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3 Amazing Lash Tricks You’ve Probably Never Tried Before

Ever wonder why you can't seem to get the full dramatic lashes that others seem to achieve, with mascara alone?  So did I.  I tried these 3 tips from and I can tell you that they really work.  

Tip #2 was also something similar that I heard from Lolamarie7 recently on youtube, when she did a video on her Top 5 Beauty Tricks. Check it out on her channel if you haven't seen it!  She is a professional hair dresser and also does amazing hair tutorials.  If you've ever wanted full, bouncy hair or the perfect side swept bang then you have to watch her videos.  

She talks about heating your eyelash curler for 5-8 seconds with your blowdryer, then use it to curl your lashes only AFTER you've applied mascara.  I tried it, just be careful not to heat your eyelash curler too long & make sure your mascara is dry and it really does work.  My lashes looked amazing and the curl really held!  

So here are the 3 tips, let me know if you use any of them and how they work for you!  

3 Amazing Lash Tricks You’ve Probably Never Tried Before

Posted November 10, 2010 @ 3:00 PM
After 10 years of covering the beauty industry, I’ve heard every (makeup) trick in the book. Or so I thought until I sat down with gorgeous makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen earlier this week to talk biz. I first met Brigitte years ago when I was at Harper’s Bazaar, and since then, there isn’t a fashion magazine, famous photographer, or A-list celebrity she hasn’t worked with. Seriously, her resume must be 18 pages long (that’s some of her most recent work above: the November cover of Spanish Vogue, left, and the December cover of Glamour with Fergie). So I guess it should come as no surprise that during our talk, Brigitte revealed a bevy of makeup tricks that even a beauty nerd like me had never heard before. Equally impressive: They’re all incredibly easy to master.
Brigitte offered so many good tips that I’m going to dedicate a few different blog posts over the next week to her best advice in several categories. First up: Lashes. And when you’re done reading the below tips, mosey on over to Brigitte’s new blog,, where she shares more of her makeup wisdom along with juicy tidbits about her magazine and celebrity work.
1. When curling your lashes, once is not enough. If you want big, Bambi doe eyes, “You must, must curl your lashes,” says Brigitte. “Squeeze the curler along the length of your lashes at various intervals, starting near the roots and working your way out to the tips. This creates a true curve as opposed to the 90-degree angle you get when you only curl your lashes at the roots.”
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2. Yes, you can curl your lashes after applying mascara. In fact, Brigitte highly recommends it for a glamorous evening look. “Curl your lashes, apply two coats of mascara, and—this is key—wait several minutes so they have time to dry completely,” she says. “Once your lashes are dry, curl them again. This lifts the lash line and you get a more pronounced shape than had you only curled the lashes before putting on mascara. You’ll also find that the curl lasts longer this way.”
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3. Face powder is the world’s best volumizer. You know how dry shampoo adds incredible volume to your hair? Brigitte says translucent loose face powder creates a similar effect on lashes. “Sprinkle a tiny amount onto a spooley eyebrow brush,”— that’s the brush that looks like a tiny Christmas tree— “then curl your lashes and sweep the brush through to deposit the powder,” she says. “Follow with a few coats of volumizing mascara, and you’ll be amazed by how thick your lashes look. This literally doubles the volume.”
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  1. I only curl my lashes after mascara application.I'll try the before and after tip as well as the heated curler tip!
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. Same Ria, I didn't think this would work but it really did...crazy lashes!

  3. I do the first two but I will have to try the third trick!! I am obsessed with getting long amazing lashes!

  4. Let me know what you think Amber once you try it :)

  5. this really makes sense since you use heat for your hair. I will have to try this

  6. Exactly Annie..just don't do what I did the first time. WAIT until your mascara is fully dry or it's a titch bit messy ;)

  7. I am scared I am going to pull my lashes out, so I have never used a curler. It took me for-evah to use falsies, cuz I thought I would glue my eyes shut ... ha ha ha!!!

  8. shuuemura or elf?any suggestion?URGENT!!!

    Best Of Luck!!!
    best eyelash curler

  9. Nani - Haven't tried Shu, ELF pinches me but lots of people love it, I use one by tweezerman that works great for me!


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