Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Find - I got mail!

So this week's Fabulous Find is about a package I got in the mail.  Don't you love getting packages...always exciting, well almost always anyway.  This week I came home to find this, sticking out of mailbox, for all to see I might add. Sigh...yes Mr. Postman please don't attempt to put it fully in our mailbox, where it wouldn't be seen.  Please leave it propped up on an odd angle, poking out as if to one is home here. You could come & take this and no one would likely even notice. But I digress.  Where was I?  Oh right, getting a package.  
So exciting!  

Have you guessed what it is already?  You might remember from my Sigma Sigmax brush review, that I mentioned that the ferrule had come loose on my F82 round top kabuki brush.  

You can see my full review here

So I contacted the company on Jan. 12th, they answered me the next day and said that I must have received a defective brush.  They said they would send me a new one, once I provided them with my initial order invoice.  I sent that to them the same day and that was that.  By Feb. 10th I still hadn't received my brush so I contacted the company via email once again.  Again they answered me right away and said they would send me a new brush.  Well this week it finally arrived!  

Even though it took them a while to make it right, I do appreciate that they did.  I had offered to send my original brush back to them but they did not require that, which saves me the hassle of putting it in the mail, etc.  So even with the delay, I'm happy with service I received from Sigma and so happy with my Sigmax brushes.  

Oh and in my first review I hadn't quite figured out what to do with this brush.  Well I can tell you now, it's a dream for blending in foundation or concealer in those hard to get areas around your nose.  Works perfect for that.  Also nice for blending cream blush, just be sure to use a light hand because this brush is so dense that you could end up blending it all away.  

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I've heard so many great things about the Sigma brushes, but I have yet to give them a try! I am especially curious about this one though! It seems like such a lovely brush! And that was really nice of them to send you a new one! =)

    Andrée xx

    Ps. I've e-mailed you

  2. Andree - I got your email, just sent you one back :)

  3. What good customer service! I haven't ordered anything from them but I am so curious to try out their brushes.

  4. Linda - Always great to receive good service & then spread the word!

  5. It's like getting a March Christmas present! Happy Friday back to you. ;-)

  6. Zoe - It's so true, love getting parcels!


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