Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I finished it..not once, but twice! ELF body lotion in Vanilla Coconut

I don't know if I'm alone here, but I do love this product. I am on my 3rd tube of this lotion, in less than a year. What is it? ELF bath & body lotion in Vanilla Coconut.

I believe the 235g size lotion is the same size as Bath & Body Works creams. It retails for $4 on eyeslipsface.com. I have found this at some Zellers stores in my area and it costs the same as the website price...$4, no mark-up. Gotta love that.

What I love about this lotion? The smell first of all, it is addictive and I can't get enough of it. It leans much more heavily towards the vanilla, than the coconut. So if you aren't a vanilla scent fan, then you won't like this. It just reminds me of a tropical scent, one that I would use after a day on the beach.

Second, the lotion itself. It comes out extremely thick, but not so thick that it is difficult to get out of the tube.

Hopefully you can see the texture, see how it doesn't drip from the container? The amount on my hand is enough to do both of my arms, easily.

This lotion is infused with almond oil, coconut milk and coco butter. It's a creamy lotion that absorbs quite easily, but not so quickly that you don't even know you applied it. It isn't at all greasy, but just leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. I tend just to use this on my arms. I find if I use it on my legs as well I obviously run out of it much quicker than I like, but it can be used all over if you choose. I also use this every night on my hands & even Mr. J has commented on how much he likes the scent. It has kept my over washed hands very soft, despite the harsh winter weather we've had this year.

These lotions are made without animal testing, here are the ingredients;

I love that I can get this locally & don't have to order it online at eyeslipsface.com. Although I was alarmed that my usual Zellers didn't have any last week, I hope that isn't a sign of things to come.

Have you tried any of the ELF lotions? What do you think of them?


  1. I've never tried this before but it sounds delicious! $4 is a steal! Thanks for the review.

  2. I never knew ELF sells body lotions. I think I would love this lotion as well because I love the smell of vanilla. I've never seen these lotions in store though. I think I'll have to buy from their website.

  3. I am going to try this out because I need a little pick-me-up from the winter blues that have worked their way into my life. Spring can't get here fast enough!

  4. @Marie - I agree, for $4 you can't really go wrong.

    @Pam - I know they also have the body sprays & body butters, but I haven't tried those..yet :)

    @Lisa - No kidding, I am looking out the window at another snow storm here as I write this!

  5. Sounds good Tracy! I'll definitely try this.

  6. Wow I will have to try that out, I have used their milk and honey shower gel. It was ok.

  7. I've never tried any of the elf lotions, but I may have to!Almost everything vanilla smells good, but I've never known the E.L.F. had lotions, lol.


  8. Products on ELF are so inexpensive it's really hard to get up to $25 to get free shipping (I hate shipping charges and will buy something extra to avoid paying it). Thanks for the review. I think I'll add this to my next order. It'll defiantly help me get to the $25!

  9. @Amber - I haven't seen that scent or the shower gels, I would be tempted to try more of their line.

    @Arrianna - I think it has come as a surprise to a few people, thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    @lilqtpy85 - We don't get free shipping in Canada so I'm jealous...although I think there is a free shipping promo code right now if you're interested.

  10. I love thick lotions, and this one looks yummy! Congrats on using it up (=

  11. This sounds incredible. I love anything coconut! The mixture of vanilla and coconut would smell great.

  12. I have never tried elf lotions .. their make-up is fabulous though, so I would definitely give them a try. And that scent sounds so yummy!!

  13. Sounds nice! Will definitely try this the next time I do an elf order.

  14. Ross Stores sells this lotion (8.29 ounces) for $2.99. You might have to do repeated store visits. It sells fast.


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