Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is your skin glowing yet? Cod Liver Oil Update

As you may remember I'm on a quest for healthy skin and recently started taking Cod Liver Oil. You can read my original post and raves for this product here.  Just as a reminder, I originally bought this; 

I have been taking CLO for about two months now & have a few updates.  First, I believe my skin is shinier (in a good way), healthier & happier.  The only problem here is that it's hard to attribute this to just one thing.  It could be my skin care, my Clarisonic, the Cod Liver Oil, diet, stress, etc. and likely is a combination of things.
However one of the points that stuck with me in the original raves about using Cod Liver Oil, was how successful it was at curbing hormonal breakouts, especially those ones like I tend to get on my chin.  I do think that taking the CLO helped curb those a bit, along with everything else I've been doing.  But unfortunately I've still had a few breakouts and didn't have the absolute success that they talked about in the article.  

I went back and re-read it and thought that maybe the quality of the CLO I got, wasn't quite up to snuff.  I sort of suspected that when I got this, but I wanted the Costco brand to work wonders given that it cost me about $6 for that big tub!  So off I went to my favourite local health food store and found a new source of CLO to try.  This is what I bought;

Nordic Natural Arctic Cod Liver Oil
90 Soft Gel capsules

The sales associate at my health food store immediately recommended this one to me, after hearing what I was after.  There were other lines that they carried, some more expensive than this one.  This cost me $25CAD for 90 capsules. If I take one a day, this is roughly a three month supply or a month and half at two capsules a day.  Still affordable in my mind. 

She explained that the difference was in the quality of the oil, which of course makes sense.  She said that with Costco brand CLO you're likely getting a blend of oils and can't be assured of the getting the purest CLO.  When I went back and re-read the article it basically says the same thing, but of course I had to try the less expensive route first.  

I'm not saying that the Costco brand didn't do anything for me, but I think it can be even better.  I have been using the new CLO for less than two weeks now, so not enough time to give a full review.  I'll keep using it & keep you posted.  

How about you, have you started taking Cod Liver Oil?  Which one do you take?


  1. I take Evening Primrose Oil which, I think, works in a similar fashion. :)

  2. I need to do this. Do you get a fishy taste after you take it? I've heard some people get that.

  3. Oh yes I've heard a lot about this oil. It's a shame the expensive didn't really work for you. Keep us updated on the other one!

  4. Gaby - Haha...yes I guessed what you meant, I'll keep you posted!

    Tracy - No fish taste, I think that would happen if you take the oil instead of the capsules. It does smell a bit fishy when you open the container thou..just a warning.

    Pammy - I think we do ourselves some disfavour when we switch from things that work for us just to try something if that works for you then that's great!

  5. I need to buy CLO now!! Right this instant. I've been taking Flaxseed oil because I wanted to use it up (bought it at Costco) before switching to something else. Now I know what to get next :)

  6. Rainy Days - I highly recommend giving it a try, it really can't hurt and potentially could make such a difference to your skin! Let us know if you give it a shot :)

  7. I haven't because I can't swallow pills : (

  8. Marie - Oh, well maybe you could do the actual oil??? If you're feeling brave that is :)

  9. I'm really bad with taking vitamins - I have 2 big bottles - one multivitamin from costco - but it's just laziness to swallow it haha

  10. I've never taken it, but my grandmother swore by it and she was very healthy, looked fantastic and lived to be 95, so perhaps I should start taking it.

  11. Ling - I am that way with vitamins too, but I keep this with my night time face products & it reminds me to take it :)

    Laurel - Well that is testimony enough for me, I say you should give it a try for sure. Oh & I've been meaning to tell you that people rave about P2 make-up, that you can only get in Germany. Have you tried any of them?

  12. I've never tried this! Although I think a Vita Pak that I have from GNC may have a fish oil capsule in the little daily package thing. Not sure as I forget to take them all the time. I will look into this though as you've got me extremely curious!! =D

    Andrée xx

  13. i take a mix of cod liver oil, primrose oil, and flax oil. omega 3 fatty acids are SO good for your skin and hair!

    love your blog. so cute! following you now :)

  14. Andree - Apparently it's not only the oils but the Vitamin A & D that work, I honestly have to force myself to concentrate on the science b/c I'm more about the shiny things than the facts :)

    Ashley - Thanks for the follow! I agree, the oils make such a difference in your skin and hair (good point). Flax oil is one I've tried before but I just am not diligent with it.

  15. I will have to read this paper in detail before giving final feedback, but I would say that is a possibility, and another is that it resulted from using a single high dose rather than daily small doses, which would be much more natural. Perhaps the excess vitamin D in the system could interfere with the bioavailability of the active forms, for example. One thing that is clear is that an annual massive dose is a pretty bad idea!

  16. I bought Carlson's Norwegian cod liver oil, lemon flavored and actually no fishy smell or taste. One teaspoon 3times a day. Been on it for a week but the fast results are amazing. Me belly fat has gone down(since it helps lose weight), my skin is getting smoother and feel very positive about this product!!!

  17. The only brand of Cod Liver Oil worth taking:

    "Blue Ice Royal Blend" from


    Fermented (cold-distilled so no vitamins are lost or damaged), and combined with high vitamin butter. Not cheap but there's a reason - it's liquid gold.

    Splurge on a bottle and thank me later.


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