Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some great customer service - Balmshell

I just needed to share a quick story of some great customer service.  I ordered some lip glosses from Balmshell on Cyber Monday which was November 29th, right after American Thanksgiving.  As of last week the glosses still hadn't arrived so I went on Balmshell's website for contact information and found an email address to reach them.  

I sent an email and received a reply on the same day, with information on when my order was shipped, along with the assurance that they would make sure I got what I ordered before Christmas.   Yesterday I followed up with them, as requested, and let them know my order still hadn't arrived.  They once again answered immediately and told me they would send out a new order (as the original one had obviously gotten lost) and would expedite the shipping so that I would get my purchases on or before December 23rd.  

I went to the mail today and found my expedited package...on December 21st.  The postage on the package showed me that they paid the premium shipping rate to ensure I got my order.  I just couldn't be more impressed.  I would show you what I bought but these are gifts for people who may be reading this, so instead I'll post some pictures from their website of a lip gloss I own,  this one is called 'Weekend in the Hamptons'.

Sheer Taupe Sandy Beige ~ for the city to weekend getaway look
Illustration information:
This is the story of a typical summer weekend for a BALMSHELL living in New York City. Two women in their business suits slide behind a sign that has an arrow pointing west saying, “The City” and another arrow pointing east saying “The Beach.” When they slide out from behind the sign, they are on a beach in their bikinis.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to spread the word about this company.  Balmshell is a Canadian company that was started by twin sisters who are self described 'cosmetic junkies'. They set out to create the perfect lip gloss using only the highest ingredients with no added preservatives or parabens to produce a high shine, moisturizing lip gloss.  The added bonus is the packaging.  One side of the lip gloss has a floating picture that can be detached and added to an included key ring.  The colorful illustrations & cute storylines behind each lip gloss are worth the price alone!  

The lip glosses are available in Canada at Murale, Shoppers Drug Mart Boutique stores, London Drugs and of course through their website at Balmshell.com.  Please check out their website for more information and additional pictures of their beautiful products.  

I was a past customer of this brand and now will be a returning one.  Thanks Balmshell..great job!

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  1. The 2 twin sisters who started balmshell graduated from my school and came to speak to us, very nice women!


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