Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best of 2010 - Concealers

I'm back from my little Christmas break.  I hope it was wonderful & stress free for you all.  We had a very merry one this year, with all the fabulous things that come with it.  January is going to be harsh...yikes.  I was very lucky to get some great gifts this year, some of which I'll share with you here in some upcoming posts.  For now I'll be continuing on with my 'best of' posts and the next category....concealers.

I really have not regularly used a concealer until a few years ago, believe it or not.  It's not that I don't have anything to 'conceal' but more that I just never found one I liked or a way to apply it that didn't look obvious to me.  I have a list of concealers I still want to try but as of now, here are the hits & misses for me in this shockingly slim category.

Best of 2010 - Concealers

Favourite concealer of 2010
Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer (approx $10 CAD)

This has changed the way I think of concealers.  It is light & 'mousse' like (go figure) and goes on like a dream.  Okay I think I had too much wine when I wrote this.  Anyway it does go on beautifully and blends well. The best way I've found to apply this is to use my Quo crease shadow brush, which is a fluffy blending brush, any similar brush would do the same.  I daub the brush into the concealer lightly and then tap it on the areas I want it.  Once it's on I go back and blend with the brush, using small circles and back & forth motions very lightly, using only the tip of this brush.  I really do get the concealer craze now after using this product!  It lightens & highlights my under eye area, but also hides most things I want to hide.  Beautiful, easy to find & affordable.  

Honourable mention
MAC Select Cover-Up ($20 CAD)

I do like this product as well but I use it for any spots I want to cover rather than under my eyes.  I find that it's too heavy for an under eye concealer (at least for me) but does the job beautifully otherwise.  I tap this on with my finger and then use the same crease brush to blend out the edges.  Even though this is approximately double the price of the Maybelline concealer, it will last a long time because a little really goes a long way.  

Least favourite Concealer
Jane No Show Oil-Free Concealer

I saw this at one of my local drugstores and thought it looked a lot like my MAC concealer, packaging and all.  For less than $5 I smugly thought I was going to discover the next greatest dupe.  I was wrong.  The texture of this is quite thick and it is very hard to blend, making it easy to spot on my skin.  Not exactly the look I was going for.  This did not work for me at all and not worth it at any price!  

I have a bit of list of concealers I'm hoping to try next year, because as you can see I haven't tried many.  If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!


  1. Have not tried the Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer but i really want to now!! I use Rimmels Match perfection in soft beige....other than my mac concealers this was my best for 2010

  2. The Maybelline one was my first concealer.I quite liked it, but since I love change (hellooo Gemini qualities) I changed it.I'm now using the one by Too Faced.It's quite nice!
    Was the elf one any good?I'm thinking of buying it.

  3. Steph give it a try, I really don't think you would be unhappy that you tried it..especially given that it's under $10 & of course you'd watch for sales. The rimmel sounds really interesting, I'm going to note that one down & check it out. Thanks!

  4. Ria I think I am a bit of a wanderer too, always looking for the next great thing. The ELF one was actually quite nice, warm it up a bit with your finger and it is quite creamy & easy to apply. It doesn't provide really full coverage but enough for what I needed, & for the price you can't go wrong! Too Faced is going on my list.

  5. I'm using MAC Pro Longwear concealer and I like it but I'm going to try Maybelline's Dream Mousse next, you're the umpteenth person who's given it rave reviews so I'm confident in trying it.

  6. Marie I think it will definitely be lighter than the MAC, from what I can tell, but for under eye especially, it's great! I hope you like it.

  7. Oh thanks so much for this post! I am in the market to buy some new concealer for my acne scars and blemishes!
    Also, I too am trying to get in touch with my Canadian Beauty Friends! I am thinking of making a Canadian Beauty Blog ring if there isn't one already, would you be interested?
    Keep in touch!
    Mary @ Producthoarder.com


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