Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Find - Giveaway update!

What a day I had last week Wednesday, you have no idea how much I needed some good news.  So I turned to something that usually brightens my day, reading beauty blogs.  I clicked on one of my regular blogs, written by the lovely Justine and saw that I had won her contest for a $20 Sigma gift card!  If you're not familiar with Justine's blog, you must check it out.  She is a Canadian blogger who does everything, product reviews both high end and drugstore, hauls, monthly favourites and she takes some of the best swatch photos you'll ever see.  

That turned my day around!  Some of you will remember that I received some Sigma brushes for Christmas from the generous Mr. J.  I have been loving my Sigma Sigmax brushes & my Naughty in Black travel kit (which I need to review soon), but since getting them I've been eyeing up a few others that I convinced myself I needed. 

Anyway, I was hoping that I get could some input on what to buy. Is this obnoxious?  I hope it isn't taken that way as it's truly not my intention.  I have a few picked out & will likely get two of them, just paying for the difference.  Here are the ones I'm deciding between; 

1. Hollywood Glamour retractable kabuki - Red
I thought this would be great for mineral makeup when travelling.  This is regular $25 but is on sale for $18.75 right now.

2. Small contour - F05

This is supposed to be ideal for applying, blending or contouring powder products.  I thought it would be awesome to use for highlighting powders.  $14

3.  Tapered Highlighter - F25

Large domed brush with tapered tip, ideal for applying powder products, blush and highlighters.  Michelle1218 (for those familiar with youtube beauty channels) just had this brush in her February favourites, she uses it for contouring and loves it.  $19

4. Buffer - F45
Ideal for loose or pressed powders, also great for buffing in colours.  I use a face kabuki from ELF almost everyday, so I was kind of curious to try another brand.  $19

I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions before I place my order!  

Also, just a quick giveaway update.  I am excited to have gotten such a great response to my giveaway, if you haven't already entered you can do so here.  Having said that I'm not going to have a lot of access to a computer this weekend.  So you may not see your entry comment published right away but I promise I'll get to it as soon as I can.  Thanks for your patience and have a great weekend! 


  1. I have the same travel kit as you but I've always wanted the tapered highlighting brush! I think that one will be the next one I purchase.

    Thanks for letting me know that I could find Origins at The Bay because I had no idea!

  2. Marie - I hope it doesn't cost you too much for that Origins tip ;) I'll be doing a review soon of the Vitazing..really interesting product. Thanks for the brush vote!

  3. I just (Finally) put in my first sigma order for the Sigmax brush set. I couldn't stand not having them anymore. I also joined the Sigma affiliates program so hopefully I can make a little cash on the side!?
    If you go with the F25 I'd be really interested to see what you think of it...i've heard so many great things about it too!

  4. Justine - Of course... x

    Nikosmommy - Will do, I have a few new loves from my Naughty in black travel kit too that I'll share soon!

  5. I would suggest the first brush! retractable kabuki brushes are great to have

  6. Congrats on your win!!

    I have wanted to get the 'tapered hightlighter' brush for ages!

  7. Congrats on the win. Sometimes that kind of pick-me-up comes at just the right moment. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  8. As much as I like the MAC 109 (Sigma F05) and the MAC 138 (Sigma F25) I would recommend getting a hybrid of the two which is the F35. It's the same size as the F05 but it's the shape of the F25. I find it to be much more versatile than either of the other two brushes because you can apply contour, highlight and foundation if you need to. If you're leaning towards one of the Kabukis though, I'd get the F45. It's supposed to be a spot on dupe for the MAC 182.

  9. Congrats on winning! :)
    I have heard a lot about sigma brushes but not used any yet.
    Liking the tapered highlighter brush

  10. I also own Orgasm by NARS and its one of my favorite blushes, its such a pretty color :)

  11. Thanks Amber & Popblush, Wifluvelle - I think the retractable one would be handy :)

    Thanks Zoe you too!

    Lilqtypy85 - Wow great suggestions, thank you so much. I was looking at the F25 as well but couldn't judge the size. This was very helpful!

    Thanks Ling, you should try them when you get the chance!

    Christine - Orgasm works for so many people, I do love it but often forget to grab for it!


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