Friday, December 31, 2010

Best of 2010 - Blush

This will be my last post of the year so I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my blog & share your time and thoughts with me.  I appreciate it so much.  I look forward to more of the same in 2011 and want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!  So, on that note...on with the show. 

This picture is a bit embarrassing...I can just hear some of you thinking 'how much blush does one need'?  Well apparently, a lot.  I just want to point out that most of these are primarily drugstore blushes, and not higher end.  I do love a NARS, Benefit & Cargo blush and am definitely planning to try a Stila cream blush next year.  But I just photographed ones that I bought or used for the first time, & I think you can all agree I showed great restraint ;)  I have decided to break this category up a little differently, as you will see below.  

Best of 2010 - Blush
Starting from the bottom left; Sheer Cover Pressed Mineral blush in Pinched; Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Soft Plum, Pink Frosting, Cloud Wine; Covergirl Tru Blend Minerals; Clinique 01 Glow Blush; (forgot Benefit's benetint in top pic) Hard Candy in Honeymoon; Milani minerals in Luminous; Covergirl Cheekers in Classic Pink; AVON smooth minerals in blushing mauve; ELF Studio Line in Tickled Pink & Candid Coral; Rimmel in Santa Rosa; Annabelle in Rose Fawn - 44; ELF Mineral blush in Rose; NARS in Orgasm; NYC blushable creme sticks in Berry New Yorker, Urban Spice, Plaza Pink, Big Apple Blush

Favourite Powder Blush 2010 
It's another tie!
ELF Studio Line Blush in Candid Coral & Tickled Pink 

These are great little blushes.  To start the packaging is adorable, sturdy little containers with a see thru window on top, so you don't have to turn it over or open it to see the color, as well as a little mirror inside the compact.  These have surprisingly great color pay off, with only the very slightest shimmer to them.  The Candid Coral does remind me of NARS Orgasm, as many people have suggested, but a softer version of that blush.  The Tickled Pink is great for that grown up flush of color on your cheeks.  Both are only $3 each, very hard to beat that!  The only downside is that these are only available online (at least in Canada) at

Annabelle Blush in Rose Fawn - 44

I first bought this blush years ago & loved it, and am not sure why I forgot about it.  I spotted it  again earlier this year, picked one up and fell in love all over again.  This is truly an almost fool proof blush, that would compliment most skin tones.  A little goes a long way but you can apply more to get a deeper plumy pink tone.  This has no shimmer & gives just a beautiful velvety finish.  Unfortunately I think this brand is only available in Canada, but if you live here or you can find it, you really must try it!

Honourable mention powder blush
 Rimmel London Powder Blush in 102 Santa Rosa
This picture does not do this little blush that could, justice.  It is actually more of a very light coral pink than it appears in this picture.  I just couldn't get a good shot for some reason.  I discovered these blushes this year & I really love them.  They are very affordable-I can usually get them for under $4 when Rimmel is on sale, and they have some very beautiful but subtle colors.  These are also great to experiment with different colors or layering.  I use this a lot, and can actually even apply it as a contour/blush in the winter.  With a bit of NARS orgasm, or ELF Candid Coral over top it's beautiful!  

Favourite Cream Blush 2010
Another tie!
Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Pink Frosting & N.Y.C. Creme Stick in Plaza Pink
These are both great to give you that 'I just got off the ski lift' flush to your skin.  I just daub a bit on my finger and tap on to my cheek, & then rub lightly in little circular motions to blend.  The N.Y.C. does best if you rub your finger on the blush for a few seconds to warm it up, then follow the same idea as the mousse to apply.  I use all of the colours I have in both of these products, but these two are the colours I tend to grab for the most.  The mousse blushes are also beautiful as a lip stain of sorts-sounds kind of strange but trust me, try it.  Maybelline mousse blushes are typically about $9CAD and N.Y.C. creme sticks about $6CAD, but as always watch for sales! 

Least favourite blush 2010

Covergirl Trublend minerals in Shimmering Sands & ELF mineral 
blush in Rose

I think the picture almost says it all, these are MESSY with a capital MESS.  The Covergirl is just not a blush at all, it's a highlight at best but a chunky, glittery one that does not blend well. The ELF mineral blush came apart when I first opened it & I think that was a sign of things to come.  It is quite dark and the smallest amount of this was just too much blush for me.  It also does not blend well & tends to sit right where I first touch it to my face, to give you that awful clown paint type effect.  
To be fair the Hard Candy & the Milani blushes are also not really blushes either, but both of those work quite well as a golden pink highlight.  I think the Covergirl was being discontinued because I got it for a steal when I was in Florida.  Either way, I just do not recommend either of these 'blushes'.  

What were your favourite blushes for 2010?  Leave me a comment & let me know!


  1. I was introduced to MAC and NARS blushes this year.. those are definitely my faves :)

  2. Its been a few years since I've owned a MAC blush but I may have to try them again soon. NARS blushes are truly hard to beat!

  3. That's a lot of blush!! WOW!!! THey look so nice.

  4. I really need to the the elf blushes. My favorite blush this year was mark Just Pinched cream blush.

  5. love this blog! happy new year! please check out & follow my blog :)

  6. @Miss*Kimmy - I know right? sorta embarrassing..

    @Tisha I love a lot of MARK products too. You really should try the ELF if you haven't, they are affordable and great blushes.

    @Emily Thanks! Your blog is great too.

    Happy New Year Ladies!


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