Friday, December 3, 2010

Cool stocking stuffer & gift ideas!

Sephora Collection Boo Boo Bling In Clear, Hot Pink, Black, And Purple

Give these to your most fabulous friends—they can turn their ouchies into fashion statements with these jeweled bandages. Each Boo Boo Bling is customizable and comes with a bandage pad and jewels to match.

NARS Little Darling Lipstick (Limited Edition)

Consider this lip hue a throwback to the Mad Men era — the nude lip complements any skin tone. Bonus: This one is great for blending, too.

The Gap flower ballet slipper
Cozy ballet slippers--perfect for chilly nights and lazy mornings. 

S.O.S Lotion- coconut kiss
Dry, chafed skin magically vanishes when a tried and true potion of macadamia nut oil, sesame seed oil and wheat germ oil starts to mollycoddle your needy skin. 

Many scents to choose from but this one might trick you into thinking you were just on the 

You can buy online at Barefoot Venus or find stores in your area that carry their line. 

Who wouldn't love to find any of these items under the tree or in their stocking!  


  1. Great suggestions! The lipstick looks nice, and I love the Boo Boo Bling.

  2. Right? I have a few people in my life that would love those boo boo bling bandaids.


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