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Do you want healthy glowing skin for Christmas? – Kibio skin care

Don’t we all want healthy glowing youthful looking skin?  And aren’t we all just a little overwhelmed and intimidated by the amount of skin care information out there.  I know I am.  Anti-oxidants, anti-aging, collagen, elastin, vitamin C, toners, exfoliants, creams, serums…aahhh.  It’s enough to make your head spin.  Despite the overload of information I am on a quest to find a new skin care routine. 

Over the last few years I was using products I had used in the past, even though they really were no longer working for my skin.  Why I lived in denial for so long I don’t know.  Probably just laziness to go out and find something better, if I’m being perfectly honest.

I have done a lot of reading on-line about what I should be looking for in skin care, and I am more confused than ever.  There is just way too much information about this topic, some of it conflicting.  Everyone professes to have the best skin care line or the secret ingredient that is going to give you that perfect skin.  I have no idea what is right and what is not, but what I do know is that a lot of it is very expensive and making the wrong choice could prove costly.  Not only for my skin, but also for the wallet. 

Keeping this in mind I thought I’d try and simplify the process by simplifying my skin care, so to speak.  I went looking for a more natural, organic approach to my skin.

Before I start, my skin is ‘aging’…sob.  I have what I would consider combination.  If I break out its usually hormonal and 95% of the time it’s on my chin.  I have some broken capillaries & redness on my cheeks, as well as some sunspots and hyper pigmentation from sun damage. 

What I bought

Kibio is a certified natural organic line of skin care products, which claims that they use no silicones, mineral oils, synthetic colorants or perfumes, no animal raw materials, no parabens, no GMO (genetically modified organisms) and do not do any animal testing. Kibio products are meant to help your skin regain its natural balance. The lady that was helping me told me that these products have the highest possible level of organic certification (not really sure what that means but I nodded knowingly). 

The Gentle Cleansing lotion, is a 3 in 1 product that removes make-up, cleanses and tones the skin. It contains rose and verbena floral water which appeases and softens the epidermis.  Argan vegetal oil, which claims to slow down the aging process and improve hydration, and essential oil of lemongrass that is, know for its toning and stimulating qualities. 

After removing my make-up, I put some of the cleansing lotion on a cotton ball and gently rub in a circular motion over my face, as per their directions.  I was shocked at how much dirt & excess make-up this picked up, after using my choice of make-up removers.  One of the problems I’ve had with my skin is milia, those little white protein bumps that build up on your skin if the dead skin is not properly shed.  No wonder, after seeing all that dirt! This cleanser is said to have a slight citrus fragrance, but I don’t really notice the scent.  It’s very light & smells ‘natural’ to me. 

I follow this with the Kibio Radiance moisturizing cream, which has jojoba vegetal oil, shea butter & essential oils of almond & sweet orange.

According to Kibio, this fine delicious cream, that the skin soaks up greedily, provides it with suppleness, radiance and comfort. Moisturized and protected, the skin glows with beauty.

This can be used morning and night and claims to be an excellent make-up primer, when applied in the morning.  It should be noted that it doesn’t have any added SPF so you will need to use a sunscreen or other primer or foundation with sunscreen in it. 

I recently also bought the eye make-up remover, which I apply on to a round cotton pad to remove my eye make-up.  According to Kibio's website 'this soft, melting, non oily gel gently removes make-up from lashes and eyelids, without stinging or irritating the eyes, and treating the extremely fragile eye area with great care.  The eyes look rested, with a pleasant feeling of freshness & comfort'.

What I like:
I have received several compliments on how great my skin looks (sounds so vain but I promise it's true)
I need far less face cream now to feel like my skin is hydrated, it’s not as red & irritated as it used to be, even in the harsh cold weather we’ve already experienced
When I wake up in the morning I think my skin tone appears more even & any milia is slowly disappearing
I had slight redness on my chin from a recent breakout & this seems to be helping with the discolouration
After the lotion absorbs into my skin it feels incredibly soft & smooth
The other day I caught my reflection and my skin appeared to be glowing (again a little obnoxious)
The eye make up remover does not irritate my eyes whatsoever, and I am a contact lens wearer so this is particularly important.  
It is also quite moisturizing so I find the skin around my eyes doesn't feel as dry as when I use my usual eye make-up removers (typically Neutrogena oil free, which I still like as well) 
I don't use a lot of waterproof mascara but I do use waterproof liners & this seems to remove these just as well as other eye make-up removers that I've used. 

What I don’t:
The cleanser is in a squeeze bottle of sorts & if I were using it without any other make-up remover I think it would take a lot of product & time to get everything off my skin & get it clean

The cleanser is a bit yellow in color & sometimes it’s difficult to tell if I’m removing dirt or if it’s just the color of the product
The bottles are white so it is hard to tell how much product you have left in the container

The verdict
I really want to love this line...and I’m starting to believe that I do.  According to everything I’ve heard & read, you should give a new skin care product about 3-6 months use before you can truly decide if it’s working.  This is the end of month 4 and I have to say I think they have a new fan, given all the changes I've seen in my skin.  They have several other products in their line, which I am eyeing up as well.  See their website for further details and ingredient information. 

Purchase information
Kibio is owned by Clarins and is sold exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.  

The Gentle cleansing lotion is 200ml and retails for $29CAD (I'm already half way thru my second bottle in 4 months), the moisturizing cream is 50ml and costs $23CAD and the eye make-up remover is 50ml and costs approximately $20CAD.  

There is very little information/reviews on these products so if you've tried them, please let me know.  I'm so curious to hear your thoughts.  


  1. The cost is not outrageous compared to lots of other skincare lines. I am always overwhelmed with making decisions about this stuff, too. But this product looks like its worth a try.

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  3. Sorry typos on my reply! Must be the afternoon I just spent in the WalMart. Anyway I agree Shawna, the price was one of the things that convinced me to try it. They also have a baby line they just introduced for any new moms. They have some limited samples at Shoppers if you ask and are interested.

  4. I'm really glad I ran across this post of yours (and glad to be back visiting your site after so long!). I've been using Benedetta's Rosemary and Geranium Creme Cleanser. It's organic, etc, etc, but I found that it really dries my skin out a lot. Thanks for recommending Kibio- perfect timing for me! And so glad it doesn't contain any animal products- I'm glad you mentioned that.

  5. Hi Zoe..welcome back & thanks for commenting. If you try it let me know your thoughts!

  6. I've been using the eye cream, the night cream and the temporelle absolute day cream for about 2 weeks and just about 4 days ago I looked at myself in the mirror and thought "dang - you look good!" I think this is the first line of products I've used that I honestly think makes a difference. I'm going to expand my range of products. I think it's really reasonably priced and I love the fact that it has no parabens, perfumes, etc. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone.

  7. I used one of their day creams (I forgot the name though) and after a few weeks of use, my face truly glowed. I still have the picture of me showing a radiant, soft and supple skin. Then by chance I switched to other organic brands upon a friend's recommendation and forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me of this amazing brand. I think I will make a trip to shoppers real soon.

  8. I'm using the night cream and was impressed by the ingredient list. My skin looks great when I use anything with Shea butter and rose oil, and this has both (and my skin looks great!). This produce was a birthday gift from a friend and I only used it because I had no other quality moisturizer in the house, but I'm glad I did...makes me want to try the other products as I'm generally a dr. Haushka fan.

  9. I find Dr. Haushka's just my opinion. Haushka fans usually wanna stab me in the eye when I say this :)


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