Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best of 2010 - Eyeshadow

Alright this is starting to get ridiculous.  I mean really, how much eyeshadow does one person need.  I can tell you this, I know my stash of shadows is a lot less than some others (lame justification) and I really had no idea how much I owned until I pulled them all out.  After I saw everything that I had, I thought about skipping this category all together.  But in the spirit of finishing these bleeping 'Best of' lists (wow was this more work than I expected), I am forging on.  So here are my eyeshadow picks for 2010.  

Best of 2010 Eyeshadows

Grouped by brand only starting from top left: Bobbi Brown; Smashbox; ELF; Mark; Body Shop; NYC; Wet n Wild (oh geez I even forgot to include my WnW palettes from Florida in the picture); Hard Candy; Annabelle; Physicians Formula; NYX, Revlon; Lancome; Clinique; Benefit; Almay

Best Eyeshadow 2010

 Wet N Wild in Nutty and Brulee

These shadows have been wildly popular and there has been much written about them, so I won't go into great detail here.  These are two MUST HAVE shadows. Brulee is not only a great base color and can even be worn on it's own, but is the absolute perfect blending & highlighting color.  If you feel like you over did it with any shadow, use a bit of brulee on a blending brush to mute the color.  Nutty is a beautiful bronzey brown color that has a gorgeous sheen.  I love using this overtop of other shadows for some great dimension.  For less than $3CAD just can't go wrong.  See my past review & swatches of these shadows here

Honourable mention

 Annabelle Trio Eyeshadow in Haute Chocolate

After all of these shadows I've tried, I always come back to Annabelle.  I have been wearing Annabelle shadows for years and love the textures of these shadows.  This is a fairly new trio for me but I have quickly fallen in love with it.  The pictures don't do it true justice but these are beautiful and that light shade is a gorgeous taupey purplish brown & my go to almost every day for my lid.  They are basically a velvety matte and apply easily.  You do have to tap off the excess to avoid any fall-out, but if you do that you won't have any problems. I know this is a Canadian brand but if you can find these, try them!   They are a drugstore brand that retail for under $10CAD.  

Least Favourite Eyeshadow 2010

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Quads

Aren't these pretty?  Yeah I thought so too.  These pictures don't even show how gorgeous the colours really are.  I bought these creme shadows thinking they would be similar to a MAC paint pot, hoping I could use them as a base for other shadows or on their own for an easy look.  I used my finger to apply and blend, as they suggest, and it actually looked great...for about 5 minutes.  Then it just started to crease and disappear into thin air.  When you wear a powder shadow over top they do last longer, but they turn into a muddy color rather than stay true to the shade you applied.  I have also used these with a primer and they still don't last, and still crease like crazy.  If you have a very quick date, then these are your shadows.  Otherwise skip them.  

What are your favourite shadows?  Notice anything missing?

One more Best of left.....


  1. Love the brown shades you pictured!

  2. I love both Nutty and Brulee. My favourite shadow for 2010 would have to be MAC's Club. Have you tried it?

  3. Kerri - I love them too, they would suit your colouring really well!

  4. FunnyFaceBeauty - You noticed! I have no MAC shadows pictured here, if you can believe. I tried a few years ago and for some reason haven't gone back. I am starting a list of those I want to go swatch and I'm going to add 'Club' to that, thanks for the recommendation :)

  5. I was kind of waiting for this post from you! I have recently stepped into the eyeshadow craze and am beginning to like the idea of building up an eyeshadow arsenal, just like I did for lip gloss and lip balm!

    My absolute favorite right now is the Revlon Diamond Lust Sheer Shadow in Grab Me Gold!

    Also, I'd love to read one about your best lip glosses of 2010! :)

  6. I just rediscovered Wet n Wild shadows this year. The color icon palettes are amazing! I'm totally in love with NYX shadows too. (beauty blogs got me back on drugstore products after years of MAC only). WnW Brulee really is the perfect shadow, I use it several times a week!

  7. Rizzie: Glad you liked it, if you're building your collection you really can't go wrong with the WnW palettes. They are coming out with some new 8 shadow palettes shortly I hear! Lip glosses wasn't on my radar....but I guess you never know :)

  8. Nikosmommy: I have the purple and green/blue icon palettes from WnW & I couldn't agree more. I think I bought two of the more unpopular ones and I still find them very useable. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who dared to veer away from MAC.

  9. I am surprised to hear how much you hate the revlon creme shadows. I just purchased one and I love it!!! Do you have oily lids? mine are very dry maybe thats why it doesnt crease on me.

  10. Amber - I don't think I have particularly oily eyelids...I even tried these out again just before I posted this, to make sure my thoughts were still the same, and I got the same results. I have no idea what the deal is with me & these creme shadows! They are gorgeous colours so I'm glad they work for you :)

  11. Hey Tracy! Totally agree with you on WnW's Nutty and Brulee!!! LOVE these!!! Also, I see a Physcian's Formula baked trio there that as well! I have that little NYC quad but have neglected it, I must play around wtih it more to see if I like it any better. Love those NYX pencils too!!! I need to get writing my best of lists too!!! :)

  12. Hi Pammy, good eye on the products! I'd love to see your best of posts, I'm almost done mine's been a bit more work than I bargained for but worth it. Get writing ;)

  13. So many choices in all different price points, love it! Unfortunately I can't find Bobbi Brown in Germany, so I'll have to stock up next time I'm in Canada.

  14. Laurel - Can you get Sleek cosmetics in Germany, I know they have them in the UK and they get huge raves online..apparently quite affordable but great shadows. Bobbi Brown has some beautiful products, for sure!


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