Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Find

It's Friday!  I've been thinking about doing a regular series on Fridays & was trying to come up with something brilliant, or at least inspired.  I tossed a few ideas around, but once I saw a certain post this week, I knew I had found it.   

I'm going to try & post a Friday's Fabulous Find every, wait for it,...Friday.  Or at least most Fridays anyway.  This is intended to give a shout out to a great blog post I read during the week, not only sharing the information but highlighting a fellow blogger.  It may be about a product, a look, fashion, food, whatever strikes me as fabulous that week.  

This week's Fabulous Find is a post that AmericanBridget (Jones) wrote, that made my week.   If you aren't familiar with this blog, her header says it all 'A deliciously cynical view as life as a Singleton.  And, there's no such thing as a bad pomegranate martini'.  Love it.  

This week she wrote a post that had me laughing out loud.  Do yourself a favour & check out this week's Fabulous Find, one of the funniest things I've read in a long time....Yoga & the Virgin.  


  1. Ahhh, you are so stinking sweet for sharing my post!!!!! Thanks so much!

    I shall return the favor very soon!

    And this is a very cool series.

  2. Ryan - You are so's well deserved :)

  3. this is a lovely idea! :)
    also i really want that top haha x

  4. Lauren - Thank you, & yes such a cute tee isn't it?

  5. omg that t-shirt is amazing!!!

    Great idea for fridays!! i have been thinking of doing a follow friday like they do on twitter but for blogs...

    steph xox

  6. I love that quote from Coco Chanel! I hope you're having a great start to the weekend!!

  7. this shirt is great. and your blog looks very clean--i love the design.

    i thought you might be interested in my 100-palette elf makeup, black crackle polish, and Ulta cosmetics giveaway!

  8. Steph - I think that's a great idea! We know how much work a lot of people put into their blogs, so it's nice to see that acknowledged, have a great weekend :)

  9. Marie - I knew you'd appreciate that quote from a great fashionista, hope it's a great weekend...stay warm :)

  10. Oh to Be Muse - Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll check out that giveaway :)

  11. Off to check out Ms. Jones' blog. Love reading new blogs:)

  12. hey sweety I just saw your comment on stavroula's blog. I recently made a video by request about it, you can check it out HERE:

    ps. I love your blog, I'm following <3

  13. Monica - I know you'll enjoy it!

    Dyna - Thanks for the follow, I'll be sure to check out your video :)

  14. I love that shirt!

    That is actually my introductory quote on my blog!

    Love your blog so nice and girly!


    You can follow me if you like!


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