such a personal preference thing. I would send mine to you if you want it.

  6. Ooooh, I've heard that L'Oreal Youth Code is just like Genifique...Lancome products are too expensive here...cannot afford it - but great post on the dupes :)

  7. Hi Ling - I've heard that as well, I'm hoping someone has tried them both and can tell us whether or not we're right :)

  8. I really like the looks of the NYX smokey palette! And you get so much more product for a fraction of the price :D

  9. I got a Lancome Eyeshadow Quad as a GWP some times ago and absolutely hated it. I'm so glad I didn't actually pay for it (even though I kind of did LOL). The pigmentation is terrible, I wasn't expecting super sheer eyeshadows from such an expensive brand!

  10. PopBlush - The NYX palettes are good, I'd like to get the neutral one but they are a bit hard to find here!

    Gaby - I am with you, I expected a whole lot more from these eyeshadows.

  11. Great post! You just got me as a follower!!


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